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Over 60% Attendee Turnout: GDA Capital Maximized Registration Count & Event Attendance with Airmeet

Mukesh Kumar
• June 26, 2024
Company Name:
GDA Capital
Industry Segment:
Financial Services
Use Case:
Virtual Summit
Previously Used Platform:
Hopin (now RingCentral)

About Company:

Based in Toronto, GDA Capital Corporation offers advisory services to developers of early- stage digital asset projects. It incubates, advises, and invests in blockchain, digital assets, the metaverse, gaming, and Web 3.0 companies. 

The GDA Capital team has extensive expertise spanning across the entire blockchain industry, including digital asset investments, global go-to-market strategies, partnerships, PR, community, and tokenomics development. They hold an impressive track record and have been leading enterprises like Fortune 500 companies, governments, and venture projects to success.

ROI / Benefits for the customer (numbers):

Challenges with the previous events platform

The team at GDA Capital faced significant challenges with their previous virtual event platform, including a complicated backstage setup and additional registration steps. 

These issues caused a significant drop in registrations and created an inconvenient and sub-optimal event experience for both attendees and speakers.

Expectations and Requirements from Airmeet

The team at GDA Capital was seeking a platform that could offer robust features and solutions for seamless virtual event hosting. With a number of upcoming events in the pipeline, including webinars, small-scale events, virtual conferences, and summits, they began exploring a few virtual event platforms to find their ideal one. 

To ensure the successful execution of their virtual events, they opted for Airmeet.  

With Airmeet, they were aiming to have:

  • Flexibility to host a variety of events
  • Scalability to accommodate desired number of attendees
  • Seamless Hubspot integration
  • Streamlined registration process
  • Easily navigable event backstage
  • Event customization & branding capabilities

Solutions Offered by Airmeet

Airmeet offered the team at GDA Capital a comprehensive virtual event management solution to cater to all their event-specific needs. With a wide range of features at their disposal, the GDA Capital team was able to offer a personalized and immersive event experience to their attendees, speakers, and sponsors. 

Solutions Offered by Airmeet

With Airmeet, the team at GDA Capital could:

  • Host a variety of events by leveraging the virtual events platform’s capability to support multiple event formats and types, including small-scale & large-scale webinars, virtual conferences, and virtual summits.

  • Accommodate the desired number of attendees, given the Airmeet platform’s ability to scale seamlessly from 100 to 100,000 participants, addressing the specific needs of each event type and target audience.  

  • Streamline registration with Airmeet’s customizable forms and flexible entry options. GDA Capital was able to personalize registration fields to gather specific attendee information and choose from different event entry options, like direct access via a unique link after registration or exclusive event access to invited guests (no login or registration required), and more, as required. 

  • Integrate seamlessly with 30+ tools, like CRMs, event engagement, marketing, registration & ticketing, and more. This feature enabled GDA Capital to integrate Airmeet with their existing techstack, including Hubspot for smooth event operations and dataflow. 

  • Easy access to the event backstage for speakers with specialized event invitations from the event organizer. This enabled GDA Capital’s event speakers to directly access the backstage area without needing to sign in, simplifying their entry and eliminating the need for any technical knowledge.   

  • Customize event aspects like adding custom fields to registration forms, tailoring email templates, editing event landing pages, personalizing virtual booths, and more.

  • Incorporate branding elements, including logos, videos, social media links, event banners, virtual backgrounds, and stage backdrops.

Positive ROI Impact:

  • Airmeet’s simplified registration process enabled the GDA Capital’s event attendees to access the event effortlessly, boosting registration numbers and attendance. 
  • The virtual event platform’s user-friendly interface and easily navigable backstage offered a seamless and smooth event experience for both event attendees and speakers. 
  • Event branding & customization capabilities empowered the team at GDA Capital to create a personalized space for their sponsors, enhancing their overall event experience. 
  • By leveraging Airmeet’s pre, during, post-event engagement features, the GDA Capital team was able to deliver an immersive event environment, resulting in a substantial increase in attendee interaction rates.

Most-loved Features of Airmeet

Most-loved Features of Airmeet

Branding & Customization:

Airmeet’s branding and customization capabilities enabled the GDA Capital team to personalize every aspect of their virtual events and webinars. They were able to customize everything, from event registrations and landing pages to speaker profiles and sponsor arenas. 

Custom Emails:

By utilizing this feature, the GDA Capital team was able to tailor and categorize pre-event as well as post-event communications for their attendees, speakers, and sponsors. These custom email templates enabled them to personalize event invitations, reminders, bookmarked sessions, and more.

Social Lounge:

Airmeet’s social lounge, a round-table networking setup, empowered the GDA Capital team to effectively connect with their event attendees. This feature enabled them to initiate conversations, engage in formal discussions, and exchange valuable insights seamlessly.

Session Replays:

With this feature, the team at GDA Capital was able to engage with attendees post-event, by offering session recordings as replays. This enabled attendees to revisit the recordings at their convenience, helping the GDA Capital team gauge attendee interest and engagement with the event content. 

Real-time Analytics:

By leveraging Airmeet’s real-time analytics & detailed event reporting, the GDA Capital team effectively tracked registrations, evaluated attendee turnout, monitored event performance, and assessed engagement rates. This data proved crucial in identifying any gaps and optimizing them during subsequent events, allowing them to continually enhance their overall event experiences. 


Airmeet provided GDA Capital with a unified virtual event solution to streamline their processes, host impactful events, and elevate the overall experience. 

From simplified registration, to easily accessible backstage, and  tailored virtual booths, by leveraging Airmeet’s robust features, the team at GDA was not only able to achieve increased registration counts and attendee turnout but also provide an memorable experience to their attendees, speakers, and sponsors.

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Most loved Virtual Events Platform

Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform

Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform

Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform

Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform