AIESEC Serbia hosts an interactive national conference via Airmeet

• January 21, 2021
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What is AIESEC

AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-run organisation. It offers young people the opportunity to participate in international internships. An AIESEC volunteer can sign up for an internship in different continents such as Asia Pacific, Europe, America, Middle East, or Africa. The internship opportunities are also spread over many different sectors. 

Apart from learning about people and their lives in different countries, AIESEC volunteers also learn about social issues and gain leadership experiences. Based on the same principles, AIESEC Serbia was established in 1953 under the parent organisation.

A representative from AIESEC Serbia shares with us their experience of hosting a four-day event with Airmeet.

What was the event?

AIESEC Serbia has 300 member organisations. The four-day event on Airmeet was a national conference for these member organisations. Besides this, they also conducted smaller one-day conferences which had about 50-100 delegates each.

The national conference had 150 member organisations participating in it, and about 280 people attended the event. 

Nina Mihajlovic

What were they looking for?

AIESEC Serbia had organised over 100 national conferences physically. However, there was some apprehension to do the same over the virtual medium. AIESEC Serbia observed that most virtual events around them were being conducted via Zoom. They wanted a different feel for their event, and hence they started searching for a virtual platform.

Nina Mihajlovic, Head of Finance and Legal, from AIESEC Serbia also said that they wanted people to interact and network with each other. Their counterparts in India had hosted a similar conference over Airmeet and shared positive feedback. Hence AIESEC Serbia contacted Airmeet to host their national conference.

Most loved features

AIECSEC loved the social lounge feature of Airmeet the most. Nina said that their participants enjoyed meeting, networking and interacting with fellow members in the social lounge that offered them the feel of a real event. They also liked the fact that the tables could be customised with logos. Nina said that they were very happy to host their national conference via Airmeet.

Future events

AIESEC has plans for more conferences in the coming year. Following the success and reviews from their participants for the first event, they would like to host all future events using Airmeet, Nina said.

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