Inblox uses Airmeet: Seamlessly hosts online roundtable discussion series

• July 27, 2020
Event Name:
Chainbusters: A global roundtable discussion series and blockchain eWeekend
Community Name:
Inblox Network
Industry Segment:
Event Attendees:

Executive summary

Inblox is a financial technology company that won a lot of accolades for upgrading MoneyLoji app(300k+ users), building InbloxMe, and working on leading blockchain projects. 

Inblox is focused on building an ecosystem to bridge the gap between service providers and the community of emerging technologies by creating inroads for mutually rewarding collaborations. 

Inblox is building that ecosystem with the right set of tools and services to help the community discover the endless potential of the decentralised world of blockchain, crypto/digital currency, and emerging technologies.

The ecosystem of Inblox empowers the community for their self-development, knowledge enhancement, collaboration, participation, jobs, projects and more with support from service providers.

At Inblox Events, one of the verticals at Inblox, they organise regular meet-ups, masterclasses, night events, mega-events and startup accelerators on the advanced technology to help build the blockchain ecosystem in India and South East Asia.

Since 2018 they have hosted more than 100 events for their community. Their events are known to be pedagogic, driven by the community, with a well-defined narrative and focus on networking.

Two key events that they now weekly present on Airmeet are Blockchain eWeekend and Chainbusters.

Here is a journey of how they have successfully hosted more than 25 events on Airmeet in less than four months.

Challenges (and solutions)

Abhimanyu Kashyap, Founder & CEO, Inblox Network, mentioned that they’d been using Zoom Pro to host their events since the pandemic hit the world. But then the security concerns emerged and they felt the need to look out for a more secure platform. He further stated, “We needed a platform where we could easily pivot to virtual while following the same event format and style as our physical events. When we read about Airmeet, and that the company had raised funding and was upgrading its technology, we decided to give it a try. And we must say that it is the best thing that happened to us in these times.”

Challenge 1: WebRTC-based secure architecture

Abhimanyu mentioned that they were looking for an event platform that is focused on data privacy and security. Also, they didn’t want their participants to have to download a software on their devices just to attend an event. 


They found Airmeet as a one-stop solution to their demand. How? Well, Airmeet follows the best industry standards in terms of data protection, security and privacy of your events by implementing several protocols and features.

Your meetings and participants’ data are safe from being snooped-in or leaked. It was one of the primary factors that led to Inblox adopting Airmeet.

  • WebRTC powered technology: A breakthrough technology, WebRTC is a real-time communications protocol that enables video chat over the web without malicious plug-ins or downloads.

    This simply means that you can join and host an event right from your browser, without having to download anything. It supports all modern browsers without any drop in quality.

  • End-to-end encryption (E2EE): Airmeet provides the highest level of security by implementing E2EE  that ensures all your meetings and chats are encrypted and the data remains safe.

  • GDPR compliance for data security: The global gold standard in data protection, Airmeet is GDPR compliant to ensure that your personal data collection and storage is highly secure. 
  • Privacy protection: Airmeet only saves a minimum amount of information as a part of your account profile.
  • Chat moderation: To prevent unwanted posts and spams, chats are moderated by the host/speakers.
  • Secure cloud storage: Airmeet offers unlimited session recordings that are stored on the cloud for maximum security.

Challenge 2: Pivoting to virtual with roundtable discussion events and learning sessions

Chainbusters is a unique, global, roundtable discussion series conducted on the subjects of crypto and blockchain. It offers learning from industry thought leaders, brainstorming ideas and connecting with fellow enthusiasts and industry experts.

Since Inblox was keen on retaining their existing format of the event, they needed a platform which enabled a roundtable discussion among a panel of speakers.

The Blockchain eWeekend is Inblox’s flagship event, which was earlier being conducted physically in different cities but later on switched to hosting online since the pandemic swept the world. With this, their community found a reliable platform which facilitated their networking with industry leaders and proponents.


