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Work from home guide: How to balance work & life when working remotely

• September 21, 2020
Work from Home
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global shift is happening with remote work, scattered people, virtual meetings, and distant connections. The world around us, including the workplaces, is altering dramatically. While it can seem a little out of the box, trust me, there is nothing that people around the globe aren’t able to tackle with the aid of the right tools, including virtual platforms. 

Remote work may look convenient and comfortable; however, it comes with its pitfalls and constraints. You have to balance work and personal life where your workspace and your personal space are in the same location. 

Everyone has their definition of work-life balance, but by following a few basic guidelines, you can define it just right. If you are also a part of the work-from-home bandwagon and are unable to do justice to work, then grab a snack and read along.

1. Availability of workplace equipment

Before you start working remotely, you must have the right equipment in place, to perform the most basic functions outside of your organization. 

Some of these include a laptop/computer, stable access to the high-speed internet, access to the company’s intranet and corporate emails, and a work phone. You may want to keep a notepad and pen handy, headphones, mouse, and chargers handy too. 

2. Designate a workplace

Establish a conducive workplace, that has a work like atmosphere, where you don’t get distracted and are able to pay full attention to work. If you have the luxury of a separate room, great, otherwise carve out a corner, but make sure it is not the bed. 

Develop a workspace cadence with the person living with you to limit the issues that may come up. Be professional with your work at all times. Invest in the right chair and desk for better posture. Be aware of the background during video calls. Keep your desk clean and tidy. Prefer natural light or sitting close to the window to boost your mood and productivity.

3. Have a structured schedule

For a productive workday, while working remotely, it is very crucial to create a defined schedule that guides you throughout the day. Working from home can be relaxing for some, and distracting for others. 

In either case, forming a schedule is the perfect way to get more output and limit the distractions. You can even prepare a to-do-list, to ensure your tasks are getting ticked as the day progresses.

4. Use the best technology

The selection of the right platform for remote work is key. Communication becomes all the more important while working remotely, going beyond writing emails and meetings. To discuss pointers and evaluate performances, choose a video call over a normal call to feel connected. 

Audio and video calls should be of high quality. Any software or technology platform for virtual communication must offer a secure, interactive, and easy-to-use experience for everyone. It should have a required set of features too. This way, you can achieve the targets quicker and more efficiently, and eventually, have a more peaceful time at home. 

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5. Take breaks

We all need those tea breaks, lunch breaks and other hangouts in between a long workday. Don’t hesitate to get up from your workstation for meals, short breathers, a few stretches, or even a short walk. Getting overwhelmed with the need for completing the work can often result in none of the work being finished. 

It is important to rest your eyes, take time away from the screen, talk, and laugh with someone. Doing all the above activities can help you relax and get going with the day ahead. 

If you are also a part of the remote work bandwagon and are unable to do justice to work, then you need to define certain guidelines and choose the right technology to be productive and balance life.

If you are also a part of the remote work bandwagon and are unable to do justice to work, then you need to define certain guidelines and choose the right technology to be productive and balance life.

6. Stay committed to work

Working remotely from home brings about a lot of distractions that can indulge you primarily and lead to procrastinated deliverables. Compose your mind and plan your day. 

Don’t forget, you are getting your due salary, and you should deliver the required output. Stay committed to your timings and deliverables. Don’t assume that you can multitask home chores or personal engagements with work, except during scheduled breaks. Be available to your team during work hours and follow a professional ethic.

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7. Organize your equipment

Organize your work equipment such that it doesn’t get mixed up with the one for home. Choose a virtual platform that can help you manage your time and calendar more effectively. Leverage the time gaps on your calendar to make sure that you are being productive and getting work done. Be serene and do not stress to finish the little work that can be done the next day. 

8. Ground yourself

Set ground rules for yourself and people around, by blocking the distractions. Start your day with exercise, take a shower, and eat breakfast before you begin your work. If you have kids, chores are a big responsibility, along with work. Have some rules planned out so that the house functions well while you are at work. 

9. Avoid multitasking

Stay committed to your timings and deliverables. Avoid domestic chores or personal appointments during working hours except during scheduled breaks. Don’t abuse remote work by being unavailable during work hours. It could lead to your professional integrity being compromised and may even lead to you losing your job during tough times.

10. Reward yourselves

Just as you would feel at the end of an in-office workday, associate a similar sentiment to when you are done for the day working remotely. You can reward yourself with good food or plan a fun activity with your loved ones. Tune out and make the most of the time you have at hand now. 

Wrapping Up

While working remotely comes with its own set of pros and cons, these tips will help you become a happy and productive remote worker. 


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