Achieved 80% Turnout with over 1000+ attendees

Mukesh Kumar
• September 4, 2023
Company Name:
Rewriting the code
Industry Segment:
Non-profit Organizations
Use Case:
Career fairs, Event series, Webinars

About Rewriting the code:

Rewriting the Code is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which supports and empowers college, graduate and early career women in tech, through intersectional communities, mentorship, industry experience and educational resources, to become the next generation of engineers and tech leaders. 

1000+ attendees
80% turnout
95-100% turnout of sponsors
N number of hours saved
4.5+ rating mostly
17+ events with >=100 regs.
Attendees engaged in social networking via social lounge
Attendees engaged in doing 1:1 meetings

ROI / Benefits for customer (Numbers):


Previously, the customer was facing issues with insufficient event engagement and attendance. The customer was worried about not being able to host webinars for a larger audience due to limitations in their previous platform. Furthermore, creating multiple meeting links was troublesome. All these issues made the customer’s event experience stressful and chaotic. Additionally, attendees were finding it hard to access event related details because there weren’t many options to customize emails, and the event reminders were not sent on time.


Now with Airmeet’s highly customizable features they can easily customize emails, and send timely reminders for their events through which they have a higher number of audience attending the events. With a number of interactive features on Airmeet they have seen a much higher engagement rate within the attendees and are now with Airmeet’s unlimited plan they are able to hold webinars with a much larger set of audiences.

Furthermore, instead of making new links for separate discussions, they can use various event tables for all kinds of conversations and interactions.

Features loved:

  • Easy Navigation: The platform proved to be effortlessly navigable for both sponsors and students. Furthermore, it streamlined event management for the customer, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in execution.

  • Unlimited Plan: With Airmeet’s Unlimited plan they were able to host bigger events and were able to target a larger audience. Through our unlimited plan there were no difficulties while creating multiple events, it also resolved the issue of creating multiple meeting links which saved a lot of time and the process became efficient.

  • Custom email templates: With the help of Airmeet’s unique customizable features the customer was able to create custom email templates and scheduled notifications which helped increase the registration and attendance rate by sending the reminders on time.

  • Customer Service: The prompt and highly effective communication from Airmeet’s customer service team played a pivotal role in ensuring the customer’s events were successful.


Through Airmeet’s streamlined functions and unique features they were able to achieve an impressive turnout of over 1000+ attendees. With the help of customizable email templates and timely reminders the attendees number during the event improved greatly. Notably, a remarkable 80% of the registered participants attended the event, and 95-100% of sponsors attended the event. Importantly, the event experienced a surge of 429 new registrations, underscoring its wide-ranging appeal and notable influence.

With these Airmeet’s features, customers were able to save hours of work that goes into customizing and organizing events and have given them a better ROI by engaging attendees as well as sponsors in a meaningful way.

Also, with Airmeet’s unlimited event plan there is no hassle of reaching out to airmeet if the same type of use case arises. And as Airmeet allows duplicating features while creating new events from events conducted previously, hence the effort of doing all the customization again is not a pain point. They were able to host bigger events and were able to target a larger audience.

Overall, with Airmeet’s evident features and customization options the customer is experiencing improved ROI, simple navigation, and increased engagement, resulting in positive feedback from both sponsors and attendees.


By offering a revolutionizing solution to our customer “Rewriting the code” we have validated the seamless event experience. Creating dedicated virtual tables for specific topics, focused discussions and interactions have flourished. The elimination of the need for new meeting links, a common hassle in platforms like Google Meet and Zoom Webinars, has streamlined the user experience, saving precious time.

The customer has effectively leveraged these capabilities to seamlessly organize a range of webinars within the Airmeet framework. The user-friendly platform of Airmeet accommodated both sponsors and students. Furthermore, it streamlined event management for the customer, resulting in significant time savings.

In conclusion, Airmeet has offered a diverse set of features to enhance customer’s experience and user engagement to improve ROI and achieve favorable outcomes.

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