Angel One Elevated Its Brand’s Presence and Lead Gen Capabilities with Airmeet

Mukesh Kumar
• January 30, 2024
Company Name:
Angel One
Industry Segment:
Financial services
Use Case:
Event-led Growth

About Company:

Trusted by more than 17.5 million clients, Angel One stands as one of India’s leading retail full-service broking houses. Their offerings encompass a diverse array of innovative services, ranging from online trading and investing to advisory services, margin trading facilities, algorithmic trading, and smart orders. 

Angel One is committed to crafting personalized financial journeys for their clients through a single app, leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as AI, machine learning, and data science.

ROI / Benefits for the customer (numbers):


Angel One sought a virtual event platform to facilitate the creation and management of webinars and other virtual or hybrid events, emphasizing a need for 

  • Superior branding customization options,
  • Robust interactive features,
  • Powerful analytics and reporting capabilities.

Angel One wanted a platform that could provide high-quality analytics and reports, providing insights into event success and attendee participation. Seamless integration of their systems or CRMs with the event platform was a key requirement for a streamlined experience.


Airmeet’s structured event formats proved instrumental for Angel One in effortlessly creating and managing webinars and other online events. The virtual event platform’s exceptional branding features empowered Angel One to 

  • tailor the landing page, reception, and virtual networking spaces,
  • adjust theme, add event backdrops, and incorporate banners,
  • personalize the registration form and emails .

to enhance their brand representation and improve brand awareness

The advanced networking capabilities of Airmeet, including 

  • Breakout rooms, 
  • Networking lounges, 
  • One-to-one sessions, and 
  • The ability to invite attendees to the stage, and more

provided extensive options for fostering meaningful conversations and creating connections.

Essential engagement features during live sessions, such as polls, Q/A, chat messages, and gamification, were readily available for the team at Angel One to leverage, based on their event or webinar specifications.

Moreover, Airmeet’s detailed analytics allowed for a thorough exploration of real-time event data, enabling valuable insights and assessments of event success and overall attendee engagement. 

Simultaneously, seamless API integration ensured effortless flow of data across integrated systems and CRMs, streamlining the entire data flow process and saving them significant time all over.

Features loved/used:


These components empowered Angel One to edit and personalize the event outlook according to their needs. They could change themes, add slides, change colors, customize networking spaces, and more. 

Angel One leveraged Airmeet’s branding capabilities to infuse their brand identity into events by tailoring event landing pages, registration pages, emails, event backdrops, and more. This empowered them to boost brand awareness, lead generation, and enhance their image by integrating their organization’s essence into events and sharing it effectively with attendees.

Angel One found great value in this feature to extract insights from their events, including engagement and involvement rates, post-event engagement, overall event performance and success rates, and more. These valuable insights aid them in making informed decisions for their future events.

API Integration:

The availability of API integrations enabled Angel One to seamlessly connect their systems with the Airmeet platform. This facilitated a smooth flow of data within the systems, allowing the incorporation of crucial information into the customer’s CRM for internal use and lead generation purposes.

The team at Angel One availed categorized templates for various engagement purposes, including registration reminders, registration confirmations, and event reminders, effectively connecting with their attendees. They utilized this feature to add a personalized touch to their emails.

This feature enabled Angel One to make event recordings accessible to their attendees, post the event. With this, attendees could conveniently watch or rewatch session recordings at their own pace, ensuring a clear understanding in case they missed something during the live session and wished to revisit it.


By leveraging Airmeet’s branding and customization features, Angel One skillfully integrated their brand essence into events, consequently strengthening their brand’s identity. 

With the availability of robust networking features, the customer recorded an enhanced attendee involvement rate, leading to a Positive ROI Impact:

  • Detailed analytics enabled Angel One to track repeat viewers and new attendees
  • Customized registration forms enabled the Angel One team to get registrants personalized information that expanded lead generation capabilities
  • Over 15% of attendees actively participated during and post-event, which further indicated positive user engagement
  • Personalized email templates empowered Angel One to tailor communication as per registered participants specifications or audience interests.

The effective execution of events and webinars not only captured the audience’s attention but also resulted in desirable outcomes with an impressive 4.5+ overall event rating. 

This success notably demonstrated positive engagement through events, ultimately enhancing the Angel One’s lead generation capabilities.


Angel One now has the ability to tailor every element of its events, using advanced branding and customization features. With the utilization of Airmeet’s capabilities, they can now seamlessly host a diverse range of events.

Real-time event data is now accessible and can be utilized at their convenience. Furthermore, by having access to seamless integration capabilities, the customer is now able to effectively and efficiently maintain a smooth flow of data.

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