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Zycus uses Airmeet to virtualize event and boost results

Nishchal Dua
• July 22, 2020
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Use Case:
Virtual Event
Event Name:
Innovation Day
Community Name:
Industry Segment:
Source-to-Pay procurement solutions provider
Event Attendees:

Executive summary

Zycus is a leading global provider of Source-to-Pay procurement performance solutions. Their mission is to provide the best technology solutions to sourcing teams of organizations across the world, along with creating awareness about how their products can radically boost business performance.

With clients that are leaders in their respective industries, Zycus offers services across various verticals from manufacturing, automotives, banking and finance to health, education and more.  

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, Zycus hosted multiple in-person events regularly. These included confluences that were held in various cities across the world. The key aim of these events was to communicate industry trends, technology and strategies and resolve business problems while offering an excellent networking opportunity to participants in a relaxed environment. They now needed a reliable and effective online event platform to help virtualise their event.

Eventually, Airmeet served as a perfect fit for Zycus to host its first-ever Innovation Day event which turned out to be a huge success. Let’s take a  look at their planning and implementation details to showcase the makings of a rewarding online event. 

Airmeet Stage

Challenges (and solutions)

Kasturi Guha, Product Marketing Manager, Zycus said, “In April we were to have 3 of the biggest ground events in the US. But due to the lockdown we faced a business-critical question in the months of March and April. What then? We were to lose close to 100-150 marketing-qualified hot leads. I could not get these leads from a newsletter or social media campaign or even a webinar. I was looking for an online tool to use for a virtual event. Most of the tools were uni-dimensional; there were not many which were interactive. The picture of Airmeet’s ‘Social Lounge’ caught my attention because it had the same table-chair kind of format as our round table conferences in ground events.”

Challenge 1: Providing a never-done-before online networking and interactive opportunity

Kasturi mentioned, “None of our peers were networking virtually. I felt we could use this as a first-mover’s advantage.” A virtual event platform that provided an exceptionally interactive and highly engaging experience was the need of the hour.


Airmeet’s networking and engagement features are extensively lauded for making events exciting and interactive.

  • ‘Social Lounge’ allows immersive networking and meaningful discussions by letting attendees join in a video conference with co-attendees on virtual tables. It provides a great way to engage with speakers or network during the networking breaks. Zycus was able to attract 60+ attendees who committed to a seven-hour-long event with two different networking breaks that provided ample opportunity to connect with co-attendees.
  • The simple and direct ‘Chat’ feature facilitates safe and secure messaging. It provides yet another opportunity to connect with event participants. Attendees can post questions and comments as well as reach out to co-attendees while the event is live.
  • Airmeet has a separate ‘Q&A’ window that’s exclusively meant for answering to questions raised by attendees. It simplifies asking questions, upvoting and managing answers, and also sorting questions based on popularity.
  • Through the ‘Emoji’ feature, speakers can be applauded and encouraged during the live session. Just like a speaker would see reactions and gauge attendee response in a ground event, emojis let attendees respond to speakers quickly without interrupting the session.  It is yet another way to make events more engaging.
Screen Sharing on Airmeet

Challenge 2: Creating a value-packed event with relevant takeaways

Zycus wanted to set-up an event that was much more than just a one-hour webinar with attendees passively consuming information. 


Powered by Airmeet, Zycus was able to host a full-day event with a panel discussion, two webinars, two solution demo sessions and two networking breaks. Airmeet’s versatility in hosting events that are multiple-format style, made Zycus’ event successful. 

  • Format: Airmeet allows tens of thousands of attendees and up to 16 speakers in an event. Each speaker is visible on-screen throughout the session, and no attendees can stream their video feed without the host’s permission. It ensures no ambiguity or confusion is disrupting a flawless event.
  • Raise Hand: Using this feature, much like in an in-person event, an attendee can come on to the stage and interact with the speaker. Once the host accepts your ‘Raise Hand’ request, you can be live on the stage by streaming your feed in real-time, and the entire audience can see you. The mic is returned post-discussion with the speaker. The entire process of interaction feels very close to an in-person event.
  • Brilliant Quality: Airmeet offers latency-free, HD quality, real-time video streaming of events. An excellent viewing experience and seamless technology ensure an exceptional event that supports multiple formats.

"Most of the other tools were uni-dimensional. Airmeet’s social lounge caught my attention because it had the same table-chair kind of format as our round table conferences in ground events."

–Kasturi Guha, Product Marketing Manager, Zycus

“Most of the other tools were uni-dimensional. Airmeet’s social lounge caught my attention because it had the same table-chair kind of format as our round table conferences in ground events.”​

Kasturi Guha, Product Marketing Manager, Zycus Tweet

Challenge 3: User adoption and product training

Kasturi mentioned, “User adoption and product training are so important when using a new tool. I had 5-6 test sessions. I have to give a shout-out to Airmeet’s customer support. I was constantly in touch with Gaurav and Bala (from the product team) brainstorming together. They customized the platform as per my requirement.”


  • 24/7 support and training:  Our hands-on team is galvanized to empower community managers. We boast of a competent on-boarding process and extremely accessible assistance which ensures that help is available at every juncture. Whether you need assistance in training, setting up the event, dry runs or ironing out glitches — we are there to support and assist.
  • Ease of use:  Our intuitive, ready-to-use platform makes it a breeze to schedule and join events. The interface is extremely user-friendly. Attendees can join-in directly using any modern browser. They do not need to download any program on their device as the platform is ready-to-use from the get-go.
zycus event speaker

Way forward

Kasturi appreciated the entire team of Airmeet for helping them make their event a huge success and also thanked the team for being proactive and supportive. She mentioned, “I’m very excited to try the new features that have come up since our event. We have a couple of confluences — the round table sessions coming up, which I plan to do on Airmeet. I believe in the product and am pushing it internally.”

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