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Leading Media and Communications Company Facilitated Global Connections and Boosted Employee Engagement at Airmeet

Mukesh Kumar
• May 24, 2024
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Internal Events
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Founded in 1963, this Fortune 100 Media and Communications Company delivers world-class broadband, mobile, and entertainment that delight customers and technology that powers the future.

It brings together innovative technology and extraordinary content and experiences. They create, produce, and distribute leading entertainment, sports, and news and bring incredible theme parks and attractions to life around the globe.

ROI / Benefits for the customer (numbers):

Challenges with their previous events platform

The customer had been utilizing several popular virtual event platforms but decided to re-evaluate other options to improve their event hosting capabilities and standardize the overall experience. 

After a careful assessment, the customer chose Airmeet as their go-to virtual event platform for hosting their internal and partner events. 

Expectations and Requirements from Airmeet

Expectations and Requirements from Airmeet

With a workforce of 10,000+ employees worldwide, the customer needed specialized features in their virtual event platform that could seamlessly connect their global workforce and add value to their event initiatives. Some of their specific requirements from Airmeet included: 

  • A scalable solution to accommodate thousands of attendees
  • Ability to host a variety of virtual events, including live and large-scale events
  • Ability to host hybrid events
  • Round-the-clock assistance

Solutions Offered by Airmeet

Solutions Offered by Airmeet

Airmeet provided customers with customized solutions tailored to meet their specific event needs and objectives. In order to enhance the value of their internal events and learning and development (L&D) initiatives, Airmeet ensured the stability and reliability of its platform features and functionalities. 

Airmeet empowered their team to host impactful and engaging internal events by:

  • Offering a scalable virtual event platform capable of accommodating thousands of attendees, scaling from 10,000 to 100,000 participants.
  • Providing flexibility to host various virtual events, including webinars, live streaming sessions, small-scale virtual gatherings, and large-scale online events.
  • Offering dedicated features for seamless planning and execution of hybrid events.
  • Ensuring round-the-clock customer support and technical assistance. 
  • Allocating a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) for consistent engagement, from guiding them through the platform to providing hands-on assistance throughout their event journey.
  • Offering robust engagement & networking features, including polls, Q&A, networking lounges, breakout rooms, one-on-sessions, and more, to offer attendees an interactive & immersive event experience.
  • Providing real-time event and attendee level analytics to monitor and assess overall event performance as well as attendee engagement & involvement during the event.

Positive ROI Impact:

  • The diverse range of event formats offered by Airmeet empowered the customer to host a variety of events on a single platform, eliminating the need for multiple tools and solutions.
  • With Airmeet’s scalability to accommodate thousands of attendees, the customer and its team could effortlessly connect with their global workforce, facilitating engagement and interaction across their worldwide teams on a unified platform.
  • Real-time analytics provided by Airmeet enabled the customer to monitor and evaluate event performance and attendee activity, enabling them to leverage this data to make data-driven decisions for future events and gatherings.
  • Airmeet’s 360-degree engagement and networking feature enabled the client to cultivate connections and facilitate networking across multiple touchpoints, enhancing the networking experience for attendees and boosting the overall event engagement rate.

Most-loved Features of Airmeet

Most-loved Features of Airmeet

Social Lounge:

Airmeet’s social lounge empowered the customer to establish effective connections with attendees in a round-table format by engaging in meaningful discussions. 

Speed Networking:

Airmeet’s speed networking sessions enabled the customer’s team to facilitate quick one-on-one interactions where attendees could swiftly connect, exchange information, and share insights with each other. 

System Integration:

Airmeet offered Keka’s team the flexibility to seamlessly integrate HubSpot, facilitating a streamlined flow of event data. By syncing event and attendee information with their internal systems, the team at Keka was able to access a centralized repository of attendee data. 

This enabled efficient lead nurturing, timely follow-ups with leads, and heightened the likelihood of conversions. 

Raise Hand:

The client’s event attendees were able to effortlessly interact with the event host & speakers by clicking on the raise-hand icon present on the live event screen. With this feature, when an attendee raises their hand, the host is promptly notified and can bring the attendee to the event stage, swiftly addressing attendee queries or questions in real-time.

Pre-recorded Videos:

Airmeet’s pre-recorded video feature enabled the customer to automate their entire event session by seamlessly uploading previously recorded content and using it as a session. Pre-recorded video sessions automatically start at the scheduled time, eliminating the need for manual intervention to initiate the session.

Session Tags:

Session tags empowered the client to attach labels to their sessions, enabling users to easily identify or filter sessions based on their interests among all the scheduled sessions in an event.


Airmeet provided the Media Conglomerate with a customized solution tailored to meet their specific event needs and requirements. 

From being able to host events in various formats and types to offering immersive engagement and networking experiences for attendees, they were successful in creating memorable event experiences, achieving event ratings as high as 4.5+ stars on a scale of 5.

With Airmeet’s real-time data and detailed analytics, the customer could evaluate their event performances and were well equipped to make informed, data-driven decisions to optimize future events. 

By harnessing Airmeet’s scalability, they significantly extended their global reach, attracting a higher number of event registrations, as well as enhancing attendee turnout.

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