20 speakers, 5000+ participants, ‘Network Marketing Ninja pulls off an astounding 8 hour long Virtual Summit on Airmeet.

Ishani Appaya
• August 7, 2021
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Network Marketing Ninja
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Network Marketing Ninja is a social media consulting company for network marketers and small businesses. Their clients include network marketers from all over the world and small business owners who primarily work online.

They help clients improve their business using social media, online marketing as well as traditional tools. They provide all the relevant consultancy services like digital products, digital courses, coaching programs, etc. Their main markets are in the US, Europe, and Canada, with some clients spread elsewhere.

Network Marketing Ninja would do many in-person events as well as some virtual events pre-pandemic. They were pushed to pivot entirely to the virtual space once Covid hit. Svetlana Gromova, a partner at Network Marketing Ninja, describes how Airmeet won them over, delivering a high-quality, large-scale event attended by over 4000 people.

Challenges (And Solutions)

Challenge 1 : Hosting 5000+ registrants while providing uncompromised quality

Svetlana divulged, “We would usually use Zoom, Facebook Live, or those sort of traditional tools for our events earlier. But for this event, we wanted to improve the quality. We used Zoom for our earlier event, and it was not the best fit for an event of this scale. We were looking for a more professional way of conducting the event. We wanted good quality recording while making sure no one can unmute themselves during the session. We explored other platforms and finally found Airmeet.”

These Airmeet’s premium webinar features perfectly suited Network Marketing Ninja’s requirements-

  • Scale: The event they hosted was a three-day event with around 5000 + registrations. About 4000+ people attended, and there were 20 speakers in all. It lasted for over eight hours with three sessions per day.

    Svetlana said, “For our earlier virtual events, we used Zoom and Facebook Live- I think one of the Facebook live events was for 27000 people! That was one of the things we wanted to test Airmeet for – to have a lot of people attend and see how it holds. Since this was our first event with Airmeet, we were a little hesitant- is it going to affect the production because I know that in Zoom, it gets crazy when you have many rooms.” Airmeet, with its ability to host upto 10k attendees, flawlessly catered to the numbers.

  • Quality: Svetlana shared, “For us, the quality was essential because it’s a paid event, people were paying to attend. We looked at other platforms too, but they weren’t able to guarantee us 720p quality. The quality of the stream had to be at least 720p and nothing below. The recordings and sound have to be of great quality because that’s the only way you can keep engagement.
    We do a lot of training, and if we have 5000+ people, we can’t have them not understand what’s going on there. That’s why we chose Airmeet”. Airmeet’s superior HD quality ensured a professional quality event.
  • Technical superiority: Airmeet facilitated a glitch-free event, and regarding this, Svetlana elaborated, “We were delighted because there was good retention since we had no technical issues. We had no problems with losing stream quality. From Airmeet’s side, it was great; the technical support was there to fix any issue right away, the quality was good, the sound was good.”
  • Recordings: Svetlana added, “The recordings were available pretty fast in HD, and that was great because some people weren’t able to attend due to the time difference. They would watch the recordings, which we could give them almost immediately. We also liked how we could brand the experience and add our logo etc.”
Network Marketing Ninja_Event-02

Challenge 2 : Creating a high engagement event where people are comfortable participating


Svetlana explained, “For our events, we do live content, some recordings, motivational training, training on how to use social media to improve the business, use online marketing tools, etc. Basically, every day, every session is a different training with different purposes. The events have very high engagement because we like to talk with our audience and bring them on stage, so for us, it’s important that people feel comfortable interacting and asking questions. We observe the feedback keenly and want a highly interactive experience.”

Providing excellent interaction opportunities is where Airmeet excels. These premium webinar features helped solve the challenge-

Invite-to-Stage: The hosts could easily share the stage with attendees using this feature. Svetlana mentioned, “The speakers loved the experience. We had 20 speakers from all over the world, and all of them were jumping in, yet there was no problem from our end. Everyone that attended was super happy, and we got positive feedback.”

Chat: Svetlana appreciated the chat feature saying, “People loved it; they went crazy about it. It helped us to keep them engaged. We liked that you can see the profile picture. It gets a bit more personal, and that’s very important when you’re doing an online event because you obviously don’t have the same connection as an in-person event”.

Social Lounge: This event was their first time experiencing the lounge. Svetlana said, “We paused the session for breaks, and everybody would go to the lounges and use the table feature. People really liked it, and for future events, we will definitely use it more.”

Regarding the overall level of engagement and interaction, Svetlana had this to say- “The event got over on a Sunday. People were so tired after a three-day event, watching content all day, but they still stayed at a table and talked, which for us is a really good indicator that they liked the event. Engagement is a key measure of success for us, and that was definitely achieved.”

Network Marketing Ninja_Event-01

Way Forward

Svetlana expressed, “Good quality production- the video & sound, and the engagement, these are the main indicators to see whether we’re happy with the event or not.” Airmeet met all of Network Marketing Ninja’s expectations. Svetlana also mentioned exploring the different options Airmeet offers for ticketing in the future.

“We’re already planning our next event in November. The main audience is network marketers, and they are big leaders from companies located worldwide. People are excited, and we’re happy now that we know that the production side is there. We’re confident in the technology.”

Book a demo today and see how you too can host a high-quality, engaging event with Airmeet.

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