EdBrand hosts college fair with over 50 international universities via Airmeet

• November 29, 2020
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College Fair
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College Fair

What is EdBrand

EdBrand is a two-decade-old counseling and advising firm helping high school students identify right-fit colleges. With offices across Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Jakarta-Indonesia, they would offer one-on-one counselling services for aspiring students and also invite admissions directors from various universities to their offices. 

Arjun Seth, Founder and CEO of EdBrand Consulting, sheds light on how EdBrand successfully hosted a virtual career fair with Airmeet.

What was the event

Post the pandemic, EdBrand had to pivot from a completely brick and mortar office space to a 100% virtual environment. They hosted a tremendous virtual college fair on Airmeet, with students participating from 73 different Indian cities and over 50 international universities. In the next fair, there were students from close to 100 cities.

Eventually, people from some other countries in Central Asia, South Asia, Africa, also heard about the fair organically and joined in. 

What were they looking for

EdBrand was looking to use a virtual platform to host their college fairs, where they could have substantial student-college interactions, which were as close as possible to a one-to-one meeting or a small group discussion. 

They evaluated various platforms and started planning an event with one of them, but that turned out to be unsuccessful. Arjun explained that their experience with another platform was harrowing because it over promised and under delivered. There were too many glitches to continue on that platform.

Just one week before the event, they reached out to Airmeet for help. “Within six days, we had to change everything, and thanks to the support of Airmeet, we were able to do our first virtual event extremely successfully,” said Arjun.

Arjun Seth

Most loved features

Versatile format and huge capacity:  The bulk of EdBrand’s event happened in the social lounge. They laid out the lounge such that students could find the universities easily.

The virtual tables were arranged alphabetically, and the Airmeet team advised them to have Help desks to guide students.

Ease of use: Arjun shared the feedback EdBrand received from the majority of admissions offices. “They had used so many different platforms all over the world from Hopin to vFairs but were not satisfied. They found that every session with Airmeet was exceptionally intuitive and extremely close to a real-life experience.”

Universities were able to have one-on-one interactions with students and present to groups, all using the same link. The students didn’t have to follow any complicated instructions or go to any rooms. They simply clicked on a table and started having conversations in the social lounge.

Exceptional support: The Airmeet team assisted EdBrand every step of the way. Airmeet offered quick onboarding and multiple dry runs with fantastic and timely responses.

Future events powered by Airmeet

EdBrand is planning a college fair in a different format, with varied targeting to include Indian universities as well. 

They have changed their physical office into a virtual office, meeting students on the platform. 

That also offers students some social interaction like in a virtual cafe.

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