Capgemini Leveraged Airmeet To Host Impactful L&D Events and Enhance Onboarding Initiatives

Mukesh Kumar
• March 29, 2024
Company Name:
Industry Segment:
Professional Training & Coaching
Use Case:
Conferences/Meetups L&D and Employee Onboarding

About Company:

Capgemini is a multinational IT services and consulting company that is renowned as a global leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation. Headquartered in Paris, France, the company’s rich 55-year history and deep industry expertise allow Capgemini to be trusted by clients the world over, to address the entire breadth of their business needs – from strategy and design to operations, fueled by the fast evolving and innovative world of cloud, data, AI, connectivity, software, digital engineering, and platforms.

ROI / Benefits for the customer (numbers):

Benefits for the customer
  • 3500+ registrations and over 99% attendance at one of their recent L&D events
  • On average, over 90% registered participants attended the events
  • Constant attendee engagement during events with overall 20,000+ emoji reactions
  • 5-Star Event Rating

Why Capgemini Chose Airmeet for their L&D and Onboarding Initiatives

Capgemini has been a trusted customer of Airmeet and has been using the platform to host a variety of internal and external events, since 2021. Having realized significant value from the virtual event platform, the team at Capgemini decided to expand the usage of Airmeet and leverage its capabilities to support its ‘Capgemini University’ efforts to host extensive L&D events and onboarding in early 2023. 

Capgemini implemented Airmeet at their Capgemini University to power multiple initiatives like Learning and Development (L&D) events, new employee onboarding, employee training, etc. with the aim of reaching a larger audience.  

The team at Capgemini wanted to ensure a flawless learning experience by optimizing the virtual platform’s unique features and functionalities, including:

  • User-friendly Interface and Easy Navigation
  • Robust Engagement and Networking Features
  • API Integration
  • Scalability and Accessibility
  • Resource Hub
  • Hybrid Event Support
  • Dedicated Support Team and more.

Solutions offered by Airmeet To Support Capgemini University’s L&D and Onboarding Initiatives

Support Capgemini University’s L&D and Onboarding Initiatives

Airmeet provided customized solutions to support Capgemini University’s L&D endeavors and streamline onboarding processes. Tailored specifically for the L&D team, this comprehensive plan facilitated the hosting of events for an expanding audience base and unlimited registrations. 

The virtual event platform’s scalability, accommodating thousands of attendees, empowered the L&D team to expand their audience reach significantly. Airmeet’s flexibility to align with various event formats and diverse event types empowered the team to successfully host a variety of captivating and impactful L&D events and customized onboarding sessions.

Airmeet also provided the team with vital resources and round-the-clock customer support to strengthen their Capgemini University initiatives.

By offering robust engagement features, seamless integration support, and tailor-made solutions, Airmeet empowered the Capgemini team with innovative features to customize their L&D and onboarding initiatives.

Positive ROI results Capgemini achieved with Airmeet

  • The Capgemini team mentioned that they have had a great experience with Airmeet, and the ease of maneuvering within the platform, creating profiles, and engaging with live chat and booths. 
  • With custom email templates, the L&D team at Capgemini could draft personalized emails as per their requirements, which enhanced email communication and engagement with the prospects.
  • Through Airmeet, the team was able to tailor their event outlook, enhancing their brand presence and spreading brand awareness.
  • Airmeet’s real-time analytics empowered them to monitor and evaluate the overall event and attendee activity, capitalizing on the data to make strategic L&D decisions.

Features Capgemini loves the most about Airmeet

User-friendly Interface:

Capgemini expressed their satisfaction with Airmeet’s user experience, intuitive navigation, and the overall seamlessness of the platform and its features.

Robust Engagement & Networking Features:

With features like live chat, emoji reactions, polls, Q&A, networking lounges, and virtual booths, the L&D team at Capgemini University could interact with their attendees and exhibitors more proactively, improving the overall engagement levels of the event.  

Accessibility & Scalability:

Airmeet’s accessibility and scalability to accommodate thousands of attendees with different browsers, devices, and operating systems enabled them to expand their global reach, overcoming geographical barriers. 

Proactive Customer Support:

The team at Capgemini particularly appreciated the dedicated customer support offered by Airmeet and its team. Airmeet’s proactive approach and reliable assistance have played a vital part in the success of their events.

Custom Email Templates:

Capgemini utilized this feature to customize their email communication for participants, speakers, and exhibitors. With custom email templates, they could tailor the content according to attendee preferences and requirements, personalizing experience.

Diverse Branding Components:

The Capgemini team utilized features such as welcome videos, stage backdrops, customized landing pages, and receptions, among others, to curate a personalized event environment. This strategy was implemented for the new employee onboarding sessions and for global L&D events, to enhance brand presence and awareness among attendees.

Session Recordings & Replays:

Capgemini employed this feature to capture their live sessions in real-time, utilizing the recordings for post-event engagement activities. These recordings can be made available as replay sessions post-event, allowing attendees to revisit them at their convenience. 

Comprehensive Analytics:

Airmeet’s powerful real-time event analytics and detailed reporting capabilities enabled Capgemini to track and monitor event performance. This allowed the L&D team at Capgemini to access overall event data, including attendee activities, interests, and engagement scores.


Capgemini University offers diverse learning experiences to its global audience and employees. The Capgemini team has successfully established seamless communication channels and facilitated knowledge transfer throughout the organization via diverse educational endeavors such as onboarding programs, learning sessions, and continuous upskilling initiatives.

Capgemini’s choice to leverage Airmeet for their Learning and Development (L&D) initiatives is driven by the platform’s commitment to customer satisfaction and its innovative offerings. The team at Capgemini expressed their delight with the platform, especially for its ease of use, and its highly engaging functionalities, which brought in positive learner feedback. 

Capgemini found Airmeet to be notably supportive. They perceive Airmeet as a pivotal tool for enhancing employee skills and fostering interactive learning environments.

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Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform

Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform