ONECelibre uses Airmeet to host India’s first-ever event for freelancers, by freelancers

• November 27, 2020
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Networking, Knowledge sharing and Interactions
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What is ONECelibre

ONECelibre is India’s first-ever event for freelancers by freelancers. They are looking to build a  thriving community for all freelancers, gig workers, and independent consultants to support them and help them find their footing, gain knowledge, and network with peers. 

Aishwarya Holla, Jasmeet Singh, and Diksha Sinha, all Event Production Managers at ONECelibre, share their unique experience of conducting their first-ever virtual event with Airmeet.

What was the event

ONECelibre was a half-day online event, with multiple sessions, led by renowned experts across various industries. Industry leaders offered a sneak peek into their journey, sharing rare insights while interacting with the audience. 300+ people attended the event.

What were they looking for

Aishwarya mentioned, “ The mission of ONECelibre was to create a platform for freelancers.

There were so many webinars, sessions, and other resources for so many other industries, but no platform for freelancing, which is such a growing industry in India.” The team wanted to provide their attendees with an experience that was as close to an in-person event as possible. Jasmeet said, “We wanted not just a webinar but a networking event where people can talk to each other and share their experiences.”

Most loved features

Diksha told us, “ When we asked our attendees what they liked about Airmeet post the event, the no.1feature was the Network Lounge area. It was like experiencing an actual event. A person wouldn’t have imagined a virtual event like this where they can go to tables and switch tables.”

They were able to run various Contests to engage with the audience. “We were very happy to see so many people participating, engaging, and winning hampers.”

Airmeet’s Ease of Use was much appreciated. The team also mentioned that when the speakers were given a demo, they were able to navigate the platform easily. The intuitive platform design facilitates smooth functioning without multiple test runs.

The Moderated Chat section, the Speed Networking, the Live Streaming feature, and the Q&A helped ONECelibre create a deeply interactive and memorable event.

Airmeet Impact

The seven-hour-long event had over 300 attendees across India registering for the event to access an extraordinary lineup of value-driven content shared by 10 speakers. With attendees loving the social lounge and emoji feature, the event witnessed an engagement rate of 960.  

Way forward

ONECelibre is planning to organize a second event next year. ONECelibre 2.0 is scheduled for the first quarter of 2021. The team wants to make it even bigger this time. Other than the ONEcelibre event, they also have some short webinars planned.

Aishwarya says, “Since Airmeet is introducing so many new features, we’re planning to revolve our event in such a way that we can incorporate all those features.”

Find out how you can leverage Airmeet for your next event by signing-up here

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