IT Services Broadens Its Reach and Boosts Attendee Engagement Through Airmeet

Mukesh Kumar
• February 12, 2024
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IT Services
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Cypress is the leading holistic testing platform. It has revolutionized testing, placing it right in the browser and making it a real-time, agile part of how applications are built. 

With the Cypress app, developers needing a real-time testing solution for code can write all forms of tests, including unit, integration, and end-to-end. And using Cypress Cloud, they are able to orchestrate and unify results with quality metrics and actionable insights that power the agile workplace.

ROI / Benefits for the customer (numbers):

ROI or Benefits for the customer



Cypress was looking for a platform that could provide 

  • Detailed analytics 
  • Engage on-demand attendees
  • Offer hybrid event capabilities


They were looking for a virtual event platform that can assist them with robust features like live chat, multiple organizers, customized emails, prospecting leads, Salesforce integration, virtual booths for partners, and reactions in video with consistent support and constant assistance throughout their events.



Airmeet provided Cypress with the real-time event data. This helped them understand and evaluate the event performance, attendee engagement, and involvement during and post-event. 

With a set of advanced engagement features, Airmeet made sure that attendees could interact through various networking points, like live chat, a networking lounge, and more. 

Moreover, with the availability of Airmeet’s hybrid event format, the team at Cypress could effortlessly host virtual as well as hybrid events successfully, with a set of robust features like virtual booths. 

Airmeet empowered Cypress to personalize email templates, fine-tune event aesthetics, and seamlessly integrate their systems with the platform. 

With a dedicated account manager, 24/7 customer support, and technical support, Airmeet provided Cypress round-the-clock assistance throughout their event journey 



Thanks to Airmeet, Cypress now has the capability to host a set of events, including hybrid events. With the right set of features, flexibility, and scalability, they are now able to reach and interact with a broader audience. 


With Airmeet, they can seamlessly integrate systems, manage data flow, personalize emails, customize event outlook, and more. 

Positive ROI Impact: 

  • Customized registration forms enabled the collection of email addresses and other important information, improving efforts for prospecting leads.
  • Easy navigation and user-friendly interface minimized drop-off improved the attendee experience and garnered positive feedback.
  • Detailed and real-time analytics enabled Cypress to evaluate attendee involvement, event effectiveness, and event success.

Features loved/used:

Intuitive Platform and Easy Navigation:

The Cypress team found Airmeet to be user-friendly and seamless and mentioned receiving a lot of positive feedback about the platform during the event.

Customizable Reception:

Cypress expresses great satisfaction with the ability to customize the reception according to the event. The freedom to utilize this feature for personalizing the event’s aesthetics, like adding a welcome video, has brought them great value.

Networking Lounge:

Networking Lounge

The flexibility to customize networking lounge tables, share screens, and engage in conversations has impressed the team at Cypress.  Another high-impact feature for the team was the capability to edit the table logo, its name, and adjust the number of chairs for the table based on the specific requirements of the event.

Customizable Virtual Booths:

Cypress was happy with the option to interact within booths. The presence of separate networking lounges within the booths has facilitated seamless interaction and discussions for attendees with the booth exhibitors/partners.

Resource Tab:

The team at Cypress also found great value in  effortless sharing of resources and files among attendees. This function enabled participants to download and access all crucial event resources and materials seamlessly.

By leveraging Airmeet’s data tracking abilities, Cypress could track and monitor the event’s performance and attendee engagement. With detailed event analytics and comprehensive reporting, they were able to analyze the data to measure the event’s success and more. 

The Cypress team used this feature to create customized emails tailored to different categories. This enabled them to dispatch a diverse range of emails, including registration notifications and confirmations, session/event reminders, bookmarked session alerts, and more.


Leveraging Airmeet, Cypress can now successfully host their events, attracting and accommodating a substantial audience of thousands with ease.

With access to diverse event formats, real-time data, API integration, robust networking elements, customizable components, and responsive customer support, the Cypress team can now effortlessly organize various types of events and harness the advanced features of Airmeet with ease.

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