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Nagarro achieves 78% show rate for their Global Webinars driving higher Leads and better Brand Awareness

Mukesh Kumar
• August 31, 2023
Company Name:
Industry Segment:
IT Services and IT Consulting
Use Case:

Use case:

  • External webinars for leads generation, brand awareness and production promotions.


Nagarro is an IT Services and IT Consulting firm headquartered in Germany and has presence in around 34 countries worldwide known for its expertise in analytics, automation, development.

ROI achieved by Naggaro:

  • Events with average show up rate of 78%
  • Average use rating across their events was 4.6+ (in the top 95 percentile)
  • Achieved a significantly higher sit through rate for the webinars due to better engagement and experience.


Naggaro was facing challenges with their webinar process, which was time-consuming and costly. Extra registration steps caused confusion for attendees, and the provided joining link was not always accurate. These issues led to a painful experience for both organizers and attendees, resulting in a lower number of leads and return on investment (ROI).


To address the these challenges, Airmeet provided a comprehensive webinar solution that streamlined the entire event experience. First and foremost, Airmeet eliminated unnecessary registration steps, making it easier and quicker for attendees to sign up for webinars. By reducing the friction in the registration process, the client experienced higher registration rates and lower drop-offs.

Moreover, Airmeet ensured that the unique link provided to each attendee was the accurate joining link for the webinar. This eliminated confusion and frustration among attendees, as they could seamlessly access the webinar without encountering any technical hiccups.

Features Used:

Streamlined Registration Process: Airmeet offered a simplified and user-friendly registration flow, removing any unnecessary steps or barriers. This feature significantly increased the number of registrations and improved overall conversion rates for the client.

Accurate Joining Links: With Airmeet’s precise linking system, attendees were provided with the correct joining link, ensuring a smooth entry into the webinar. This feature reduced the chances of technical issues and improved the overall attendee experience.

Feedback Presentation: Airmeet allowed the client to present feedback from previous events, registration data, and feature requests in a structured and insightful manner. This feature empowered the client to gather valuable insights and feedback from attendees, enabling them to tailor future events to their audience’s preferences.

Hubspot Integration: Airmeet’s seamless integration with Hubspot facilitated accurate tracking of registrations and user engagement. The client could easily manage their attendee data and analyze event performance, ultimately leading to better-informed decision-making and improved ROI.


By leveraging Airmeet’s streamlined registration process and accurate joining links, the client experienced a more seamless webinar experience for their audience. Attendees found it easier to register, reducing drop-offs and increasing participation. The feedback presentation feature allowed the client to incorporate audience suggestions and preferences into their future events, improving overall satisfaction.

Overall Attendees spent more time in the webinar and enjoyed the experience. The sit through rates were much higher from the previous solution with Client was using. 


Airmeet successfully addressed Naggaro’s challenges, offering a user-friendly solution that streamlined their webinar process. With reduced registration steps and accurate joining links, the client saw increased attendee participation, improved engagement, and enhanced ROI. The client was delighted with the outcomes and continued to use Airmeet for their future webinars, confident in the platform’s ability to deliver a seamless experience for both organizers and attendees.

In conclusion, Airmeet’s solution for the  webinar challenges encompassed streamlined registration, accurate joining links, feedback presentation, and Hubspot integration. These features collectively enhanced the client’s webinar process, resulting in increased attendee participation, improved engagement, and a higher return on investment.

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