Airmeet is a human
connection company

For us at Airmeet, the quality of human connections and interactions will never be determined by distance.
That’s why we built our product, and our company – So conversations, interactions
and growth can continue, regardless of everything!

Trusted by over
4000+ organizations

There’s a special moment ✨ that happens at every Airmeet event. A moment 💜 that perfectly captures our mission and why we do what we do. Sometimes it happens only once or a handful of times🖐️. Other times, we see it over and over again. It’s a moment of vulnerability.

A moment of joy🎉. A moment of pure connection ⚡️ with us, your attendees and your event. It’s the moment our attendees get the courage to come up on stage. And there’s no greater feeling 🤩 for us.

“In a highly distributed world, relationships will be more important than ever in driving key decisions. And building genuine relationships & trust virtually requires a deep human connection which is almost impossible to currently achieve purely virtually. 

We created Airmeet to solve this”

CEO, Airmeet

Unlocking the Full Potential of Work-from-Anywhere

Join us for a work experience like no other

Co-working Benefits

Medical Insurance

Qube Health Credit

Home Office Benefit

Work life balance

When customers and attendees
come first, great things follow

Here at Airmeet we put our customers ahead of everything, so you
can prioritize your attendees too. It’s been our philosophy since day
one and something the B2B world needs much more of. 

Founded in
August 2019

$1 M in Revenue


Series A



Raised $35 Million
in Series B

Signed our First
$100,000 Customer