Dazzling L&D Events for 20K+ Attendees across 4 Continents for $100+ Bil Conglomerate

Sumyukthaa S
• August 7, 2023
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Annual fest


The client in the event organizing industry faced the challenge of improving engagement and ROI for their virtual events. Previous platforms lacked the necessary features to maximize attendee participation and event success. They needed a comprehensive solution to enhance engagement and deliver better results.


The client decided to leverage Airmeet’s capabilities to host a five-day virtual event from 5th to 9th June. They chose Airmeet for its feature-rich platform that could cater to their specific needs. Airmeet offered a range of tools and functionalities to engage participants and gather valuable insights for event optimization.

Features They Loved:

24/7 Lounge: Airmeet’s 24/7 lounge feature provided continuous support, saving time for the client and ensuring seamless event management.

Session Replay: The session replay feature enabled participants to rewatch or catch up on missed sessions, increasing engagement and accessibility.

Live Notifications: Airmeet’s live notifications made it easy for participants to join sessions promptly, enhancing overall event attendance.

Preset Polls and Resources: The availability of preset polls and resources enhanced the learning experience during the event.

Booth Feature: Airmeet’s Booth feature allowed the client to showcase different information and offerings to participants, providing a personalized experience.


Airmeet’s impact was significant in driving engagement and ROI for the client’s virtual event. With 22,000 registrations and 6,120 attendees, Airmeet’s SSO services and CSV upload efficiently managed over 20K people. The event’s top session saw 2,150 concurrent users, demonstrating the platform’s scalability. Additionally, 89% of participants attended from top countries, validating the event’s global reach. The leader board and POS features were actively used, enhancing interactivity and event success.


Airmeet proved to be a game-changer for the client’s virtual event, addressing their challenges and surpassing expectations. With seamless event management, insightful data reports, and personalized features, Airmeet empowered the client to create engaging experiences, resulting in increased ROI and overall event success. By partnering with Airmeet, the client unlocked the potential for future virtual events and established Airmeet as their go-to platform for delivering engaging and successful experiences.

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