New Black leverages Airmeet to host virtual conference with high conversion rate

• January 19, 2021
New Black leverages
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New Black
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What is New Black?

New Black is a startup that is leveraging technology to disrupt the retail world. Along with partners like Apple and Deloitte, they are working together to make Unified Commerce a reality for customer-focused retailers. In-short, New Black is helping retailers to adapt to change.  

New Black recently hosted a half-day conference with Airmeet. Their Chief Compliance Officer Pim Vijftigschild, shares how they pulled off a successful event with Airmeet.

New Black’s event turnout ratio increased significantly by 167% with Airmeet.

What was the event

New Black hosted a conference for their partners and associates. It included many industry leaders like VPs and C-level executives. Pim said that almost 80% of their invitees attended this event, whereas their conversion in physical events was usually around 30%. So, New Black was indeed happy with the turnout.

Pim also added that they have been hosting thought-leadership events as a part of their marketing effort, including round table conferences and engaging events with smaller groups.

New Black was looking for an innovative and engaging platform to hold their conference.

They wanted to host a structured event with a virtual space for their participants to interact. New Black wanted to invite a few industry leaders as speakers, so the platform should support multiple speakers. Another must-have feature was an easy to navigate interface.

Pim came across Airmeet while he was researching for event hosting sites. He said, “ I connected with Airmeet, and the support was exceptional. I was also told we could do a mock event and then sign up for the real event.” Following positive reviews from his team after a mock event, Pim signed up with Airmeet for the actual event.

Pim Vijftigschild

Most loved features

New Black hosted their online conference via Airmeet, where most attendees stayed until the end of the five-hour event. When asked about the most like features of Airmeet, Pim stated quite a few.

He first said that the registration process was simple, which could also be the reason for high conversion from invitees to attendees. Secondly, he said that since Airmeet required no-download, all their invitees found it easy to use. He appreciated the conference-room, social lounge, and features such as backstage too.

A special mention was given to Social Lounge because all the invited leaders could interact and communicate. Pim added that the quality of the video was excellent, and they faced zero glitches. Pim also liked the fact that sponsors could be given their space and visibility on Airmeet.

Pim was appreciative that Airmeet had a freemium model, which was favorable for organizations of all sizes and encouraged them to explore the platform.

Last but not least, Pim applauded the support that New Black received from the Airmeet team. He said, “the support was outstanding. We at New Black have taken a lesson or two from Airmeet on how we can improve our support systems.”

Way forward

New Black has launched a learning platform for its partners, which is supported by Airmeet.

They plan to host small events regularly very soon. These include Q&A, panel discussions, and round tables. Their long-term goal is to host hybrid events that combine physical and virtual events. New Black is looking at Airmeet as an enduring partner in these future events. 

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