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How Remote Excelling in Attendee Engagement with Airmeet

Mukesh Kumar
• March 11, 2024
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Human Resources Services
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Conference, GTM

About Company:

Remote is a global HR platform that helps companies hire, manage, and pay their entire team. It empowers them to effectively compete in the modern global economy through their comprehensive set of core solutions, including HRIS, payroll, international employment, contractor management, and more.

Remote’s mission is to create opportunity everywhere, empower employers to find and hire the best talent, and enable individuals to build financial and personal freedom.

ROI / Benefits for the customer (numbers):

Benefits for the customer
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Remote was looking for a platform to facilitate the seamless and effective hosting of webinars and conferences. They sought customizable features to adapt events to their needs and data tracking capabilities to monitor event activity.

The customer aimed to harness Airmeet’s versatile set of features to enhance their event hosting experience and track its performance. 



Airmeet provided the customer with all the functionalities they needed in a robust virtual events platform, tailored to their needs. With Airmeet’s customizable set of features, like custom landing pages, reception, email templates, registration forms, and more, the customer was able to personalize the entire event as per their requirements. 

Additionally, with comprehensive analytics at their disposal, Remote was able to seamlessly monitor the event activity and track the performance. 

By leveraging Airmeet’s capabilities, the team at Remote has been able to host their webinars and conferences successfully. 



Airmeet has delivered great value to the team at Remote, enabling them to host high-impact webinars and conferences with ease. They also enjoy the convenience of being able to effortlessly tailor and monitor event activities. 

The platform’s remarkable flexibility empowers Remote not only to customize the entire event experience but also the attendee experience, resulting in a personalized and engaging event environment. 

Positive ROI Impact: 

Airmeet’s range of customization options led to an enriched attendee experience, facilitating enhanced engagement and participation through personalized interactions.

Features loved/used:

Features loved

Intuitive Platform:

The team at Remote found the platform highly user-friendly, with an interface both straightforward and intuitive. This made it effortless for them to grasp and navigate the system. 

Pre-recorded session:

Remote leveraged this feature to upload pre-recorded videos, which were subsequently scheduled and played as dedicated sessions during their conferences.

With the email customization feature, the team at Remote had the flexibility to tailor their emails to match their specific needs. It also enabled them to send emails based on the selected category, including registration, reminders, bookmarked sessions, and more, in a highly personalized manner.

By leveraging Airmeet’s fully loaded analytics and reporting features, the customer was able to easily monitor attendee engagement and evaluate event performance. They could analyze this data to measure the event’s success and attendee involvement rate, while also using the insights to take corrective measures and drive further improvements.

Landing Page and Reception Customization:

By using this feature, the customer had the flexibility to customize their event’s visual appeal according to their preferences. This allowed them to create a cohesive event atmosphere that was consistent with their objectives and branding.


By harnessing Airmeet’s capabilities, the customer can now flexibly host their events. They can utilize the platform’s features to make their event more appealing, engaging, and interactive. Furthermore, the customer also has easy access to valuable event data. By tracking and measuring event insights and metrics, Remote can make continuous enhancements and refinements to their events, ensuring that attendees are consistently provided with an exceptional experience.

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