Powering Knowledgefest, Comcast’s Large-scale Learning Event - An Airmeet Success Story

Comcast brings together innovative technology and extraordinary content and experiences. They create, produce, and distribute leading entertainment, sports, and news and bring incredible theme parks and attractions to life around the globe.

Comcast KnowledgeFest

Comcast: KnowledgeFest

KnowledgeFest stands as Comcast’s flagship learning event, designed with the core values of fostering learning, education, innovation, and collaboration within the organization. Its overarching vision is to extend the reach of KnowledgeFest to every Comcast employee worldwide, serving not only as a conduit for knowledge sharing but also as a platform for skill development in anticipation of emerging technologies.

Key takeaways:

  1. Purpose and Vision of KnowledgeFest
  2. Comcast’s Employee-Centric Approach and Learning & Development Initiatives
  3. Airmeet’s Support for Comcast’s KnowledgeFest 
  4. How Airmeet Delivered Success

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