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Maximus Expanded Its Audience Reach and Amplified Event Engagement with Airmeet

Mukesh Kumar
• May 16, 2024
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Government Administration
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HR/Internal/L&D Events

About Company:

Headquartered in Virginia, Maximus is an American government services company with global operations in certain countries across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Maximum works with state, federal, and local governments to provide people with easier and more equitable access to public services. 

Founded in 1975 by David V. Mastran, Maximus has, over the decades, gained substantial global recognition and accolades for having designed, developed, and delivered innovative and impactful health and human service programs.

ROI / Benefits for the customer (numbers):

Expectations and Requirements from Airmeet

The team at Maximus was on the lookout for a platform to host their global leadership virtual conferences and events to seamlessly connect with audiences worldwide. 

After exploring different options, Cara Elliot, the Director of L&OD (Director, Learning and Organizational Development), found Airmeet to be the best fit because of its ease of use, reliability, and unique features. The Maximus team sought specific features and functionalities from Airmeet to host their global leadership conferences and internal events, including:

  • Dynamic networking features to enhance engagement
  • Compatibility with various operating systems 
  • Multi-lingual support 
  • Innovative features for an immersive event experience

Solutions Offered by Airmeet

The Airmeet platform provided Maximus with a range of versatile tools to facilitate the smooth planning, management, organization, and execution of their global leadership conferences and internal events. 

Airmeet equipped Maximus with the following features and solutions, assisting them throughout their event cycle:

  • User-friendly interface: An easily navigable and user-friendly interface enabled the team at Maximus and their attendees to access the platform seamlessly. This allowed the team to easily identify icons and understand the features clearly, ensuring a smooth event experience.

  • Dynamic networking features: Airmeet offered Maximus the flexibility to utilize its diverse set of networking and interactive features, including Q&A sessions, polls, on-stage interaction, breakout rooms, a networking lounge, speed networking, virtual booths, and more. 

This helped amplify overall event engagement and maintain attendee involvement throughout the event.

  • Device compatibility: To support Maximus’s global initiatives, Airmeet ensured compatibility with various operating systems and devices, including Android and iOS systems, desktops, and smartphones. 

  • Platform scalability: The scalability of the virtual event platform enabled Maximus to host their leadership conferences on a global scale, accommodating thousands of attendees.

  • Audience accessibility: Available as both a web-based and mobile-based application, Airmeet ensured accessibility for diverse attendees regardless of the browser, device, or operating system they were using. 

  • Multi-lingual closed captions: Airmeet’s multi-lingual live transcriptions (closed captions) for events powered Maximus team to broaden their reach, offering accessibility to a wide variety of audiences and helping break language barriers.

  • Unique and innovative functionalities: Airmeet empowered the team at Maximus with a unique and innovative set of features, including a variety of event formats and types, API integration, real-time event analytics, insights into attendee profiles, attendee engagement scores, event branding, customization options, and lead generation capabilities. 

Positive ROI Impact:

  • Airmeet’s user-friendly interface and compatibility with various operating systems and devices, including both web-based and mobile-based applications, facilitated seamless connections with a diverse range of attendees for Maximus events, enhancing the overall event experience.
  • Airmeet’s multi-lingual capabilities enabled Maximus to virtually connect with a global audience, surpassing  language barriers and maximizing reach, while offering a personalized event experience.
  • Leveraging Airmeet’s 360-degree networking and engagement features, Maximus enhanced event engagement and interaction, ultimately improving the overall attendee experience.

Most-loved Features of Airmeet

Most-loved Features of Airmeet

Branding Capabilities:

Airmeet’s event branding capabilities empowered the team at Maximus to integrate their branding elements across various touchpoints of the events, including landing pages, emails, networking spaces, receptions, and more. This helped create a captivating environment while aligning their branding objectives with their events and conferences.

Custom Email:

With custom email capabilities, the team at Maximus could personalize their emails for various event purposes, including event marketing. The emails can also be categorized into different templates, such as event invitations, registration confirmations, and session bookmarking.

Pre-recorded videos:

With this feature, the team at Maximus was able to use pre-recorded videos as live sessions. The pre-recorded video feature enables users to upload recorded videos to the platform and incorporate them as part of the event sessions.

Session Replays:

By leveraging this feature, the team could use the recorded live sessions and make them available as replays for attendees to access post-event. This enabled attendees to revisit sessions at their convenience, enhancing post-event engagement efforts.

Speed Networking:

Speed networking provides event attendees with the opportunity to connect one-on-one and engage in quick conversations. The team at Maximus utilized this feature to enhance the engagement experience and offer attendees a chance to connect, converse, and collaborate with each other.

Social Lounge:

Airmeet’s Social Lounge is a networking space that mirrors the real-life round table setting. This feature empowered Maximus to create a formal networking space where attendees were able to connect with hosts or speakers, and where company leaders could engage with their employees in meaningful conversations and exchange ideas.

Comprehensive Event Analytics:

Airmeet’s powerful and comprehensive analytics and reporting functionality provided Maximus with deep insights into event performance.  With this, the team at Maximus could track and assess attendee engagement, involvement, and overall performance.

Multi-Linguistic Support:

Airmeet offers live-transcription support for 10+ languages to ensure event accessibility. This feature empowered Maximus to host events and conferences, catering to a global audience. 


Airmeet’s versatile features empowered Maximus to facilitate effective planning, management, and execution of their global leadership virtual conferences and events.

Airmeet’s user-friendly interface and compatibility across various platforms ensured broad accessibility, while its scalability enabled Maximus to accommodate the desired number of audiences. 

By leveraging Airmeet’s unique functionalities, the team at Maximus was able to transcend language barriers, maximize reach, and offer personalized event experiences to a global audience. Since implementing Airmeet, their events enjoy an impressive average turnout of 90%. 

With Airmeet’s innovative features and functionalities, Maximus not only enhanced its event engagement by more than 20% and performance but also leveraged those features to make data-driven decisions for their future event initiatives.

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