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ModelOp Expanded Audience Reach and Powered Its Demand-Gen Initiatives with Airmeet

Mukesh Kumar
• May 7, 2024
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Software Development
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Virtual Summit

About Company:

ModelOp is a leading AI Governance software that helps enterprises safeguard all AI initiatives, from generative AI to Large Language Models (LLMs), whether they are in-house, third-party, or embedded systems, while fostering innovation. 

ModelOp empowers businesses to address essential governance and scalability issues quickly by providing automation and seamless integrations. This ensures that enterprise AI initiatives are effectively protected and fully utilized, leading to the development of responsible and impactful AI systems.

ROI / Benefits for the customer (numbers):

Expectations and Requirements from Airmeet

ModelOp was planning to host their virtual summit, aiming to target AI governance leaders and decision-makers across 2000+ companies, globally. This virtual summit comprised a variety of components, such as a keynote, a customer panel, virtual networking, and more. 

Along with this, the marketing leader at ModelOp was seeking to expand their demand generation efforts with diverse virtual event initiatives, including fireside chats, large-scale, and small-scale events. They were looking for a platform that could assist them in achieving their marketing goals as well as their specific event objectives.  

Being familiar with Airmeet in the past, the marketing leader at ModelOp opted for the platform, seeking the following:

  • A scalable, stable, and reliable platform to accommodate their diverse event needs
  • Capability to host a variety of events, including fireside chats and large-scale gatherings
  • Expansion of their demand generation initiatives through effective event hosting
  • System integrations to streamline event management processes
  • Enhanced event engagement and attendee involvement

Solutions Offered by Airmeet

Airmeet’s all-in-one virtual event platform offered ModelOp the flexibility to host a variety of events, such as fireside chats, live streamed sessions, and large-scale & small-scale events. The platform ensured reliability, stability, and feasibility for ModelOp’s events by: 

  • Offering enterprise-class security and round-the-clock technical support
  • Adapting to to varying internet bandwidths
  • Being accessible on various operating systems, like iOS and Android
  • Providing support for web browsers and mobile applications for easy event access.


By leveraging the platform’s API integration capabilities, the team at ModelOp could seamlessly integrate their CRM systems and marketing automations, such as Pardot and Salesforce. This empowered ModelOp to streamline their event operations and manage dataflow. 

With Airmeet, the marketing team at ModelOp successfully expanded and improved their demand generation as well as their event engagement initiatives, through:

  • Various engagement & interactive features, including breakout rooms, Q&A sessions, emoji reactions, raise-hand, on-stage interaction, speed networking, and more, boost participation
  • Custom networking spaces with branded tables, like social lounge and virtual booths, for personalized networking, brand awareness, and lead generation
  • Custom registration forms to gather specific attendee details and interests
  • In-session CTAs for booking demos and scheduling real-time meetings with event attendees
  • Comprehensive event analytics to identify high-intent leads, understand their interests, and analyze overall event performance.


Positive ROI Impact:

  • Airmeet’s versatility in supporting various event types enabled ModelOp to broaden their event initiatives. They could now host a diverse range of events and sessions, including fireside chats and more, from a single platform.
  • The stability and scalability of Airmeet facilitated seamless connections and expanded the reach of ModelOp’s summit. This ensured effortless engagement with a wider audience.
  • With efficient lead generation features such as CTAs to book demos, smooth event data transfer, and comprehensive analytics, Airmeet empowers ModelOp to achieve desired results. They could identify and connect with high-intent leads with ease, in real-time.
  • Leveraging Airmeet’s dynamic networking and engagement features, ModelOp successfully kept their attendees engaged throughout the summit. This resulted in consistent involvement and heightened attendee participation.

Most-loved Features of Airmeet

Virtual Networking Tables:

Airmeet’s ‘Social Lounge’ feature offered ModelOp a dynamic hub for networking, where attendees could initiate conversations, build connections, and share insights. 

With customizable features, ModelOp could tailor the event environment to reflect their brand, making it inviting and conducive to meaningful interactions. 

Diverse Interactive Tools:

To enhance the summit experience, ModelOp utilized a range of interactive tools provided by Airmeet, such as polls, Q&A sessions, emoji reactions, raising hands, session feeds, breakout rooms, and more, to ensure an engaging and immersive event experience for their attendees.

Demand-Generation Capabilities:

The marketing leader at ModelOp expressed satisfaction with the features and was pleased with how functionalities like CTAs and networking tables could bring a ton of value to their event marketing strategy and reduce the time for conversions live within the event. 

API Integrations:

This feature provided ModelOp’s marketing team with a suite of tools, enabling the effortless integration of their chosen CRM and marketing platforms with Airmeet. They utilized this capability to streamline event operations and data management.

Landing Page Customization:

Landing page customization empowered ModelOp to infuse their branding and event preferences throughout the entire event page. They could personalize every detail, from layout and background to button text colors and more, ensuring a consistent brand journey at every touch point, and a truly unique event experience.

Real-Time Analytics:

Airmeet’s real-time analytics equipped ModelOp’s team with thorough insights into event activities, attendee participation, and post-event engagement. This empowered them to make informed decisions, implement data-driven strategies, and work towards continually enhance their events.


With Airmeet’s dynamic branding features and 360-degree networking capabilities, ModelOp not only offered an immersive, impactful, and seamless event experience for their attendees. The availability of detailed real-time event data empowered ModelOp and its leadership to make data-driven decisions for their future events. 

From ensuring security, privacy, and compliance regulations to system integrations to demand-gen efforts, Airmeet’s virtual event platform equipped ModelOp’s team with all the necessary solutions and features to ensure the success of their events. Airmeet offered ModelOp and its marketing team a comprehensive solution to address their event-specific needs and requirements.

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