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Drove over 100,000 attendees with a 66% Show Rate for a $3 Bil+ Fintech platform 

Sumyukthaa S
• August 7, 2023
Company Name:
Industry Segment:
Financial services
Use Case:
Event series, Webinars


A client, in the education sector, faced the challenge of improving engagement and ROI for their series of educational events. With previous platforms yielding lackluster results, they sought a comprehensive solution to increase attendee show rates and overall engagement.


Having used Airmeet for two years, the client decided to leverage its capabilities to host a series of educational events, including webinars, small events, and weekly trading workshops. Airmeet’s feature-rich platform allowed them to experiment with new engagement strategies and gather valuable insights.


  • Show Rate Surge: The total registrations for the events reached an impressive 100,000, with Airmeet contributing to a 66% show rate, comprising both live and replay attendees. Compared to other education platforms, Airmeet demonstrated a significantly higher show rate.

  • Enhanced Engagement: By utilizing Airmeet’s speed networking and fluid space features, the client engaged their audience more effectively, resulting in heightened participant interaction and interest.

  • Positive ROI Impact: The client witnessed a notable increase in ROI, especially for their engagement workshops and internal point-of-sale (POS) events, a segment they had not explored before using Airmeet.

Features They Loved:

Data Analytics: The robust data analytics offered by Airmeet became a valuable asset for the client. They gained deeper insights into attendee behavior, preferences, and participation patterns, enabling them to fine-tune their event strategies for better results.


Airmeet proved to be the ultimate solution for the client’s educational events, achieving exceptional show rates, improved engagement, and a significant boost in ROI. The features they loved, such as speed networking, fluid space, and data analytics, played a pivotal role in enhancing attendee experiences and driving better event outcomes. By partnering with Airmeet, the client experienced better results, reinforcing the platform’s position as the go-to choice for hosting successful and engaging virtual events.”

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