An Audience Friendly Zoom Webinar Alternative You’ve Been Looking For!

With Airmeet, put your speaker, attendee, and your hosts front and center. Drive collaboration in distributed teams, humanize your connections by providing immersive experiences and scale to large audiences all from one place.

Reach people faster with live stream

Airmeet supports up to 100k attendees. Live stream across social media platforms and grow your audience.

Host engaging conversations that matter

Drive your attendee conversations with live chat, polls, q&a, raise hands and invite to the stage.

Take the edge of speaker anxiety

Make your speakers comfortable before the event. Invite your speakers Backstage and host leadership conversations, presentations, and tech tests to rule out the anxiety.

Increase lifespan of the event with on-demand accessibility

Your audience will never miss out on any content. Post-event recordings that increase the life of your content.

Comparing Airmeet vs. Zoom Webinar



Zoom Webinar

Attendee support

Up to 100k

Only up to 50k

Breakout rooms

Always on Social Lounges.

Can’t make changes to breakout rooms until the start of the event.

Two-way interactive features

Polls, Q&A (show question on stage), live chat, reminders, in-app & email notifications, raise a hand and invite to the stage, and emoji reaction.

Polls, Q&A, live chat, reminders, raise hands.

Ticketing services

Not available

Mobile app support

Not available

Networking options

Speed networking between hosts, audience, and speakers

Not available

Customer support and white-glove services

24/7 customer support lounge along with white-glove services for a seamless experience

No live support. Premium support is available at higher-end packages.

Take the plunge with the industry leader

Why make the switch from Zoom to Airmeet?

User-friendly & intuitive UI

A user-friendly interface makes Airmeet easy to use and execute. A 24/7, always accessible customer support lounge provides a seamless experience.

No downloads required, no matter how many events you host.

Unlike Zoom, you do not require downloading and installing any app to access or host virtual and hybrid events. Airmeet is device and browser-agnostic, which means you can join from any device at any time and make the overall experience frictionless.

Promote your brand and deliver memorable experiences

Make your webinar experience surreal; make it feel like your brand. Customize landing pages and registration forms, invites - all interactive spaces that feel and look like real-life meetups.

Why Make The Switch From Zoom To Airmeet?
Airmeet 24/7 Lounge
Top-notch security and compliance for your safety

Airmeet offers enterprise-level security, data protection, and compliance. It is ISO 27001:2013 certified and also has other security measurements in place so that your data stays safe.

Nurture your community and drive revenue

Host webinars that engage your community. Nurture your attendees with interactive features like speed networking, backstage, raise hand, and invite them to the stage. Work seamlessly with hosts and attendees to turbo-charge your virtual events.

Smart collaboration that drives deep engagement

Run webinars from a single place. Plan, host, and measure analytics in real-time. Integrations and developer APIs that help broaden your audience reach.

Join more than 2500+ event organizers and see how easy it is to run webinars on Airmeet.

Webinars on Airmeet


Using Zoom can quickly drive up your costs as a webinar platform. While Airmeet does have a free basic plan, to get highly engaging result-driven webinars, product demos, internal events like town halls, Airmeet also includes a ‘Social Webinar’ pricing plan that takes care of your webinar needs. 

You can check out our other competitor pages here, 

Feel free to book a demo with us here. Alternatively, you can also head to our 24/7 customer support lounge, and an Airmeet expert will surely guide you. 

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Branding and Customization
Create dynamic branded events and custom webinars


Engagement and Networking
Interact with buyers and customers to book more meetings


Setup and Management
Seamlessly manage events for more quality pipeline


Data and Analytics
Tap into rich intent data to increase revenue and conversions


Support and Services
24/7, 365 support and services to ensure world-class webinars and events

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The latest features, enhancements and updates to Airmeet

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Craft meaningful conversations

Workshops & Trainings

Host interactive events that inspire your audience

Community Meetups

Engage your community around the year

Conferences & Summit

Deliver highly customizable events experiences at scale

Hybrid Events

Bring the best of in-person and virtual events together

Product Launches

Leave a lasting impression in the market

Townhalls & Kickoffs

Engage your co-workers with interactive experiences

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