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Social Webinar Ebook


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upgrade your webinars with Social Webinars on Airmeet

by Airmeet

Webinars have long been proven critical to business success. If done right they can be instrumental in keeping your audiences up-to-date and engaged. It is with this in mind that we’ve designed Social Webinars on Airmeet.

In the recent past, almost everything has moved online –  causing audiences to suffer from screen fatigue, zoom fatigue, webinar fatigue, boredom, distraction and burnout.

With multiple sources of content, and multiple ways of consuming content, webinars have become… well, ‘just another webinar’. Bound by time frames, monologues in nature, leaving room for distractions and ultimately common, forgettable experiences.

Today webinars have the capability of doing so much more. Social Webinars on Airmeet empower you to not just interact and engage with your audiences during your webinar but also, in the lead-up to your webinar, right before, during, and long after your webinar is complete. They can help you build advocacy through content and thought leadership. Social webinars can even serve as a virtual sales and marketing floor.

Most importantly today webinars can serve as a strong channel for networking and building connections. Social Webinars on Airmeet help you

  • Stay audience focussed
  • Respond to participants in real-time
  • Connect brand advocates to new members
  • Expand across geographies for better outreach and advocacy
  • Effectively convene virtual or hybrid events
  • Attract and showcase quality speakers and sponsors


In this eBook we cover how to overcome ‘webinar fatigue‘ through Social Webinars to create unique, memorable experiences that contribute to your –

  1. Brand & brand value
  2. Marketing strategy & ROI
  3. Demand generation efforts
  4. Training & onboarding practices
  5. Customer engagement strategy

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