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Sumyukthaa S
• August 10, 2023
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Computer and Network Security
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Webinar series

Leading Cybersecurity and Compliance B2B Saas Company with 98% of U.S. nuclear power facilities as clients ensuring threat prevention, secure data transfer etc.


Sean from Opswat encountered a critical obstacle in achieving maximum Return on Investment (ROI) for their events, primarily stemming from numerous friction points and inefficiencies within their event management process. They required an efficient and flexible platform to connect with stakeholders and review event timelines. Additionally, Opswat wanted a solution that would help them streamline their webinar process and track ROI effectively.


Airmeet proved to be the perfect solution for Opswat’s needs. With its user-friendly interface and self-service capabilities, Airmeet helped Sean to easily host and manage their events. Airmeet also helped in reviewing their goals, deep dive into event details, and explore use cases.

Features They Loved:

Sean appreciated several key features of Airmeet that contributed to their positive experience:

User-Friendly Interface: Airmeet’s intuitive interface made it easy for Sean to set up and manage their events seamlessly.

Hubspot Integration: The seamless integration with Hubspot allowed them to register attendees and gather important data effortlessly.

Repurposing Recordings: Airmeet enabled Sean to repurpose event recordings into quarterly events, expanding their reach to new audiences.

Recording: Used the transcript from one of the event to write an e-book.  


By using Airmeet, Sean experienced tangible results in terms of increased engagement and better ROI. The streamlined webinar process has led them to conduct webinars across all their products. Opswat’s webinar attendance and engagement also improved, leading to a higher number of leads and better ROI.


Airmeet proved to be a game-changer for OPSWAT, providing the tools and features they needed to boost their ROI and streamline their event management process. The platform’s capabilities, including event branding, team management updates, automation, and CRM integration, were instrumental in enhancing Opswat’s event experiences and driving positive results.

In summary, Airmeet’s powerful features and seamless integration capabilities have consistently delivered value to clients, empowering them to achieve higher ROI and make their events more impactful.

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