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Upstox Maximizes User Count & Expands its Global Reach with Airmeet

Mukesh Kumar
• January 29, 2024
Company Name:
Industry Segment:
Financial services
Use Case:
Webinar Series

About Company:

Upstox is an online trading app catering to Demat Accounts, Share Markets, MFs, and IPOs. It boasts a customer base exceeding 10 million. Supported by stalwarts like Ratan Tata and venture capitalists like Tiger Global, Upstox provides a cutting-edge, technology-enabled trading platform.

ROI / Benefits for the customer (numbers):


Upstox sought a platform to seamlessly host conferences and webinars. They were seeking to leverage features such as 

  • A customized registration form to gather registrants details like mobile number and email address for further reach out,
  • Custom email templates,
  • An effective data tracking system, and
  • Dedicated support.
Airmeet customer registration form

Scalability was another challenge that Upstox looked to address. They needed a platform that could accommodate the desired number of attendees. 


Initially, Airmeet aided Upstox by offering a variety of event formats, enabling them to categorize and seamlessly host events on the platform. The user-friendly interface and easy navigation simplified their understanding and adoption of features according to their needs.

Through Airmeet’s customizable registration capabilities, the team at Upstox was able to personalize their registration page, fields, and event entry types. This flexibility allowed for unique entry links, exclusive invitations, access after signing in, and entry without signing in.

With Airmeet, Upstox was able to enjoy the flexibility to customize emails with a range of templates, including reminder emails and session bookmarked emails. The virtual events platform’s real-time analytics facilitated the tracking, monitoring, and assessment of event data, enabling the evaluation of performance, attendee engagement, and leaderboard activities.

Airmeet provided them with the required scalability to accommodate the desired number of attendees without significant disruptions or errors. With this, Upstox was able to maximize their global reach and connect with a broader audience through their webinars and conferences.

Additionally, Airmeet’s 24/7 customer support, a dedicated Account Manager, and regular catch-up sessions to guide and assist them through their events proved to be a game-changer. With consistent support and assistance, Upstox was able to promptly address and resolve any doubts or issues, ensuring a seamless experience for them and their attendees alike.

Features loved/used:


Upstox expressed significant interest in and effectively utilized customizable components such as custom emails, landing pages, registration forms, and more. This allowed them to personalize the event experience for their attendees.

The team at Upstox actively used the feature to record live sessions, intending to share session recordings or event replay links for continued engagement with attendees. They also had the flexibility to adjust settings for the availability of these recordings.

Airmeet Session Recordings and Event Replays

With Airmeet, Upstox was able to tailor their event to align with their specific branding requirements. They had the ability to customize event pages, networking lounges, reception areas, and more, ensuring a cohesive brand representation.

The customer utilized Airmeet’s real-time tracking capabilities to assess the effectiveness of their events and campaigns.


Airmeet’s robust array of features, including customizable components, real-time analytics, and dedicated support, consistently ensures a smooth event experience for Upstox and its attendees. 

Positive ROI:
  • Implementing personalized registration forms has enabled the collection of email addresses and mobile numbers, serving as a foundation for expanded outreach efforts and subscriber base growth.
  • Additionally, strategic reminder emails have proven effective in boosting event attendance, giving attendees a good experience via their event and further augmenting the subscriber base as well as engaging the current ones.

These features have played a crucial role in understanding attendee interests and areas of involvement, contributing to the delivery of a cohesive event. Additionally, the availability of post-event engagement capabilities has empowered Upstox to sustain a meaningful connection with its attendees beyond the live sessions.

Upstox remains a trusted customer, relying on the platform to host conferences and webinars seamlessly. Notably, the event performance and attendee involvement metrics have witnessed a substantial increase, maximizing Upstox’s return on investment (ROI) and enhancing brand awareness.


By utilizing Airmeet, Upstox was able to address their concerns successfully. They now benefit from a rich array of features, enjoying multi-dimensional advantages. 

Airmeet’s virtual events platform has empowered Upstox to enhance brand awareness through well-executed events, achieve seamless integration with other tools, customize the event’s aesthetics to align with their branding requirements, and access valuable event data. 

This access allows Upstox to extract insights and metrics, laying the groundwork for continuous improvements and refinements in their future events. Airmeet has become an integral tool for Upstox, not only resolving issues but elevating their event strategy for enhanced brand impact and audience engagement.

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