‘’ a budding tech community, charts its growth journey using Airmeet

Ishani Appaya
• July 15, 2021
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Multiple networking events
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Community building

About is a local community for tech developers and companies in Porto, Portugal. The community was started by two individuals Nelson Sachse and Goncalo Lobo. Nelson and Goncalo, both techies, work with the same organization (Glazed Elite Developers) in different capacities. While Nelson is the head of Strategy, Goncalo is a full-stack engineer.

Talking about the genesis of the community, Nelson said, “Matosinhos in Portugal is a booming hub for successful tech businesses. Companies like Sage, Revolut, and Cocus have all invested in the region. But, the area also has smaller companies and people doing some phenomenal work in technology. We knew about the tech giants as techies, but we didn’t know much about the companies next door. We didn’t know what kind of tech development they do or who works there! We wanted a community for people, projects, and companies.” 

Goncalo added, “Our community is a platform to promote the vast technological expertise in our place. We allow people, projects, and companies to talk about the solutions they create and how they do it. We wanted to create a space for sharing and networking. With this concept, we started hosting events. Before we knew it, the community got attention, and it grew!” is an online community and has hosted all their events using Airmeet social webinar platform. The case study details how the community hosted its events. It also talks about their challenges and the solutions that Airmeet provided. 

Nelson Sachse

Challenges (And Solutions)

Challenge: To host events on a world-class platform

When we first spoke to Nelson and Goncalo, was a two-event old community. The number of members in the community started between 30-50. Nelson says, “Our community is growing. Portuguese nationals working in other countries are also participating in the community event. We didn’t expect that the community would have this kind of glocal reach in such a short time.”

Talking about how they found Airmeet, Nelson said, “While we were researching event hosting platforms, we came across Airmeet. I told Goncalo that Airmeet is hands-down the prettiest one. The aesthetics and ease of use and setup are great.” He went on to say, “Airmeet was being talked about and was being mentioned in the news. We knew a lot of good things were happening on the platform. Hence we signed up for a demo, and after playing around a bit, we knew that this was the right platform for us.”

Ease of Use: Nelson and Goncalo wanted a platform that was easy to set up and use. Both of them didn’t want to spend too much time setting up the event or explaining how to navigate through it. Airmeet fit that requirement and easily became their choice.

Economy: Airmeet still has a free version for upto 100 attendees. being a new community, started with the free plan before scaling up to an annual subscription. This was because at the start they had not yet sought sponsors to support their event. Airmeet’s free version offered them all the features that they were looking for. Nelson said, “For our first event, we had 25 attendees. The second one saw 77 registrations. We were glad Airmeet allowed upto 100 attendees in the free version because we didn’t expect so many registrations as well!”

Nelson also said, “We are a new, self-supporting community. Currently, we do not charge for any of our events. So, we wanted a platform that gave us world-class quality, was easy to set up and use, and didn’t charge for small events! Airmeet social webinar plan was most suitable and matched our requirements!”

Having experienced the seamless event delivery and experience, and with their community expanding so rapidly was confident to scale up to an annual subscription plan to continue on their mission.

Challenge: To allow attendees to network and interact’s events usually run for a couple of hours. Goncalo said, “We typically have two speakers talking about their work. Each speaker session is for about 20 minutes, with a 15-minute break in between. That is followed by networking. In our industry, people like to talk and network with each other. Networking not only helps us know more about people and projects, but it also helps businesses grow.”

They achieved this by using Airmeet’s social webinar features

Social Lounge: In the events, tables are branded and labeled so attendees can gather and interact with each other. Typically the companies who presented that day have a table so people who want to know more about their work can meet them there. Apart from this, there are also tables where people discuss the presentation, about their work and generally meet and share.

Goncalo said, “In our first event, we had people spending an extra hour networking and having animated discussions about technology. They were really engaged and enjoyed the platform. So this feature of the  tables is a big advantage for us, and we use it to the maximum.”

Backstage: Nelson said, “Having organized many online events, I know how important it is to have those few minutes with the speaker before their session starts. We are able to do run-throughs, communicate any last-minute changes and a short talk just relaxes the speakers. The one-on-ones really help to build enthusiasm, and hence we really appreciate this feature.”

Video recordings: Goncalo said that the video recordings that Airmeet provides them with are very helpful. These videos help in showcasing the event and sharing an overview of the event on various social networks.

Emojis and chat: Nelson said, “The emojis feature is very helpful when the presentation is going on. It helps us understand what people like and what they relate to. It allows someone who might be shy to participate easily. Likewise, the chatbox is a well-used feature. People in our industry talk a lot. We realize that we have a lot to share. Our attendees love the chat feature.”

Post-event analysis: Nelson felt that the post-event analytics that Airmeet provided was very insightful. Knowing how long the audience stayed for which sessions, the types of interactive features used, the number of attendees in a booth, the ratio of registration vs. actual attendees, the kind of interaction, etc. information like this helped them in understanding the finer points of their events and in planning better ones in the future.

All in all the features mentioned above have helped to host engaging and meaningful events.

Nelson summarized and said, “Our mission was to showcase the tech world around us. We wanted that with the minimum effort. We should be a platform for people to share how they use technology in their workplace.” He further said, “We felt that if we could get at least five people to get together and have meaningful discussions, our mission would meet its purpose. Thanks to Airmeet, we are in the right direction to fulfill this mission. Our members are learning, spotting new opportunities, and have also created meaningful partnerships.”

Future Events

When asked about future events, Nelson said, “We are taking it one event at a time. Right now, our focus is on the next event where a few Portuguese CTOs (working across the globe) will be talking about their journey. In our second event, we went from one coast to another. We didn’t expect this kind of reach. Very often, communities reach this kind of growth after 7-10 events. The fact that there is so much interest and participation shows an appetite for our kind of community. We would like to explore the possibility of a hybrid event. ”

Goncalo added, “Our plan includes hosting bigger events with sponsors. With sponsors, we will also be able to upgrade and host better events. But we will take it slowly and reach there one day.”

Airmeet is the right platform for communities to grow, interact and connect. If you would like to hold similar events for your community, reach out to us for a demo

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