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Airmeet overview

Things you’ll require when attending or hosting a virtual or hybrid event on Airmeet are a high-speed internet connection, a desktop/laptop/iPad/mobile (although the experience is better in desktops and laptops). Airmeet works on all browsers and across devices. If you are the speaker, you might require a webcam and microphone for the best experience. 


To attend or host events on Airmeet, you do not need to download the software. Airmeet is accessible across devices and browsers. Using a laptop/desktop ensures the best experience across the event. 


You will be receiving an attendee registration link in your calendar invite. You can use the same link to join the event by clicking on the ‘Enter Airmeet’ button. You can easily log in using your email or your preferred social media handle across browsers. You can also use a mobile browser to log into the event. 


To sign up for any event, click on the event and use the registration button to register. You can use your email address, or social media handles to register. Confirm other details like your name, designation, organization, and location. You can also add the event to your calendar for automatic reminders. 


If you are a participant and already have an account, use that to sign-in on the day of the event. You can explore the tables in the social lounge area to network while the event starts. You can also view the agenda of the event in the ‘View Schedule’ section. 

Airmeet does not require any software downloads or additional subscriptions to attend or even attend events. It includes end-to-end encryption and SOC2 GDPR compliance to ensure that your event data is always protected. 

Airmeet has a freemium plan for 1 organizer and 100 participants. This plan includes social lounges or breakout rooms, virtual tables, chat, polls, Q&A, Zapier integrations, 24/7 support, and speed networking. 

You can ask questions during an event in the Q&A section. Other participants can then upvote the question to help hosts pick up based on popularity. As a host or co-host, you can also show the question on stage and invite the same person on stage (if they are still attending the same session). 

Airmeet is a browser and diagnostic agnostic virtual and hybrid event management platform. But for the best immersive experience, we request our hosts and participants to use their laptop/desktop and Chrome browser. 

The iPad application for speakers is available and can be used by speakers to join the session. The iOS and Android versions for attendees can also be used to join the session. It is, however, advisable for speakers to join sessions through a laptop or a desktop. 

Sign up with your email address and click on ‘Host an Airmeet.’ Create an organization and then select the ‘Create an Airmeet’ button. Select the type of event you would like to host – a single session or multiple sessions. Fill up other details like event name, date, and time. You have started an Airmeet. 

A session in Airmeet is created only after the session has ended. All pricing plans include recording, the freemium plan consists of a 480p recording,, but the Business and Enterprise plan consists of a 720p recording. You can download, share and even preview your recordings from the Event Dashboard. 

If you are the speaker and presenting to your audience, the screen share button appears at the bottom center of the screen. If you are someone at the tables of the social lounge, you can share your window, application,, or tab from there. You can also present PDFs directly from the Airmeet stage, presentations, and videos. 

Airmeet lets you live stream on various social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Also, Mailchimp integrations facilitate email marketing.

You can use Mailchimp and Zapier integrations to promote your virtual event across social media platforms. You can also use the customization options available on Airmeet to showcase your brand in the reception area, virtual booths, and social lounges. 

Use the interactive features available on Airmeet, including the chat, speed networking, raise hand and invite to the stage, polls, and Q&A. Plan your event with ice breakers and use photobooths (3rd party app integration) make your community experience immersive. 

Sign up in Airmeet. Create an organization. Select the kind of event that you would want – a single session or multiple sessions. Use multiple sessions to host different events like webinars, interviews, etc. You can also speed network with your participants, bring them on the stage with the speaker and use the tables in your social lounges as a mini-breakout room (tables support up to 50 people). 

You can find your event link in the Events dashboard. This link can be shared with participants, speakers, exhibitors, and ticket holders. 

After signing in, you can create a virtual or hybrid event from the event dashboard on Airmeet. You can fill up the event details like time, date, event name, social lounges, and the number of tables required. 

Speed networking allows participants to connect for a few minutes. On joining the speed networking event, participants are AI-matched based upon their designation, interests, engagement rate in past sessions, etc., on joining the speed networking event participants, with someone similar. Speed networking also comes with a chat to help exchange contact details. 

If you are the speaker or wish to go to the stage with a raised hand, you’ll require a webcam to stream the video. Participants usually don’t need a webcam to attend events unless they want to speed network or catch up in the social lounges.

English is the default language for all events created on Airmeet. Besides that, you have French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Mongolian, Japanese, Norwegian, and Chinese. Selecting a particular language will change all the in-event interfaces for a specific attendee. Airmeet also supports multiple languages with the Interprefy integration. 

All Airmeet sessions are recorded and can be viewed or downloaded from the dashboard by the community manager or event manager. 

Airmeet offers a 24/7 customer support lounge where you can attend and resolve your problems. It also offers 24/7 email and chat support. 

Airmeet is browser and device agnostic. However, for the best experience, it is important to use Airmeet on a laptop or a desktop. You can also use the mobile app to attend sessions, but some interactive features are limited. 

To get started with an event, select the ‘Create an Airmeet’ button on the top right corner of the community dashboard. You can choose the type of event – multi-session or a single session. You can then fill up the event’s details (the date, time, etc.) Once this is done, you’ll be directed to the landing page link on the dashboard. You can use this link for participants to register for the event.

To grow your online community, start hosting regular events on Airmeet. You can host webinars, trade fairs, multi-day conferences, hybrid events, job fairs, career fairs, hackathons, networking events, summits, training and workshops, meet-ups, and more. Use interactive features like the social lounge with tables for speed networking, set up live polls, or even host a Q&A session. 

While each event will have different KPIs to measure success, Airmeet provides you a detailed analysis report. This report mentions the total number of participants registered and checked in, their engagement rate across the event, responses to questions and polls, NPS score, lead generation and conversion rate, overall search results, and traffic to the event. 

For both meetups and conferences, you can invite people to stage alongside your speakers. Go to the people’s tab, select the attendee you want to ask, click Invite to Stage, and wait for the attendee to accept the request. 

Any speaker mapped to the session cannot be removed from the stage by the event’s host. Only attendees who are invited to the stage via the raise hand feature can be removed.

The organizer can access the analytics report in real-time, 10 minutes after the event start. The organizer can also send across detailed reports to the community team members from the dashboard. It is advised to wait at least 10 minutes before sending the final report. 

You have to wait for at least 10 minutes after the events start before accessing the analytics report from the dashboard. 

You can download the event analytics data once you have to send it across to your email address. To access the analytics report, go to the event dashboard, analytics tab, and then view. 

Airmeet Integrations

Airmeet currently provides Hubspot and Salesforce CRM integrations. We also offer Mailchimp, Eventbrite, and Zapier integrations. 


Currently, Airmeet offers Mailchimp and Zapier integrations to automate your event registration and email processes.

Along with Salesforce, Hubspot, Eventbrite, Mailchimp, and Zapier, Airmeet also offers Interprefy integrations. Interprefy provides multi-lingual support to events.

Hybrid event

Besides wifi, laptop/desktop, webcam, lighting, microphone, and camera, for a hybrid event, you’ll just need Airmeet. It comes equipped with chat, live stream to social media, Q&A, raise a hand and bring to the stage, share screen, HD recording, and more. 


Once you have set up an event on Airmeet, you can host it in three different ways. The first is broadcasting with the help of multi-cameras and using 3rd party tools to generate an RTMP stream. You can live stream to your audience on Facebook and Youtube using custom RTMP. Lastly, you can also feed Feed external audio/video input into the Airmeet stage. 

Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform

Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform

Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform

Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform