Connect Airmeet
with your favorite apps

Say goodbye to CSV uploads and boost your team’s
productivity by integrating Airmeet with your everyday apps.

Sync registration data seamlessly

Sync user registration details from
your CRM and other registration
tools with ease.

Improve your team’s productivity

Leverage marketing automation tools and CRMs to create personalized campaigns, email templates, user journeys, and workflows.

Customize as per your business needs

Leverage public APIs and Zapier to connect with any third-party app.


  • Hook your Airmeet event registrations
    with your favorite app using Zapier.
  • Set triggers or create workflows to send data
    from Airmeet to over 3000+ apps using Zapier.


  • Manage user registrations seamlessly.
  • Sync your ticket sales and registration
    details with Airmeet and maximize
    your event ROI.


  • Sync attendee data between Airmeet and Hubspot automatically for managing your contacts.
  • Deliver a personalized user experience and improve
    your attendance rate with Hubspot email campaigns, workflows, templates, scheduling and more.
  • Promote your event effectively with custom
    forms and landing pages to increase ROI.


  • Export registration data to
    mailchimp seamlessly.
  • Customize emails for a better user
  • Schedule follow-ups and reminders to
    increase event attendance.


  • Gain holistic view of your attendee profile by syncing registration details.
  • Increase event attendance with personalized email campaigns, reminders and more.
  • Accelerate sales pipeline with targeted post event campaigns and lead nurture programs.


  • Provide your audience with a truly multilingual
    experience by translating your live sessions in
    multiple languages.
  • Enable the integration to add Interprefy widget to
    your live sessions for real-time audio translations.
  • Audience can pick a language of their choice to
    listen in from the pre-select choices available on
    the Interprefy widget.


  • Amplify customer engagement with personalised marketing campaigns & conversations.
  • Improve event registrations with Marketo’s custom landing page.
  • Improve lead conversion rate with nurture programs and campaigns .

Public APIs

  • Leverage Airmeet APIs for custom
  • Use our open APIs to connect Airmeet
    with any third party app in your tech