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Future-Now clients experience the future of online events via Airmeet

• July 30, 2020
Future Now
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Executive summary

Future-Now is a Hungarian boutique consultancy firm that helps SMEs digitise themselves and innovate. As per the dynamics of digitising trends, they believe that digital transformation is not a goal but a tool. For this, they help companies build flexible teams that are open to dynamics, development and cooperation — all the while preparing them to face the future.

They provide solutions and training to various companies, allowing them to reflect on global trends and adapt accordingly. Before the pandemic hit, Future-Now conducted physical events of different scales on client premises which were quite knowledgeable.

Post the COVID outbreak, they quickly realised that they had to move online and also that they couldn’t do it alone. They needed to find out the tools available and the line of difference between the online and offline audience.

Future-Now tried a few different tools in the market and after careful analysis, they recommended Airmeet to their clients for various types of events. Here’s looking at how Airmeet has helped Future-Now achieve goals for its clients.

Challenges (and solutions)

Laszlo Szemelyi, Partner, Future-Now mentioned that they are supporting their clients as they pivot to online events. He said,“There is a wide variety of tools around. Future-now likes to try new things, but that’s not always the case with our clients. We try to encourage them but we cannot persuade them. Another essential thing to consider is what do you want from an event, what do you want to happen during an event, and what outcome do you want for yourself as well as the attendees.”

When choosing an online partner, you have to see what works best for you. It’s not just the features but also the kind of service and support you get that can help you make the right choice.

Laszlo Szemelyi

Challenge 1: Versatility in hosting different type of events

Each event has different goals and requirements. The platform should be able to support each of these goals and requirements with ease and must provide extensive features to enhance them. Future-Now has helped clients host a variety of events, including training sessions, branding events, a critical online election event and even hackathons.


  • Multi-functionality: Airmeet is a highly versatile platform that enables you to host events of any size and for different purposes. Some of the prominent event types include
        – Hybrid Fairs and Trade Shows
        – Product Launch and Company Town Halls
        – Training and Workshops
        – Conferences
        – Networking Events
  • Superior quality and scalability: Airmeet events can support tens of thousands of attendees concurrently, without compromising in quality. HD quality, real-time lag-free streaming ensures the best viewing experience.
  • Supports multi-speaker sessions: Airmeet allows you to host multiple sessions and up to 16 speakers in a session so you can host panel discussions, fireside chats, and other similar events.

Challenge 2: Need for a safe and easy to use platform

The security of an event is a major aspect to consider irrespective of the type of event you’re hosting. Case in point for Future-Now was a non-profit professional organisation that needed to elect their new leadership. 

The election was crucial, but during COVID times it was uncertain if they could do this in person, in time, so they shifted to conduct it online. It was a unique situation, and the company knew they had to outsource the event so nobody would question the outcome of the election.


Airmeet allowed them to have a good online process for the election, which was streamed live and counted electronically. This was made possible by Airmeet’s thoughtfully designed features.

  • Robust security and privacy feature protects your data and attendees. Airmeet’s end-to-end data encryption, GDPR compliance for data security, guest authentication, and moderated chats ensure that events are private and protected.
  • Create public or private events depending on whether you want to host a closed group or an open-for-all event so you can reach a wider audience.
  • Ease-of-use is guaranteed as Airmeet works in all modern browsers without any need for downloads. The registration process is quick, making it simple to start and join events.
  • According to Laszlo, one of the key areas that matter for Future-Now is the recording of the event. With Airmeet’s unlimited built-in session recording, you can create value and repurpose the content.
Future Now Hackathon

Challenge 3: Creating an interactive hackathon event, with a life-like experience

Various reaction buttons for enhancing the user experience during the live sessions was something that enthralled Laszlo about Airmeet.  

A successful event is when the desired outcomes for both organisers and attendees are aligned. The event could be for branding, lead generation or monetisation and the takeaways for attendees could be acquiring knowledge or simply networking. 

Laszlo talked about an interesting event they helped host on Airmeet — a hackathon. He said, “What they wanted was something that Airmeet provides well – the ability to have presentations to explain guidelines and the way that the jury will judge your work etc. first and then allowing you to split into different groups or to work alone. It is a complex situation, and in these kinds of events, Airmeet shines because it has everything required to handle each type of situation, and it provides some opportunities for fun.”


You can make the most of the hackathon organized on Airmeet and it gives an ideal experience to the participants. A host can have presentations, in the beginning, to introduce the concepts to participants who can then break out into smaller rooms/virtual tables.

Hosts can have ad-hoc mentorship sessions with people. Eventually, they can invite teams to come on stage one-by-one to present their work or project. Airmeet lets you have an extremely interactive event with the following features.

  • Virtual Tables: Connect with co-attendees through the social lounge feature with virtual tables. Attendees on the same table can join in a private video conference. Virtual tables can also be numbered or branded and customised as per your requirements.
  • Reactions: Airmeet’s thumbs-up, clap, heart, ideation bulb and lots of other emojis make cheering and reactions possible in the online world.
  • Chat: Airmeet offers a public and private chat box to boost uninterrupted communication.
  • Q&A: A separate window, Q&A lets participants ask questions easily. Questions can be upvoted and sorted by popularity.
  • Polls: These let you gather some insightful feedback from the audience or can be used to improve engagement.

"Airmeet is one of the best tools on the market, and the cooperation between the Airmeet team and the Future-Now team was extremely beneficial to both of us."

–Laszlo Szemelyi, Partner, Future-Now

“Airmeet is one of the best tools on the market, and the cooperation between the Airmeet team and the Future-now team was very beneficial to both of us.”

Way forward

Laszlo mentioned that for the local market they want to introduce the option of a hybrid event with both presentations and networking. They can share the latest updates from Airmeet providing archer experience for clients.

The overwhelming part is that Laszlo would like to have different use cases and try Airmeet for various types of events to see if one platform can help them meet various challenges and scenarios. He mentioned: “I’m really curious about how Airmeet will stand with these different types of setups. I want to thank you because you’re a very flexible team and open to all these discussions. It’s very dynamic, and you can work and think together with your provider.”

Still unsure if Airmeet can help meet your online event requirement? Schedule a demo and check for yourself.

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