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SFFNY raises awareness on cyber sexual abuse, hosts virtual event with 300+ attendees via Airmeet

• November 29, 2020
SFFNY uses Airmeet Too raise awareness
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Event Name:
Conference and Networking
Community Name:
Sanctuary for Families, New York
Industry Segment:
Service Providers

What is Sanctuary for Families

Sanctuary for Families is New York’s leading service provider and advocate for survivors of domestic violence, sex trafficking, and related forms of gender violence.

Jessica Morak, Staff Attorney at Sanctuary for Families, Campus Advocates Project, shares how Airmeet helped them pivot to virtual and attract 300+ attendees in their maiden event.

What was the event

The conference focused on online abuse and how it permeates every facet of our lives, especially in this new virtual world. SFFNY organised its first virtual conference with Airmeet. It was a full-day conference with multiple sessions and panelists, attended by over 300 people. 

What were they looking for

Jessica mentioned that SFFNY had always hosted physical events. They were concerned whether a virtual event would be anywhere close to an in-person event. They initially planned a webinar as they had inhibitions about a virtual conference with multiple panels.

They wanted multiple sessions with multiple panels for a diverse exchange of ideas. They were looking for a format that would facilitate breaks in-between where people could interact and mingle with each other.

They needed a platform that brought all the participants together in a meaningful way and connected attendees globally. They wanted something new, innovative, and interactive for the matrix that we were trying to achieve. 

Jessica Morak

Most loved features

Jessica said, “Social Lounge and Tables were great to stimulate a conversation. It acted as an icebreaker. Attendees felt that they were moving around among various tables, just like in a real-life event. The view was very professional with several booths named as TV shows and customised logos for the branded virtual tables.”

She said, “Airmeet allowed us to network and have meaningful dialogue with Live Support at all times. The onboarding experience with Airmeet was extremely smooth, with no issues related to signing up from anyone. Therefore, no troubleshooting was required, and everything went efficiently.”

The panelists could interact Backstage and hosts had the option to hide and unhide themselves. Everyone appreciated the reactions and Emojis shared during the event.

Jessica said, “For a virtual conference, being able to have a video chat with an attendee was a huge accomplishment of the conference, and not many platforms have this feature. Airmeet made the event successful with its intuitive platform that allowed 300+ participants to interact just like in a real conference.”

Way forward

Jessica said, “Airmeet is novel, innovative, loaded with multiple features and very convenient for not so tech-savvy individuals. Our inhibitions about virtual events were broken because Airmeet made the event feel real. Not sure what 2021 will unfold, but if it has to be a virtual event, it surely is going to be with Airmeet.”

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