Put Interactions at the Heart of Your Virtual Events. Humanize Your Events With Fluid Space

Virgil Wadhwa
• February 22, 2022

(4 mins min read)

Meet Fluid Space, a virtual place where fun, meaningful, and engaging interactions happen naturally. Remove virtual boundaries and let the natural interactions flow. Skyrocket event engagement, and let your audience leave with a smile

2 cups of spontaneity, 1/2  a cup of smooth ice breakers, a handful of coffee convos, some attendee-speaker interactions, and a whole lot of minglers (your event attendees) make a jugful of fun, memorable, and meaningful interactions that are good for your event. 

From “The event was interesting” to “Wow, that was amazing!” – Fluid space bridges the gap

Ever wondered what makes people come out of an in-person event and say “Wow! That was amazing. I had fun”? 

To a significant extent, it’s not only the content of the event, but the magical moments of on-spot, spontaneous, and informal conversations that let people connect. 

There is magic in the conversations that happen in the hallways; before, between, and after the sessions; during the impromptu meet-ups! Every time there is an introduction made, a question answered, or an intimate interaction sparked between the speakers and the attendees, a relationship is formed which amplifies the returns of your event.  

Usually, virtual events, online conferences, and other online interactions are limited by their nature of being virtual. Well, not anymore! Airmeet’s changing that

We can’t stand mundane! So we took it on us to humanize virtual events and added some zing

Well, not just some, but a ton! See for yourself.

Fluid space feature sparking networking
Fluid Space

We have a problem with video jail cells that lock in your attendees and rip them off from any natural chances of interaction, which drives down the engagement, sit-through rates, and overall event experience.  
Airmeet first introduced superior networking features like Q&A, emojis, live polls, dedicated network lounges, and speed networking to tackle the lack of interaction during virtual events and webinars. But now, we’re taking a leap forward in event tech with Fluid Spaces, and we plan to continue to revolutionize the event space.

Fluid Spaces – A space to get natural conversations & opportunities for leads, flowing

Fluid space offers flexibility to organizers to host informal meetings and sessions that are not bound to tables. They can include it in the agenda and use the multi-purpose space to host different formats of informal sessions. 

Fluid space lets users build avatars and move them around with arrow keys on the screen. Attendees can walk towards a particular group of people or individuals they would like to interact with. 

As a result, it offers an energizing, freeing, and natural space to attendees to scratch that networking itch! 

Organizers can go beyond hosting routine table discussions and host fun, interactive, and cozy informal sessions in different formats with this space. 

This space is a catalyst to building meaningful connections, skyrocketing engagement, and improving customer experience.

In short…Fluid Space can do these

  • Enable attendees to build meaningful connections and take back knowledge, memories, and relationships 
  • Improve engagement among attendees by enabling them to engage in free-flowing energetic conversations 
  • Allow organizers to broadcast essential announcements to participants with features like Megaphone

Fluid space comes loaded with features like Rooms, Clusters, and Megaphones to supercharge the networking and keep the fun…flowing!


People interacting in rooms in Fluid Space. A feature that makes virtual events seem like real life.
Roam freely in the fluid space and connect with people based on proximity

Just like meeting rooms, halls, and multiple party lawns in a physical venue, there are rooms in the fluid space. You may want to walk up to someone or a group of people and initiate a conversation in a physical venue, you can do that in a room in the fluid space as well. 

Use arrow keys to navigate your avatar through the room and approach the individuals, and cozy groups to start a video call. 

There can be up to 12 rooms in each session in Fluid Space, and each room can hold up to 25 participants. People in each room are added automatically on a first come first serve basis as they join the session. 

It’s easy to change and navigate through different rooms. Once you’ve decided that you want to change the room, you can select a room from the available choices. 


People talking naturally in a cluster in a fluid space offered by Airmeet.
Form clusters based on proximity and be a part of stimulating convos

A bunch of people standing in a group, holding drinks, and making stimulating conversations. That’s how we remember an informal networking session right? Opinions are shared, business cards are exchanged, smiles happen, relationships are built. 

What about AMA sessions? Those mind-expanding opportunities for attendees to connect one-to-one with the speakers, ask a few questions and take back invaluable knowledge from the experts. 

What about those exciting Ice-breaking sessions, that let attendees find new friends, a potential business contact, and walk away thrilled?

Or those group activities that spark collaboration and make attendees leave the space with some memories, and a smile?  

You can do it all with Fluid space. 

Join clusters or make a new one by moving around freely with the arrow keys in the fluid space. Get involved in groups, or walk up to someone to introduce yourself. Share opinions, collaborate and do more within the space. 

Based on proximity-based networking algorithms, people get automatically added to a cluster when they are near each other.


A handy feature for event organizers. Megaphone enables up to two event organizers to broadcast video or audio messages to everyone present in the fluid space at once. 

Organizers can use this to make important announcements or use it to sprinkle some surprises during the session.

Why is Fluid Space good for your event?

Networking-driven engagement is an important piece in the puzzle that virtual events often miss. Fluid space is here to change that. 

Fluid space offers 

  • A flexible, real-like, way for attendees to move, groove, and mingle with each other. This adds zing to your virtual events and lifts up that engagement driving enthusiasm. 
  • A brand new way to spark and host informal group sessions like speakers lounge, after event virtual parties, virtual happy hours, and so much more. This gives space for magical moments like relationships to happen. 
  • Networking is always exciting, and the moments made while socializing are often hard to forget. A space like this adds brand recall to the event which lays a foundation for a long-term relationship with the customers. 
  • A fun, natural, and light way to approach prospects. Organizers can use the opportunity to network and meet people in an informal setting and use the opportunity to build trust with prospects, answer questions, and drive prospects further into the advanced stages of the conversion funnel. 

Check out the Fluid Space walkthrough and see for yourself


Clusters are formed when two or more attendees are near-by

The maximum number of people that can join a cluster is 25, which is also the maximum number of people that can be in a room.

Each room can hold up to 25 people and 300 max per Fluid Space.

Rooms are allotted on a first-come-first-serve basis. Once a particular room is full, the guests in the queue are allotted space in the next one.

A single fluid space can hold up to 12 different rooms.

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