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AllThingsConnected Singapore Builds a Thriving Community on Airmeet

Gayatri Poswal
• June 22, 2020
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Use Case :
Community Meetup
Event Name :
Thought Leadership Sessions
Community Name :
AllThings Connected

Executive Summary

AllThingsConnected is a Digital Transformation and IoT Strategy Organization based in Singapore with an active focus in Southeast Asia. 

AllThingsConnected works with its customers and ecosystem partners to transform their businesses, solutions sales and deployment strategy with emerging digital technologies such as the Internet of Things, 5G, Cybersecurity Artificial Intelligence, Robotics in Industrial, Manufacturing, Smart Cities, Mobility and Transportation.

A strategic initiative by AllThingsConnected, IoTSG is the biggest IoT Open Adaptive Ecosystem initiative in Southeast Asia. IoTSG aims to address the challenges & gaps of the IoT and emerging technologies ecosystem and assist business and technology professionals with the knowledge, network, and collaboration to accelerate their digital journey.

IoTSG boasts a massive community of 5000+ digital professionals.

Through its thought leadership sessions, AllThingsConnected invites global experts and practitioners who share applied and regional insights.

The virtual thought leadership series focuses on different tech topics like IoT, Cybersecurity, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Digital Twins, across various verticals like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics in Industries & Manufacturing, Smart Cities, Mobility and Transportation, to name a few.

Challenge (and Solutions)

C K Vishwakarma, Founder, AllThingsConnected says says,

We were looking for a complete event solution to host our virtual thought leadership series. A platform where we could do everything from publishing an event to going live, through a single interface.

Our key goal is to build a complete ecosystem and focus on three key areas,

  1. Knowledge through industry-expert led presentations,
  2. Networking to find partners to transform businesses and solutions sales and
  3. Collaboration to strategise deployment and build solutions together ”.

They chose Airmeet to engage the IoTSG community better and at scale.

Let’s map out their journey & dig out a few learnings for us all.

Challenge 1: Nurture and Engage the community through interactive knowledge sessions

Given the three focus areas, a typical webinar or broadcast, with passive consumption of information, would not have solved the purpose. The event should engage people, encourage collaboration, and nurture the community. Every person should be able to derive value, whether it is knowledge, ideas, opportunity, or association.


Airmeet creates remote events with real connections by bringing together a community. Its rich feature-set encourages organic engagement –

  • Real-time, lag-free HD streaming keeps attendees engaged and focused on the session.

  • Presentation – Airmeet enables you to create an immersive experience through events by allowing speakers to share PowerPoint presentations, screen and live feed webcam. It is an important feature when experts are describing industry process, architecture or product demos.

  • Raise Hand – To boost the adoption of these technologies and help collaborate, they needed to clarify doubts and discuss attendee opinions. Raise Hand is a feature that allows an attendee to come live on stage with the speakers and voice their concerns/ thoughts.

  • Q&A – Airmeet has a separate window for Q&A so that attendees can keep posting their Q&A during the session. Speaker can navigate through the Q&A window and answer away.

  • Sign-in for registrations – C K mentioned that sanity check of participants is vital for building a value-driven community, rather than just growing in numbers. It could be managed on Airmeet by forcing sign-in for the event. As a host, you can also see all the registrations on your dashboard.

  • Emoticons – In the virtual world, emoticons best express the emotions of the attendees and a way for the speaker/ host to know if they’re actually paying attention or not.

  • Unlimited sessions recording served as a way to engage their community members who were unable to attend the live session.

Challenge 2: Networking and Collaboration

To boost ecosystem partnerships and accelerate growth in the community, the event needed to promote networking and collaboration. The key idea behind IoTSG is “IoT as a collaboration”, to not just network but to drive projects and implementation together. Hence it was critical for the event technology partner to solve this challenge effectively.


Networking is one of the major goals that Airmeet was built to solve-

  • Social Lounge allows participants to network during a break. Through virtual mini-conferences, attendees on the same table can brainstorm ideas and learn from peers.

    CK says, “Our attendees have highly appreciated this feature. Post-event participants join-in on various tables to discuss industry projects. We have seen people trying to find partners and customers by moving around actively between tables. And this is what our ecosystem initiative is all about, to grow together and accelerate industry implementation.

  • Contact Cards – Similar to ATC’s physical event, Airmeet events enabled them to exchange virtual cards with co-attendees.

Challenge 3: Track Metrics and Analyse Attendee Insights

AllThingsConnected were using different platforms to get complete coverage of events, like Meetup, Eventbrite, SurveyMonkey, PayPal, to name a few. To be able to analyze data and measure metrics, it required to compile data from different platforms, which was complicated and time consuming.


Since Airmeet is a one-stop solution for events, it became a lot easier to download the CSV file containing participant details and analyze it.

The success of any event is usually measured based on engaging content, a conversation initiated, people connected with peers or speakers, repeated attendance, new sign-ups, and discussions post-event. They could easily measure how attendees were engaging through the number of emoticons and messages exchanged.

Way Forward

"We are thrilled by our experience on Airmeet so far. It offers us a comprehensive solution to engage and build our community virtually"

– C K

“We are thrilled by our experience on Airmeet so far. It offers us a comprehensive solution to engage and build our community virtually”​

CK also says – “We are looking forward to scaling into the other parts of the world like the US and Japan, with multiple host/event managers and collaborative sessions, in different time zones. And we plan to leverage Airmeet on this vision.

Connect with C K Vishwakarma on LinkedIn | Twitter  

Follow AllThingsConnected on  LinkedIn YouTube | Facebook

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