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Airmeet powered India’s Largest FinTech Conference with 10,000+ attendees at Razorpay’s FTX 2021

Mukesh Kumar
• February 2, 2024
Company Name:
Industry Segment:
Financial services
Use Case:
Conference, Event-led Growth

About Company:

Razorpay is India’s first full-stack financial solutions company, aiming to revolutionize money management for online businesses by providing clean, developer-friendly APIs and hassle-free integration.

Razorpay has grown from being a payment gateway provider to a solutions-driven organization for 5,000,000+ businesses, boasting an extensive product suite to accept and disburse payments as well as raise capital and park money.

ROI / Benefits for the customer (numbers) Or Key Takeaways


The team at Razorpay was looking for a virtual event platform that provided 

  • Scalability to accommodate 10,000+ virtual attendees 
  • Ability to hold multiple sessions
  • Robust networking capabilities in place
  • Dedicated customer support.

After thoroughly exploring multiple virtual event platforms, Razorpay was impressed with Airmeet, its robust features, capabilities, and 24*7 customer support.


By leveraging Airmeet, Razorpay was able to accommodate over 10,000 attendees with ease. With over 50+ sessions for FTX 2021, the team at Razorpay successfully hosted multiple sessions seamlessly.

Airmeet’s advanced engagement features empowered Razorpay to incorporate various activities into their sessions, effectively boosting attendee engagement and involvement. 

Moreover, to provide constant assistance and consistent support, a dedicated account manager and support team were provided to guide the Razorpay team throughout the event, ensuring a seamless event experience for both organizers and attendees. 

Features loved/used:


Razorpay leveraged this feature to personalize the overall event outlook and tailor their event page as per their own specifications and branding requirements.

Pre-recorded Videos:

Razorpay used this feature to incorporate pre-recorded videos into their event sessions. This feature enabled the team to present pre-recorded videos as dedicated sessions throughout the event.

This configuration enabled attendees to have a one-on-one quick conversation with other attendees. The team at Razorpay leveraged this feature to encourage more interaction and different networking touchpoints for attendees to engage with. 

This feature allowed attendees to review sessions in case they missed any details or desired a thorough revisit for better comprehension, all at their convenience. 

Customer Support:

With Airmeet’s 24/7 customer support, Razorpay was able to get quick assistance and quickly resolve their issues. The consistent support and the dedicated account manager assisted the team throughout the event, ensuring smooth event execution. 


By utilizing Airmeet’s capabilities, Razorpay was able to host 50+ sessions for their flagship conference and engage their attendees with a set of diverse networking features. Airmeet’s dedicated customer support empowered the team at Razorpay to ensure a smooth and seamless event experience for their attendees. 

Positive ROI Impact: 

  • Razorpay hosted India’s Largest Fintech Conference successfully by leveraging Airmeet’s robust features 
  • Airmeet empowered the team at Razorpay to accommodate over 10,000 attendees 
  • Razorpay saw an increase in attendee engagement and involvement during-event with 60,000+ reactions and over 50% participating through session feed. 
  • Enhanced post-event engagement, with over 90% attendees watching session replays


Razorpay successfully accommodates a diverse audience, virtually enhancing and expanding their global reach. With Airmeet’s dynamic features and flexibility, the team at Razorpay was able to host multiple sessions, engage with their attendees through several networking points, assess real-time data, and more.  

Leveraging Airmeet’s capabilities, Razorpay seamlessly hosted FTX 2021 and successfully expanded their growth base. 

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