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Airmeet enables the ‘School of Market Studies’ to host interactive and comprehensive live masterclasses virtually

Ishani Appaya
• August 17, 2021
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Event Name:
Master class in Equity Research and Valuation
Community Name
School of Market Studies
Industry Segment:
Professional Learning
Use Case:
Masterclasses and Webinars

Executive Summary

The School of Market Studies is an online school run by Vinit Bolinjkar, Head of Research at Ventura Securities Ltd. He teaches and mentors students about finance, marketing, trading, and investments.

The school hosts many live sessions on engaging topics such as equity research and valuation and understanding the potential of stocks.

It has hosted a range of weekly live sessions and webinars via Airmeet. Vinit has been conducting two batches, four sessions of two hours a week, and his batch size varies from 30 to 100 students at a time.

Let’s check out the school’s journey and how it has hosted engaging webinars and live classes for students using the Airmeet platform.

School of Market studies Masterclasses on Airmeet

Challenges (And Solutions)

Vinit shared, “I wanted to utilize the potential of online classes as the pandemic opened new doorways in the online world. I started searching for online portals that would be economical and suitable for me to conduct my sessions regularly.”

Challenge 1 : Finding a platform that’s economical and convenient to use.

Vinit said, “I wanted to host a series of masterclasses and webinars. I tried my hands on platforms such as Zoom, GotoWebinar. I did not see the value for money in their pricing, and also organizing recurring sessions there was a bit challenging.”

Vinit wanted to make it easy for his students to attend virtual sessions and have interactive online classes. He was looking for an economical and convenient platform, giving each student a hassle-free experience.


Vinit said, “Airmeet is a great virtual event platform which has good built-in features. The subscription plans are very affordable and offer great value.” Features that helped deliver a professional experience included-

HD -quality live sessions: Vinit could host live webinars without any interruptions and glitches using Airmeet. Airmeet facilitated this by offering uninterrupted bandwidth to stream HD quality sessions.

Amazing support services: Airmeet has fantastic support and a help desk that instantly resolves user queries. Vinit said, “I am technologically challenged. It was a big plus that whenever I was not able to understand a feature or felt stuck, the Airmeet help desk resolved all my queries, and it became convenient for me to utilize the platform’s complete potential.”

No time restrictions: Airmeet allows users to host a session for extended hours. The streaming is not time-bound. Vinit mentioned, “I could easily extend the length of my session without worrying about getting disconnected.”

Scheduling: Vinit conducts a Masterclass series using Airmeet. Airmeet allowed him to schedule multiple events and invite the users directly with a convenient e-mail link.

Challenge 2 : Ability to share recordings and have interactive sessions

Vinit discussed, “I wanted to interact with my students in a convenient manner. Also, after a webinar, I wanted to keep the recording of sessions with me and share it with students who might have missed a class.”


Vinit was able to do this via these Airmeet features –

Automated recording: For Vinit, having a recorded copy of a session was essential for his students. Airmeet allowed him to have his virtual event recorded, and he could save and share the recordings later.

Invite to stage: Airmeet allows the host to invite a participant to share the stage and engage with them. This feature enabled students to interact like they would in an in-person class.

Chat: Students could chat during sessions and interact easily without disrupting the session.

Raise hand: Airmeet allowed students to use the raise hand feature and directly pose questions to the host.

Polls: With the polls feature, Vinit could take the opinion of students over a particular topic or question.

Vinit’s Masterclass course is for nine weeks with two classes per week and also provides four-month internship support to students. Airmeet allows students to interact in real-time while also giving them access to recorded lectures and documents.

Once Vinit started using Airmeet, he communicated with his students better, and they were able to access the sessions from anywhere at any time.

Way Forward

Vinit said, “Airmeet is a very functional and cost-effective platform available at very convenient and affordable pricing. I am planning to have another series of Masterclasses soon.  I will have 3-4 sessions a week in all and also plan to use Airmeet for marketing webinars.”

It’s possible to use products like Airmeet to create better educational virtual events. Now students can learn and interact with their mentors seamlessly.

If you like how Vinit was successfully able to utilize the full potential of Airmeet, book a demo with us and see how you can leverage Airmeet too.

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