Capgemini hosts Global Event with 2K Engaged Attendees on Airmeet

Mukesh Kumar
• December 18, 2023
Company Name:
Industry Segment:
IT Services and IT Consulting
Use Case:
Internal events - Learning & Development

About Company:

Capgemini is a global leader in partnering with companies to transform and manage their businesses by harnessing the power of technology. With its strong 55-year history and deep industry expertise, Capgemini is trusted by its clients to address the entire breadth of their business needs, from strategy and design to operations, fueled by the fast evolving and innovative world of cloud, data, AI, connectivity, software, digital engineering, and platforms. 

ROI / Benefits for the customer (numbers):


Capgemini initially sought a platform capable of supporting hybrid events, facilitating seamless integration, and allowing Sign-On (SSO) login. They were aiming to organize and host 

  • Various events for their global Capgemini colleagues
  • L&D events for upskilling of their employees
  • A live jamming event with multiple locations and an anchor
  • Monthly events with 500-2000 audience


The customer expressed great satisfaction with the Airmeet platform’s features and flexibility. Impressed with the platform, the customer wanted to continue hosting events on Airmeet, thus contributing to increasing the utilization of the platform for events. 


Primarily, Airmeet played a pivotal role in aiding Capgemini by streamlining the integration process and enabling SSO login. Beyond that, it offered them the capability to orchestrate highly engaging and interactive virtual as well as hybrid events, leveraging an array of networking features such as polls, live chat, virtual booths, networking space, and more.

The exceptional customizability of the Airmeet platform proved to be a key asset for Capgemini, offering flexibility in tailoring aspects ranging from registration email templates to analytical tools. 

Different teams, like the group IT team and big events team across global locations, including India and Poland, were able to extensively utilize the platform for diverse events like town halls, Annual General Meetings (AGMs), hybrid sessions, monthly events, and live jamming sessions.

Moreover, the internal L&D team at Capgemini used Airmeet to coordinate a myriad of employee-centric events and sessions on a global scale. They are now able to facilitate seamless communication and knowledge transfer across the organization for educational initiatives like onboarding, learning sessions, and both initial and ongoing upskilling efforts.

This adaptability and the ability to accommodate various event formats empowered Capgemini to align each event precisely with their unique requirements and the overarching vision for their conferences.

Features loved/used:

Intuitive Interface

The customer found the user-friendly interface impressive, and they’ve garnered positive feedback from key stakeholders and team members worldwide, highlighting the platform’s convenience and ease of use.

Hybrid Events

The customer was impressed with the features of Airmeet that allow for hybrid events, including the ability to have remote speakers join the session and interact with in-person attendees, real-time communication and engagement between offline and online participants, and the option to use Airmeet for networking and interactions during breaks.

Pre-recorded videos

This functionality allowed the customer to incorporate pre-recorded videos into their event sessions. Leveraging this feature, they seamlessly presented pre-recorded videos as dedicated sessions throughout the event.

Polls, Virtual Booths, and Live Chat

The customer greatly appreciated the polls and live chat feature, expressing satisfaction with the available options and utilizing them effectively for enhancing event engagement and interaction. 

Detailed Analytics

The customer leveraged Airmeet’s tracking capabilities to gauge the success of their events and campaigns. This feature provided them with comprehensive reports and data on event performance, as well as insights into attendee engagement.

Custom Email Deliverability

Utilizing this feature enabled the customer to efficiently customize and categorize their emails, leading to improved event efficiency and a more organized approach to managing email correspondence. With Airmeet’s customizable email templates, the customer could schedule personalized emails for participants, covering everything from event reminders to session bookmarks and post-event communications.

Custom Landing Page and Reception

Utilizing this feature provided the customer with the flexibility to personalize their event’s appearance to align with their preferences. This enabled them to craft a visually attractive and unified event atmosphere that reflected their goals and branding. The customizable reception also granted them the freedom to tailor various elements, such as incorporating a welcome video, banners, direct links to the event schedule, a lounge, and booths. 


As a result, Capgemini expresses a high level of satisfaction with Airmeet and its robust features. Teams across various departments within Capgemini now leverage Airmeet on a broader scale for virtual and hybrid events, such as educational sessions, town halls, and internal events catering to diverse sets of audiences.

The platform also played a pivotal role in establishing an interactive and engaging environment for Capgemini’s L&D events, connecting employees with each other across the globe. 

The impact on their return on investment (ROI) has been particularly noteworthy, with events boasting over 2000 attendees, stellar event ratings of 4.5 and above, and an engaged audience that remained active throughout the event. 

Additionally, they have gotten a lot of positive feedback from their key stakeholders, business sponsors, and team members, complimenting the platform’s array of features and the intuitive interface.

Furthermore, the continuous enhancements made to the Airmeet platform have left a lasting impression on the customer and their attendees. 


In conclusion, Capgemini expressed profound satisfaction with Airmeet, emphasizing its advanced features and the positive outcomes of their events. The delightful experience and fruitful collaboration have fostered a desire to extend this partnership long-term. 

Additionally, the positive feedback received from event attendees, key stakeholders, and business sponsors adds to their overall contentment. Notably, the continuous enhancements to Airmeet’s functionalities have left a lasting impression, providing Capgemini with the tools to seamlessly and effectively host their events.

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