Town Hall and Master Class series

EngineerBabu Amplifies Outreach and Engagement Securely via Airmeet

Nishchal Dua
• May 21, 2020
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Use Case:
Town Hall
Event Name:
Master Class by Mentors
Community Name:
Industry Segment:
IT Service
Event Attendees:

Executive Summary

EngineerBabu is a leading IT service company offering product design and development, among other services. They have serviced over 25,000 brands, including Uber, Yamaha, Samsung, BankOpen and YourStory.

Located in Indore, they were looking for ways to reach a wider audience with their events and generate quality leads. And when the pandemic led to lockdown, they decided it was time to adopt an online event platform.

The Challenge (and the Solution)

Aakanksha Sadekar, Sales and Marketing Head, EngineerBabu, told us that, “We were looking around to find an elegant video conferencing solution to engage our in-house team as well as our community. We tried Zoom, UberConference, and Whereby, to name a few. 

We soon realized that it was Monday, and the coming Saturday was a corporate Town Hall, ‘Learning Saturday’. As per our company principles, once a month, we host this team building event to learn and connect. We needed a solution that we could quickly take on, and when we heard good reviews about Airmeet on LinkedIn, we decided to try it out.

Challenge 1: Quickly adopting a secure and cost-effective solution

For their upcoming corporate town hall, EngineerBabu’s primary requirement was to adopt a secure platform that did not compromise their team’s data. People should feel safe while registering and signing-in to the event.

Solution: Aakanksha told us that after an initial demo of the product, they were ready to introduce it to the team and put it to a real test.

Airmeet served as the right fit with multiple security features like end-to-end encryption, no dubious installer, guest authentication during sign-in, and cloud storage. The team had a flawless experience with easy onboarding, intuitive design, and excellent support throughout the entire life cycle.

Being a startup, EngineerBabu strives to maximize its cost savings. Airmeet offers the ability to host non-ticketed events for free.

With an event of 100+ attendees, most platforms either do not support such numbers or offer expensive enterprise plans. But with Airmeet, this was an easy win, as it can support 1000s of concurrent attendees and 16 live speakers.

Aakanksha shared that when they looked at Zoom as an option, they realized that Zoom is not a very cost-effective solution for a startup looking to reach a broad audience. Also, since the Government Advisory flagging Zoom as unsafe and vulnerable to cyber attacks, they decided to consider alternatives.

Challenge 2: Engagement

Airmeet fared well on their first challenge, but the next step was to engage the attendees. EngineerBabu needed a platform with interactive learning and a gamified experience to promote real connection.

Solution: With the Airmeet Town Hall, they first shared what exciting work has been done within individual teams, followed by fun activity with a game of tambola. A person would “Raise Hand” to claim a prize and share the stage with their live feed.

Members could chat using the “Group Chat” feature while the team meeting was in progress. The entire event left the team exhilarated as it was an energy-filled seven hour-marathon event, and even while being apart due to the lockdown, they felt united as a team.

Since apps like PayTM don’t work with Zoom, so tambola payments would have been challenging to manage. Certain apps like Uber Conference also restrict the number of attendees to a small team size and would not have worked for them.

Challenge 3: Outreach limited to local guests

After the successful first event, Airmeet opened its doors to bigger plans for EngineerBabu. To improve their reach and establish themselves as industry thought-leaders, they decided to plan a more significant virtual event series with “Master Class with Mentors“.

The masterclass aims for mentors to share their learnings and views. However, the problem with planning such events in the physical world is two-fold — first, seeking mentorship in a tier-2 city is difficult and second, with a great speaker you want to offer the benefits to a broader audience.

Solution: Let’s just say that the virtual event hosted on Airmeet helped kill two birds with one stone. It allowed EngineerBabu to reach a global audience without geographical barriers. It offered valuable content and learnings that have long-term residual value as the session recordings can be shared and promoted repeatedly.

For their part-1 of the “Master Class” webinar series, they invited Dr Ritesh Malik — Founder of Innov8, a great speaker, and mentor. The Masterclass drew a massive turnout with 370+ registrations with a global audience from the UK, Philippines, South Africa, and other parts of the world, including people from the remote cities of India attending the session.”

“With real events, it is tough to achieve such a turnout. We only had a short time for creating and marketing the event. And to be able to churn such a global audience was thrilling. ”

– Aakanksha

“With real events, it is tough to achieve such a turnout. We only had a short time for creating and marketing the event. And to be able to churn such a global audience was thrilling.”​

Most Liked Feature

Aakanksha was quick to choose the “Raise Hand” feature, using which, as an attendee, you can interact and ask questions to the speaker or the host. The host controls the mic handover. When the host accepts your permission to “Raise Hand”, you will go live on the main stage, and you will be heard and seen by all the attendees. This experience is much like an in-person event.

Once done, you can return the mic and “Leave the Stage”. This feature helps maintain the focus on the speakers, avoids distractions, and allows the audience to interact with the speakers.

Additionally, the EngineerBabu team used the “Chat” feature quite extensively. Aakanksha said, “Group Chat is a very aesthetically designed feature, where people interact with each other without disturbing the speaker or the whole event.

Way Forward

EngineerBabu is looking to invite some awe-inspiring speakers and conduct events at a much larger scale to promote learning and establish itself as a thought leader in the industry. They are also looking to host ticketed events with Airmeet, where they can invite more speakers and mentors easily and see a greater registrant-to-attendee ratio. 

Contact us now to understand how Airmeet can help you with your next virtual event!

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moses sati
moses sati
2 months ago

I am in Zimbabwe, I am a Humanities Tutor. Due to the strict Level 4 lockdown restrictions, I am stuck in one place at my school, so that I can parcel out e-lessons using Microsoft teams. The same way online reviews compare competitior products, what comparisons would you make you sway me towards you product. I have plans to set up my own academic online school so I am in need of this information to kill two birds with one stone!

2 months ago
Reply to  moses sati

Hello Moses, sorry to hear about your situation and hope things get better soon. We will be more than happy to guide you with the product and how best you can take advantage of it. Request you to drop us a mail at [email protected] and we will connect you with our team of experts.

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