4 Reasons Why Zoom is Not the Platform for your Learning & Development (L&D) Events

Akshay Birje
• December 12, 2023

(5 min read)

Many businesses use Zoom for online meetings but it is not a great choice for Learning and Development (L&D) events. Zoom has several limitations which make the overall L&D events a lot less effective and fun. In this article, we will look at 4 reasons why Zoom should not be an option for L&D conferences.

One of the primary reasons is zoom fatigue which many people are experiencing nowadays. As per research, this fatigue affects a person’s health at a neurophysical level. Plenty of people refuse to join another Zoom meeting when they already spend so much time on it throughout the week. So a new experience is needed to avoid fatigue

Definition of Learning and Development (L&D)?

Learning and development (L&D), also known as talent development (TD), is the process where employees strengthen their expertise within the organization. L&D events help employees improve their skills, and expertise to meet organizational goals.

What are the Leading and Development L&D Use Cases?

The following are some of the most common L&D use cases:

  • Onboarding New Employees: L&D programs teach new hires business culture, policies, and responsibilities. This speeds up the new hire’s onboarding.

  • Leadership Development: Leadership skills are important as they guide one to achieve any goal. L&D events prepare employees for leadership roles and responsibilities.

  • Employee Training and Development: To stay ahead in the industry, employees need to develop their skills and abilities. T&D events let employees gain expertise to stay competitive in their field.

    Organizations use L&D to support employees in their career growth. This includes training programs and mentorship to advance their career.  

  • Customer Service Training: L&D programs strengthen employees’ customer service skills and caring abilities which results in improved client experiences.

4 reasons why Zoom should not be the platform for L&D conferences:

  • Limited Interactivity and Engagement: Zoom offers limited interactive features for online events thereby rendering Learning and Development (L&D) events useless in terms of interaction and engagement. Zoom’s features are not enough to create a great virtual experience. There are more advanced interactive features that can provide an amazing online experience to attendees such as collaborative and gamification features which help increase engagement and create a fun environment within an organization. All these unique elements are provided by the Airmeet platform specifically designed for online conferences to give a wonderful meeting experience.

    Learning and Development (L&D) conferences usually include long presentations, discussions, and learning. If the platform provides more interactive features, the organization can keep attendees engaged and interested for a long time. 


  • Lack of Networking Opportunities: Networking is one of the most crucial parts of the L&D conferences. It allows participants to connect with others to share their ideas and experiences. Zoom doesn’t have a dedicated networking feature. This will make it difficult to connect with other professionals. L&D leaders can also benefit from networking features. They can expand their reach, learn best practices, and stay updated on industry trends. Networking is a great and useful feature to learn from each other.

  • Detailed Analytics: Analytics help L&D leaders to get valuable insights and overall performance of the event. Zoom doesn’t have an advanced analytics tool to provide detailed information about L&D conferences. Learning and development (L&D) conferences need detailed analytics to monitor attendee behavior, track real-time engagement, booth analytics, view poll results, and more. By collecting insights and data, leaders can gain a comprehensive understanding of the event and make required changes to their training materials for future conferences. 

  • Limited Personalization opportunities: Platforms such as Airmeet are designed for engagement and thereby, have many more options for customization. The more personalized the experience, the better the learning outcomes.

    The following features/customization options L&D leader can use for their conferences:
  1. Branding: This feature will allow companies to add their business logo, and use color or fonts to make the event more professional.
  2. Custom Layout: Choose your choice of design with a colorful background. Embed multiple external links such as social media profiles, and website links. Also, create multiple custom booths at the same time.
  3. Gamification: This element will allow you to create leaderboards and quizzes to increase participation. The gamification can create friendly competition among attendees by including rewards and points. 


You probably understood why Zoom is not a platform for Learning & Development (L&D) conferences. The platform’s lack of engagement features, networking opportunities, analytics options, and customizations do not make it an ideal platform for L&D events. Instead, use such a platform that will help make your learning & development (L&D) conferences more engaging, productive, and memorable all the time.

Here's how Airmeet Facilitates Learning and Development


Create appealing visuals to showcase your content to the audience such as photos, slides, and videos. If possible, share your personal experience and most importantly keep the training material simple.

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