Abhimanyu informed that in their Blockchain e-Weekend virtual meet-ups, they invite their audience to join them and listen to their experts, speakers, and panellists while they present their views on a theme they’ve chosen for the week. 

“The audience also gets a chance to ask a question and interact directly with the speaker. Learning and networking are one of the major tools to succeed, and that’s what we are providing through Inblox events,” he further added. 

These requirements were easy to implement with Airmeet through its rich feature set, and structure:

  • Airmeet sessions enable knowledge sharing sessions, like Blockchain eWeekend learning sessions to be hosted seamlessly. Its HD quality, no-lag, live-streaming sessions offer a great experience to the audience. It is effortless to host and join meetings on Airmeet.

    You can also host multiple sessions in one event or host a panel in a single session or simply host one speaker per session. There are no time restrictions for one session, so you do not need to worry about time running out. Airmeet also offers unlimited session recording so that you can share it post your event and extend the reach.  

  • Training and 24/7 Support: Airmeet boasts of an extremely responsive technical support team for a demo, on-boarding, training and offering any assistance required during the event. You can easily reach out to the Airmeet support team for setup and dry runs with your speakers, and we make every effort to drive success.
  • Speaker Panel: Airmeet allows up to 16 speakers to present in a single session. The audience can see all the experts parallelly, and speakers can even share their screen to present better. This feature allowed the Inblox team to host panel discussion conveniently in the Chainbusters event.
  • Boost Engagement: Inblox was able to boost the engagement level of their audience through Q&A and Raise Hand features that allow the audience to interact directly with the speaker, share their opinion and ask questions.

    Q&A enables a participant to send their question as a text message while the Raise Hand feature allows the participant to share their live webcam feed alongside the speakers’ and converse as if they are on the stage. Airmeet also enables you to express your reaction via emojis and drive engagement.

    Another feature that helped them increase excitement around the event, and gather honest feedback from the audience, was Poll. Conducting polls can help you gather audience insights that would otherwise cost a lot of time, money, and effort if you did primary audience research elsewhere.

"We are thrilled with the way Airmeet has enabled us to retain our event structure and to host nearly 25 events in under four months."

–Abhimanyu Kashyap, Founder & CEO, Inblox Network

“We are thrilled with the way Airmeet has enabled us to retain our event structure and enabled us to host nearly 25 events in under four months.”

Challenge 3: Networking

The second primary goal of their event was networking in order to meet the event goal — “meet, network and grow”. Keeping this goal in mind, networking capabilities became one of the essential event technology features that Inblox was looking for. 


Networking and real connections are the architectural pillars of Airmeet. 

  • Social Lounge: This virtual tables feature allowed participants to network during break time. It enabled attendees to get on a mini video-conference with co-attendees on the same table and connect better. Inblox event attendees could network with other enthusiasts as well as industry champions looking to hire for their blockchain projects.

    Since Airmeet’s Social Lounge is highly customisable, you can edit the name of the event, table names, the number of chairs on the table and also include branding logos if you are looking for sponsor recognition. 

  • Contact Cards: Similar to their physical event, Airmeet allows attendees to exchange virtual business cards with others and leverage the benefits of this age-old networking technique.

Way forward

Inblox’s progression from physical to online events was seamless because of Airmeet’s design and community-centric approach. Since March, when they first started using Airmeet, the platform has released frequent upgrades to offer a lot of advanced features. Abhimanyu mentioned that, “We are thrilled with the way Airmeet has enabled us to retain our event structure and enabled us to host nearly 25 events in under four months. 

In the quarter starting from July 2020, we plan to host one mega-event expecting at least 7000 participants from around the world. In the small-scale category, we are looking to host 36 events on Airmeet, including Chainbusters and Blockchain eWeekend. We are also planning to host our 30-day masterclass, an open education initiative with industry experts on Airmeet shortly.”

The Inblox events have an ambitious calendar planned with Airmeet, and so can you! Schedule a demo today.

Virtual Events & Community Building Insights
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Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

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