Grow your company,
one event at a time

Airmeet is changing the event experience game,
and we’re bringing startups along with us at a fraction of the price.

It pays to be scrappy

Check out the specifics to see what’s available to you.

Startups eligible for
up to 90% off year one

Raised funding up to
$5 million.

Associated with one of our approved VC, Incubator, or Accelerator partners.

Get 50% off in the second year and 25% in years three and four.

Startups eligible for
up to 50% off year one

Raised funding of over $5 million.

Have not raised Series B or beyond

Associated with one of our approved partner organizations

Get 25% off in years two, three, and four.

Startups eligible for
up to 30% off year one

Associated with one of our approved entrepreneurial organizations

Get 15% off ongoing

Meet our Partners

“Airmeet has greatly exceeded our expectations. It provides our attendees with an immersive, connected experience. And drives remarkable results for our business. We generated more than 40 meetings and $250,000 in pipeline from one of our events!”

Tyler Calder

Chief Marketing Officer

Why Airmeet, why now?

Airmeet is the leading virtual and hybrid event platform for building relationships,
growing trust, and increasing revenue through the power of connection. There’s
never been a better time to connect with people — no matter where you are.


Conduct as many events as you want,
without any pricing constraints. Oh,
and unlimited replays, too.


Don’t pay for registrations, only pay
for what actually matters — the
number of people who attend.

24x7 SUPPORT &

The only event platform out there
that provides live support and
services anytime you need them

Welcome to the Event-led
Growth revolution

Event-led Growth prioritizes connection-focused, attendee-first
experiences. It creates memorable experiences at each sales stage and
increases engagement with your business.

Join the world’s top brands in the event-led growth revolution

Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform

Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform

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