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Virtual Events
& The Education Industry

Players in the education industry are leverage virtual events to meet institution goals


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Virtual Events & Education


Vol 1


Here's how the education industry are leveraging virtual events

by Airmeet

Virtual events offer much more than what meets the eye and the educational industry in particular has adapted to offer high-quality education and college-life experiences to its students and alumni virtually. 

These institutions are hosting their routine activities, gatherings, and exuberant celebrations virtually or in a hybrid manner. If you are a part of such an institution, this eBook will help you understand how leveraging virtual events can be beneficial to your community.

In this eBook we cover how Airmeet offers educational institutions, corporations and educational consultants multiple ways to engage and interact with their communities.

Complete with examples, case studies, experiences, stats, quotes and more from our customers, this eBook is all you need to get started on your virtual event strategy.

This eBooks covers

  • Virtual Admission Office & Student Help Centre
    • Student Admissions & Recruitment Tours
    • Student Orientation & Resource Programs
    • Career Guidance with Counsellors
    • Overseas Education Consulting
  • Virtual Recruitment Programs
    • Career Fairs
    • Internship Fairs
    • Interviews & Mock Interviews
    • Teacher Recruitment Fairs
  • Virtual Gatherings
    • Alumni Mixers & Festive Celebrations
    • Virtual Convocations, Awards, Swearing-in Ceremonies & Farewells
    • Student Associations and Club events
    • International Conferences & Expos
  • Virtual Learning
    • Virtual Classrooms
    • Club Activities
    • Student-Teacher/ Parent-Teacher Meetings
    • Teacher Education Programs
    • Webinars
    • Research symposiums and presentations
    • Industry Guidance

Airmeet provides educational institutes with 

  1. A safe, secure & easy-to-access scalable platform
  2. A simple and easy to navigate UI/UX
  3. Fully customizable and brandable options
  4. The option to host multiple simultaneous sessions
  5. An immersive humanized networking
  6. Rich participant profiles
  7. Booths for partners and sponsors
  8. Multiple integrations for smooth workflow
  9. The ability to host multiple types of events

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