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Nishchal Dua
• June 10, 2020
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Saturday Brainstorming Sessions
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Executive Summary is a unique online startup accelerator, which offers a step-by-step program guiding early-stage entrepreneurs on how to launch a startup the right way.
It boasts of a thriving community of entrepreneurs, startup enthusiasts & mentors, who ideate, collaborate and build together, to beat the massive odds that make a startup successful.

With this mission in mind, hosts “Brainstorm”, a weekly virtual networking event, where the community comes together to understand one fellow startup, pitch it from their perspective and offer support to the entrepreneur. The session is then opened up for networking and socialising, offering an opportunity to connect better.

The Challenge (and the Solution)

Ishwar Sundararaman, Founder of says, “As an online community who work together to make startups win, we were looking for an event format which offers valuable takeaways for everyone.

Hosting typical webinars or broadcasts, which support only one-way communication, would not have done justice in engaging people, nurturing the community and collaborating.

True to our motto, we wanted to create a brainstorm format that worked for the community as a whole, where everyone learns, contributes, connects and grows together.”

Challenge: All-for-one and One-for-all Event Format

The goal of the weekly brainstorming is to bring together the community for one startup pitch every week, where they put themselves in the shoes of the presenting startup for that one hour. The community gets to understand the pain points the startup is solving for, along with its offering, long & short term goals and challenges.

Once the context is set, and the understanding is clear, the community puts their heads together to come up with ideas to help that startup succeed. The objective of the format is to be very value-driven, community-centric and focused.


These requirements found a perfect match in Airmeet’s features –

  • Virtual Tables – the very crux of a brainstorming session is the ability for the community to break down into smaller groups & discuss/network amongst themselves. Using an online breakout room for this simple act can be a real big pain! But Airmeet’s social lounge makes this a breeze by giving an intuitive & user-friendly layout that allows participants to join or switch tables like a breeze.

  • Airmeet offers a seamless experience through Real-time HD streaming. It makes the experience productive and allows attendees to focus on the goals.

  • Easy-to-use, with no download requirement, ensures that the platform supports everyone and is device agnostic.

  • As an event host, Airmeet allows you to create a publicly listed event where people can sign up easily. It also allows the host to add speakers, in this case, the startup-in-focus, and offer assistance to the speaker by using the “go-to backstage” feature, in case needed.

  • Airmeet enables screen-sharing to allow presentations and product demos to make the sessions more immersive and engaging.

  • Give compliments & feedback via emojis during a live session as a way to encourage the startup & the entrepreneur.

  • Post the presentation; the brainstorming sessions open up for a Q&A to help understand the startup’s offerings better. Airmeet’s “Chatbox” and “Raise Hand” feature, allows participants to ask a question or join the stage to present instead, seamlessly.

  • Through Airmeet’s “Raise Hand” feature attendees can share ideas and provide value to help the startups achieve their goals. It allows community members to be live on the main stage, with their audio/video being broadcast to all the participants. It makes the collaboration and ideation phase of the brainstorming session a lot more powerful.

  • Unlimited session recordings allow the presenter to focus on conversations rather than jotting down points-to-remember.

  • Airmeet enables them to scale up from hundreds to thousands of attendees, with absolutely nothing to worry about.

    The overall experience of presentation, Q&A and ideation, gives the startup-in-focus a lot of different perspectives, helps navigate their way towards solutions and builds cohesiveness to bring the community closer together.

Challenge: Build an Engaged Community

The idea of the brainstorming event revolves around the aspect of community engagement. People feel most valued when they are heard, encouraged to share, make real connections and learn. The virtual meetup & networking platform should thus ensure that everybody’s voice is heard and the community is nurtured to ensure an engaged and thriving culture within the group.


To maximize benefits for the startup that is pitching, the community should be responsive and feel connected enough to offer feedback, advice and growth hacks. To support this, Airmeet helps build a strong community that mutually benefits, and their relationship lasts longer.

Engaging features like “Q&A” and “Raise Hand” ensure that the audience has an interactive experience, and their thoughts are heard. To ensure that is able to build a consistent audience, it allows them to sync the event with the calendar and improves the joining rate.

Most platforms allow only broadcast-style webinars where there is passive consumption of content. There is no interaction, no engagement. Airmeet allows what you would expect from a physical event to be possible in the virtual world (and more).

“Airmeet’s social lounge gives our members a platform where post the event they can meet other startups of interest, grow the network, find opportunities, and build awareness about their product.”

– Ishwar, Founder of

“Airmeet’s social lounge gives our members a platform where post the event they can meet other startups of interest, grow the network, find opportunities, and build awareness about their product.”​

Ishwar, Founder of Tweet

Challenge: Speed Networking

Speed networking at the end of the sessions should allow every member to introduce themselves and build authentic connections. Speed networking should empower the participants to control the pace & person they’re talking but also allow for serendipitous encounters.


Airmeet’s “social lounge” is an experience that allows participants to introduce themselves in a minute through video-conferencing with others on their own unique tables. Along with the ability to jump to a new table later. It is a powerful strategy to boost networking and connect better.

Ishwar said, “We have seen a lot of success on Airmeet. Airmeet’s goals perfectly align with ours. We were looking for a collaborative tool that fosters peer-to-peer learning and engagement.

Airmeet’s social lounge gives our members a platform where post the event they can meet other startups of interest, grow the network, find opportunities, and build awareness about their product.

Nearly 30% of the audience stays back for another hour to network among themselves. It was just what we had hoped to create, and leveraging Airmeet made it possible.” had tried a couple of other technology platforms to find the right balance between networking and learning as a community. With Airmeet’s core agenda being “building real connections” they found their answer. By default, when anyone joins an event, they are in a breakout room with visually accessible virtual social tables, which supports seamless conversations & switchings.

Airmeet’s ability to display participant profile details and name tags also helps in breaking the ice and building better connections.

Way Forward has been very regular with hosting their brainstorm sessions and has successfully hosted nine sessions over a very short period They have quickly scaled to build a community of nearly 3500+ entrepreneurs, & aspiring founder. Keeping in mind, when the community grows, the individual startup grows with it, and this is a great milestone.

Ishwar was very optimistic when he told us, “Being a startup incubator, offers three tracks that a startup can join – ‘Learn’, for aspiring founders, ‘Incubate’ for idea-stage founders and ‘Accelerate’ for MVP/ Product stage founders.

In the learning stage, we aim to help generate, research and evaluate startup ideas to set them on the right path.

To enable this learning phase, we are aiming to launch virtual workshops with Airmeet very shortly. These will be very result-oriented workshops where founders can solve the problem at hand. We are also looking to move to paid workshops where our community members will be able to learn from the masters of the craft or a panel of Experts.”

Virtual Events & Community Building Insights
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