‘Tenbound’ consistently exceeds event goals with 1000+ registrations & 20+ vendors, through life-like virtual conferences on Airmeet

Ishani Appaya
• August 5, 2021
Event Name:
The Tenbound Sales Development Conference
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Industry Segment:
Advisory, Research, & Events
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Founded in 2016, Tenbound is a research and advisory firm focused and dedicated to sales development performance improvement. Through cutting-edge research and sophisticated events, they offer practical consulting, training, and coaching programs for all levels of the sales development representative (SDR) teams.

Before starting Tenbound, David observed a subtle sales development trend in the tech industry. Especially in Silicon Valley, many tech companies started hiring and training SDR teams to boost their business. But there was no central knowledge or information base, or a community for this particular niche.

Explaining how the business works, David said, “Tenbound puts out a lot of content related to sales development through research papers, surveys, and most prominently through physical and virtual events. These include two major event categories: conferences and seminars. Conferences are the traditional large-scale day-long events with almost 500 people while the seminars are conducted privately for eight to ten people in small venues. We have advisory services for consulting, training, and helping sales development teams, but probably half of our business is based on running conference events.”

Transitioning from physical to virtual events

Before 2020, Tenbound had the leading live conference event on sales developments in San Francisco. It was an information-packed event that was more of a sales and vendor expo with almost 20 vendor tables at the entrance. They had a grand main stage for the keynotes and three breakout rooms where individual sessions were conducted. The entry was ticketed with multiple tiers. 

The seminars played a role in their ROls. If the seminars were public, they would have a ticketed entry while they also conducted private seminars for specific client SDR teams. 

“We did some virtual events on Zoom, mostly because of the client’s preferences, for webinars or lead generation activities. But these were very seldom.” David said about virtual events.

They always invested handsomely in hotel venues and catering for their live events. Now, they wanted to offer the same experience virtually to clients and prospects to be able to continue the events business profitably. 

When asked how he chanced upon Airmeet, David explained, “We had invested heavily in a platform that offered a great solution for in-person events. But unfortunately, they could not pivot to virtual to deliver what they had attempted. It led to a very bad event experience. I was shopping for other event providers online when I found Airmeet. I tried it once, and since then, the experience has been way beyond my expectations. I got lucky when I found Airmeet.”

Tenbound has hosted two large events on Airmeet. They were one-day events themed on leadership and SDR. The first event was a leadership conference for the leaders of SDR teams that aimed to get 500 attendees. To their surprise, they exceeded that target and got a 50% show-up, which was excellent for a free virtual event. They were very happy with the showup rate.

The second event focused on SDRs and the tactical skills they needed in today’s age. Here, the target was 1000 registrations, and they successfully achieved that target with a show-up rate of more than 50%!

Challenges (And Solutions)

Challenge: Having a platform that was easy to access, use, and run

Tenbound had a very strong reputation in the market for their live in-person events. It was really important that their clients continued the goodwill they had toward Tenbound even for the virtual events. David and his team wanted the platform’s user experience to be simple, so participants could easily access the conference. They could run it live and all the speakers, sponsors, and Tenbound employees could easily understand how it worked. And here’s why Airmeet was their best fit:

Browser-based, easy-to-use interface:

Conveying his first impression of Airmeet, David said, “Ultimately, it’s the stability and lightweight browser-based nature of Airmeet that was impressive. It’s fast, it’s easy to use, and you don’t have to learn anything to use it. That’s the feedback we got from the parties that it just works! Instead of focusing on the technology, you could focus on the content and on making a good event. The navigation was very simple to use.”

Challenge: Offering lucrative features for the sponsors & participants during the event

Tenbound sales development conferences attract high-level participants and sponsors, dedicated to driving more appointments, pipelines, and revenue through connections and sponsorships.

They wanted to offer a great sponsor experience with a good return on investment as they worked with Tenbound. The event was supposed to enable interactions with their targeted audience.

Elaborating on their platform requirements, David added saying, “It was also important that the participants gained some of the benefits they got by visiting the live event, which is interacting with their peers, making new connections, and potentially meeting more new people.”

Airmeet allowed Tenbound to impeccably replicate these live in-person event experiences through the following features:

Sponsor Placement:

Airmeet offered smart sponsor placement options for the event sponsors to display their products and services. They were happy with the engagement they received through their sponsor booths and showed interest in continuing their partnership with Tenbound.

Private & Public Chat:

The participants enthusiastically introduced themselves to all other participants on the public chat. It turned into a large-scale networking event with all attendees responding to public questions and continuing their conversations privately.

Other Loved Features:

Apart from the chat, live polls and invite-to-stage features played a significant role in boosting participant engagement during their conferences. The participants also appreciated the ‘raise hand’ option and emojis during sessions as it helped them better engage with the speakers.

Challenge: Having a platform that offers genuine solutions & support in the long run

Though Tenbound has a dedicated team for event management, they aren’t tech-savvy enough to keep digging for new technologies or swiftly solve technical issues that may occur during an event. Hence, David wanted a one-stop solution for all their event needs from the start. He wanted his team to spend more time presenting the event instead of managing it.

The Support Lounge:

Tenbound utilized Airmeet’s full-time tech support service for each of their event. The Airmeet team member guided them and the attendees through their technical queries and issues. David further explained, “We had a tech support person from Airmeet who would sit in each event and solve our problems instantly, it was very reassuring. We have a small team of three who work on the conference. But they aren’t tech people. So just having that person there is really important.”

Prompt Feature Roll-Outs:

Expressing their admiration towards Airmeet’s feature roll-outs, this is what David had to say, “I’m just so impressed with the feature rollouts and product development that’s happening in such a short time since working with Airmeet. They are listening to the customers and making changes accordingly. The people of Airmeet have been supportive, responsive, and so generous with their time, it’s wonderful to work with. They have heard us and really helped us as a small company in a very difficult time.”

“Both the events were very successful and the sponsors were very happy. But the best part is that I didn’t get any complaints and that’s what I like about Airmeet.”

Way Forward

Tenbound has plans to host physical events again in San Fransisco at the end of October. David declared that he didn’t want to use a different virtual platform, he wanted to stick with Airmeet and was particularly looking forward to using the Eventbrite integration. He further listed his plans saying, “Next year, we are planning three more virtual conferences and at least one in-person event. We still do the seminars virtually and are planning to do them on Airmeet.”

Describing Airmeet, he said, “It’s essentially trying to replicate the experience of the in-person conference in a digital setting. Instead of just another Zoom meeting with a bunch of people, it’s an interactive virtual conference experience where you can replicate the same experience you get by going to an in-person conference.”

He ended the conversation with a few words of gratitude towards Airmeet saying, “I really feel I got lucky. The technology works very well. The company is very responsive, and they have a lot of heart. They’re just really good people.”

Do you want to experience the same service, support, and quality that David received? Then book your demo with Airmeet without further delay.

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