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Digital Event Agency ‘Revhost’ uses Airmeet to host versatile global events

Ishani Appaya
• September 19, 2021
Digital Event Agency - Revhost on Airmeet
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Multiple Events
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Digital Events / Digital event agency
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Conferences, Virtual Meetings, Networking Events, Competitions

Executive Summary

Oneiroi Investment, co-founded by Theo Pistorius, is a holding company and has multiple verticals in learning management, education, investment, and digital event hosting and management. They are based in South Africa and run their events under their Digital Event Agency Revhost.

Revhost began operations in 2018 with the core purpose of making digital events accessible to people. They gradually moved a lot of their operations to virtual and leveraged the potential of being a digital company, attaining their first big client, Netflix. Regarding their event, Theo mentioned, “We did an online event for Netflix on a different platform, and it was a challenge for us to conduct it. We were very unhappy with that experience and began looking for other meeting and conference platforms.”

As they explored other platforms, Theo shared, “We made a list of all the platforms out there and chanced upon Airmeet. We looked at it, tested it, and found that it was way ahead of the other platforms. We chose to go with Airmeet and have never looked back since.”

Theo describes his journey on Airmeet and how the platform and its features matched requirements every step of the way, delivering excellence every time. Revhost was able to host extremely diverse and intriguing events via Airmeet which cast itself into a unique solution for every event type. Some interesting events Revhost hosted included those for:

– CDEI (a South American educational organisation)
– HWH (a community entrepreneurship, education and health platform)
– The South African Moringa Growers Association
– Pennine Energy Innovation (a sanitation business in South Africa)
– Global Vision
– Investment round-tables and pitching platforms
– National Karate Championships

Challenges (and Solutions)

Theo shared, “Our clients, especially the ones that are not so tech-savvy, once they get used to platform technology, they stick to it. It was Zoom with all its limitations for most of them, which was what we started them off with. We slowly and systematically began moving them to Airmeet for their digital events.”

Challenge 1 : Find a digital event platform that allowed Revhost to host customized global multipurpose events.

Theo hosted a variety of events on Airmeet. There were many conferences and networking events and some unique and interesting ones like church services and the SA national karate championships. Airmeet features that created a memorable experience included-

Social Lounge:
Theo mentioned how distinctively they used the social lounge, particularly in one event. He said, “We ran a very interesting event on Airmeet- the South African National Karate Championship. We didn’t have any sessions, It was executed entirely in the lounge, and all of it was at the tables. We had the judges sit around the table, and then we’d invite the two competitors in to present their set of forms (kata). Once they were done, we’d ask them to leave and then judge them based on their performance. All of this was done virtually with each participant being in a different location.”

Another similar event they ran was a Karate Grading competition for participants. Theo said, “The participants were into two completely different parts of the countries. Each of them would come into the lounge and perform. We could judge their form and progress, together with other senseis who were also located in separate places. The entire performance could be viewed live without a hitch. That was probably the most interesting application I had of Airmeet.”

One-on-one session room:

Airmeet allowed Revhost to have personalized meeting rooms in the lounge for better interactions. “We are getting much better reviews from our customers attending Airmeet events than we are getting from any other platform. We are even spinning our learning management system business where we are running LMS system customers”, said Theo.

“Overall, we got a much better response from customers for Airmeet, out of all the nine other platforms that we have used.”

Airmeet has excellent features, versatility, and functionalities. Theo mentioned, “We are even spinning Airmeet into our LMS business where we run events for our learning management systems clients.”`

Digital Event Agency - Revhost & Airmeet

Challenge 2 : To have a robust platform that boosts the entire digital event experience with quality features

The following Airmeet features helped create world-class quality events:

Pre-recorded presentations: Airmeet allows the event hosts to upload pre-recorded content ahead of time so it was readily available for the sessions. Theo said, ”Pre-recorded videos play exceptionally well on Airmeet; better than any other platform we have tested. That is something all of our customers mention first off- before the booths before the lounge, the first thing they say is- Wow! The videos really stood out. They were well buffered and looked great.”

Backstage: Airmeet allows speakers to go backstage and prepare before going live. Theo mentioned, ”The speakers liked the green room the most. It adds a human touch where the speakers can see and prepare for what’s coming and can and have a dry run of the event.”

Pulling questions and comments on screen: This Airmeet feature allows the host to pull comments or questions asked in chat, on-screen. Theo mentioned, “When attendees comment or ask questions, we can have it pop up on the screen and interact with the attendees during the event.” This is especially useful for recorded sessions where viewers can get a glimpse of the live happenings.

Chats: Airmeet allows the attendees to interact with the host directly, and Theo said, ”We absolutely love the chat feature for some of the events and leverage it a lot.”

Invite-to-Stage: Airmeet allows the host to invite participants up on stage. Theo said, “It was great that we could bring in attendees directly onto the stage to interact with us, making the sessions that much more engaging and interactive.”

Digital Event Agency - Revhost Theo Pistorius

Challenge 3 : A digital event platform that can provide great insights and customized commercialization features

When it came to larger events, Revhost was looking for features that would be appreciated by the set of clients that hosted big events.

Theo talked about some of the conferences they hosted via Airmeet. In particular, he mentioned, “There was a small sanitation conference where we had the top 50 sanitization businesses worldwide, and Big brands like Unilever, Kimberly Clark, etc., were part of that conference. Each team pitched their presentation and provided insights into where the world is in terms of sanitation. The Government of India’s Swachh Bharat project and 12 Indian companies participated in the conference.”

The features that were lauded at these types of events were:

Booths: Airmeet offered Revhost virtual booths that could be customized and designed as per the standard of their exhibitors. Theo mentioned, “Exhibitors loved the customizable booths and their design aspects. People love them as it is not the norm. We take a lot of effort for the customizations and make the look and feel unique to them.”

Analytics: Regarding the analytics, Theo mentioned, “Commercial clients like the reporting very much. We have always done reporting on all our events, and Airmeet reporting is the best so far. We found that not only was Airmeet much better than the competitors in this regard; it was also in some cases much stronger than what we would create ourselves.”

Support Services: Theo was impressed with Airmeet’s engineering, tech, and development team as they helped him understand the product better and applied the product improvement feedback. Theo said, “We have been in touch with Airmeet support services once every six weeks. That is very rare for a SAAS company of your size. Where Airmeet is exceptional is that you not only listen but also implement.”

Way Forward

Theo said, “We have multiple digital events coming up on Airmeet. A significant one is an International meeting with two former US presidents – Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. It involves the US and South American chambers of commerce in association with two universities. Other events include one with a National Geographic award-winning photographer and the Forbes 30 under 30.

In February, we have an investment conference, the International Moringa conference, and also a network marketing and leadership company’s annual event.”

If you feel Revhost’s journey resonates with you, connect with the Airmeet team and schedule a quick demo.

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