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How Airmeet Powered Payroll & HR Solutions Company Gusto’s 5-star rated Event

Mukesh Kumar
• March 8, 2024
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Financial Services
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Virtual Summit

About Company:

Founded in 2011 as ZenPayroll, Gusto is an online payroll and HR solutions company that serves more than 300,000 businesses across the world, today. Each year, they process payrolls worth tens of billions of dollars and provide employee benefits—like health insurance and 401(k) accounts—while helping companies create incredible workplaces.

Their integrated platform streamlines and automates payroll, benefits, and HR processes, all backed by expert support, offering peace of mind to both employers and employees to focus on their best work

ROI / Benefits for the customer (numbers):

ROI or Benefits for the customer
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Gusto was planning their upcoming event and was interested in hosting it on Airmeet. They were looking for a platform with the ability to record sessions without using any other third party, along with the feature to upload pre-recorded sessions and play them during their event. They also wanted to incorporate booths, roundtables, and engagement tools. Another key requirement they had was the ability to access the attendee profile to track attendee interests. 

Additionally, Gusto was looking to monitor participant activity. They were keen on finding the right tool that gave them access to detailed analytics and reporting, provided them with high-quality data analytics across all events and gave them the ability to pull analytics for specific events. 

The customer also sought the capability to send personalized post-event emails to their attendees through the platform. 



With Airmeet, Gusto was able to record their sessions using the in-built recording capability of the platform. Airmeet also allowed them to upload pre-recorded videos to the sessions as per their convenience. With the availability of booths and roundtables in the Airmeet lounge, they were able to enhance their event engagement and networking experience. Airmeet provided them with a variety of features to help increase their attendee engagement, such as polls, chats, and real-time interactions. 

The customized registration form feature enabled the team at Gusto to personalize specific fields as per their requirements. This allowed them to monitor the attendee’s interests and track the required information. 

Airmeet’s detailed analytics feature allowed them to track the event’s performance, participant’s engagement, and activity. 

By using Airmeet’s highly customizable email templates, Gusto was able to send the post-event emails and content directly through the platform. To provide them with constant assistance and support throughout their event journey, Airmeet provided them with a dedicated customer success manager and additional in-event support to ensure a successful event. 


Gusto was able to deliver a successful event by leveraging Airmeet’s versatile capabilities. They could personalize the entire event as per their requirements, which allowed them to perfectly showcase their event objectives. Through the customizable registration form feature, they could understand their attendees interests and personalize the event experience accordingly. Utilizing the engagement and networking features, they could create a highly interactive environment for their attendees during the event. 


Positive ROI Impact: 

  • The intuitive platform and user-friendly navigation contributed to a highly-rated event.
  • Increased attendance and participant engagement, with over 50% of registrants actively joining and participating in the event.

Furthermore, the ability to upload pre-recorded videos, record sessions, offer session replays, customize the event landing page, send post-event content, monitor event performance, and track attendee participation through a unified analytics feature streamlined the entire event process for Gusto, ensuring a seamless and smooth experience for both attendees and the organizers.

Features loved/used:

Features loved

Pre-recorded sessions:

With this feature, the customer was able to upload and seamlessly run pre-recorded videos as sessions during the event.

The customer was able to record their sessions on Airmeet, without the hassle of using third-party platforms. The replay feature enabled the attendees to watch or re-watch the sessions, as per their convenience. 

Leaderboard feature:

Using the leaderboard feature, the customer was able to track participant’s activity and award points for certain actions, allowing for prizes to be given out based on rankings.

By utilizing networking and engagement features like booths and roundtables, the team at Gusto was able to conduct meaningful conversations and share deeper insights with the audience.

With the availability of detailed analytics and reporting, the customer was able to track the event performance and engagement rate, post-event. This feature allowed them to gather in-depth insights related to their events and make data-driven decisions. 

By using Airmeet’s customizable email templates, the customer was able to schedule personalized emails to their participants, from event reminders to post-event emails and content. 


The availability of an in-built session recording feature in Airmeet removes the need for any third-party tool, making it a hassle-free process for Gusto. The highly customizable features allowed them to tailor the whole event to suit their requirements. From the event outlook to the post-event actions, the customer was able to access everything on a single platform. 

Moreover, the detailed analytics allowed them to monitor and assess the event success rate through the various components available in the analytics. This empowers them to continually improve the event experience for their attendees, and make informed decisions going forward.

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Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

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Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform

Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform