How WorkRamp Aims for Long-Term Revenue Pipeline Using Event-Led Growth

Sumyukthaa S
• July 18, 2023
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Event-led Growth

WorkRamp Influences 1.1M in Pipeline with Event-led Growth

WorkRamp is the world’s first learning cloud, an all-in-one LMS (learning management system) that drives business results through employee, partner, and customer training. It’s the platform, or should we say ramp, that enables companies to offer the learning tools, content, and support people need to reach their full potential.

If supporting people to grow and accelerate their careers is WorkRamp’s vision, you can imagine what their core strategy to go to market would look like: Creating an abundance of touchpoints, opportunities, and experiences for their customers and the larger learning community to share their wins and lessons on how learning accelerated their careers.

Spotlighting customer voices and product innovations through events

WorkRamp’s north star goal is to redefine the corporate learning category with their Learning Cloud. Jack Foster, CMO at WorkRamp, says, “We want to show what learning management systems can be to organizations: one of the most strategic investments a company can make.” 

It’s easier to convince buyers that WorkRamp is a strategic investment when they have a strong and invested community making the case for them. And that’s why their two other major goals were: Building, growing, and supporting a strong customer community by using customer voices to draw people together; And creating product awareness and excitement for WorkRamp among their customers.

The real strategy: Clear audience definition and segmentation. And a befitting plan to engage them all.

WorkRamp’s strategy for their flagship event LEARN was to grow their awareness and affinity among three different audience groups:
1) new prospects,
2) existing prospects at different stages in their journey, and
3) customers. They had a plan to conquer every single audience segment.

And that was possible only with very clear KPIs attached to the event.

“Marketing needs to hold a number just like Sales.”

– Jack Foster, Chief Marketing Officer at WorkRamp

WorkRamp aimed for over 3,000 registrations. They were able to achieve over 3100. Over 30% of those registrations were from existing customers, and their goal to engage customers was fulfilled right there. Foster says they were also able to bring in over $1,000,000 in influenced pipeline, and that easily turned out to be one of their biggest short-term wins.

Tying GTM into creating a comprehensive strategy

The numbers they achieved could not have been possible without all the GTM teams coming together for the event. It is the marketing team’s job, after all, to build pipeline and revenue. And the best route to pipeline and revenue they knew of was through GTM alignment. Foster said, “Marketing will be successful if GTM is working together toward those same business impact goals.”

The company thought about ways they could go out and redefine the category. And bring the learning community together, support customers, share ideas, and announce product innovations effectively. They thought up a large-scale virtual event with the potential to deliver all those goals in one fell swoop. Now all they needed was a platform.

Finding a platform to host dynamic, state-of-the-art events

Although they hadn’t really used a platform for events before, WorkRamp knew what they were looking for. 

A true partner that offers brilliant support from inception to execution.

Event day can be extremely anxiety-inducing for any organizer, despite the countless dry runs. So they needed not only a product that was stable but also a team that offered the kind of support required for an event of that scale.

An engaging experience was table stakes. They wanted something that could help them build fanfare.

Since the event was intended to help them build a community for the learning management category and get people excited about the product innovation, they also needed a platform that would allow for easy and free-flowing engagement between attendees, enabling memorable connections and conversations.

“We walked away from the first demo talking about what an exciting and engaging experience Airmeet could provide with its fully customizable capabilities,” Foster said. Considering the full-event experience with reactions, networking opportunities, in-event links, and the ability to host booths, it was an easy choice.

Integrating post-event content strategies into WorkRamp’s event-led future

With two large events under their belt, they’re looking at how to take things to the next level. “The neat thing about events is that it’s not just the day of,” Foster said, “it’s also about the fanfare that surrounds it.” 

For WorkRamp, it’s become about the content strategy you can integrate post-event. How you leverage the amazing pieces of advice and insights that come from your speakers. And what do you do with that after? 

The answer is assets, like the 15 blog posts they generated after their first event. Or the 12–15 on-demand sessions posted to their website and tons of social video clips. Foster says, “How do we extend what we put into that event to fuel months of content?” 

WorkRamp’s success using Airmeet has them looking forward to their next big event: Another summit. They view it as the next opportunity to build community, engage potential and existing customers, educate, and meet short- and long-term pipeline and revenue goals.

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