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180,000+ Emoji Reactions: Keka HR Elevated Attendee Involvement & Engagement with Airmeet

Mukesh Kumar
• May 21, 2024
Company Name:
Keka Technologies Private Limited
Industry Segment:
Human Resources Services
Use Case:
Virtual Conference

About Company:

Founded in 2015, Keka HR stands as a leading HR platform, renowned for its cutting-edge HRIS and HRMS software solutions. Keka offers payroll software, performance & careers, modern HR, time & attendance, hiring & onboarding, and PSA software solutions.

Headquartered in Washington, Keka has a user base of over 6,500 businesses, world wide. Its comprehensive suite of tools enables businesses to streamline all HR functions with automated workflows, robust analytics, and seamless employee management.

ROI / Benefits for the customer (numbers):

Expectations and Requirements from Airmeet

The team at Keka was seeking an all-in-one event solution to address their specific needs. Having heard about Airmeet in the past, they decided to test the platform. After carefully assessing the functionalities of Airmeet, they liked the platform and its comprehensive features. 

From Airmeet, the team at Keka expected:

  • A unified platform with ability to host a variety of events, including webinars, virtual conferences, and hybrid events
  • Features that support demand generation initiatives
  • Hubspot Integration
  • Event analytics & reporting
  • Robust interactive and networking components
  • Scalability & accessibility

Solutions Offered by Airmeet

Solutions Offered by Airmeet

Airmeet empowered Keka to streamline their event initiatives with its robust features. The virtual event platform served as a unified solution for Keka by:

  • Enabling their team to host a range of events in different formats, including webinars, premium webinars, virtual events & conferences, and hybrid events
  • Offering demand generation support with features like in-event CTAs to book demos and meetings
  • Providing seamless integration with Hubspot, streamlining event workflow 
  • Offering real-time analytics & reporting on event performance and attendee activity
  • Empowering their team to host engaging and interactive events with features like, Q&A, polls, chat messages, raising hand, and emoji reactions 
  • Elevating networking opportunities in their virtual conferences through breakout-rooms, fluid space, one-on-one sessions, virtual booths, and networking lounges (social lounge)
  • Offering scalability to their team to accommodate desired number of attendees for every kind of event
  • Ensuring worldwide accessibility with being available as bowsers and mobile applications accommodating various devices and operating systems, including iOS and Android 

Positive ROI Impact:

Keka HR has been using Airmeet to host events and conferences, enhancing their pipeline generation strategies and gaining a positive return on investment (ROI):

  • Enhanced workflow efficiency through API integrations
  • Increased brand visibility and awareness through customization & branding components
  • Successfully arranged a significant number of demos through monthly webinars hosted on Airmeet 
  • Achieved a positive overall conversion rate from demos to closures, boosting revenue generation and contributing to overall growth

Most-loved Features of Airmeet

All-in-One Event Platform:

With Airmeet, the Keka team could host events of various formats on one platform. This streamlined their event hosting endeavors and eliminated the need for multiple platforms for webinars, virtual events, or hybrid events. 

Customization & Branding:

By leveraging Airmeet’s customization & branding features, the Keka team could personalize every aspect of their event, from landing pages to emails. They could tailor sponsor and speaker profiles, upload welcome videos, customize networking spaces, and more, creating a cohesive and branded experience across all event spaces.

System Integration:

Airmeet offered Keka’s team the flexibility to seamlessly integrate HubSpot, facilitating a streamlined flow of event data. By syncing event and attendee information with their internal systems, the team at Keka was able to access a centralized repository of attendee data. 

This enabled efficient lead nurturing, timely follow-ups with leads, and heightened the likelihood of conversions. 

Real-time Analytics:

Airmeet equipped Keka with comprehensive, real-time analytics, enabling them to monitor and assess event data and attendee insights. By utilizing this feature, they were able to identify attendee interests, track event activity, and gauge in-event engagement, empowering them to identify promising leads and provide personalized service. 

These data-driven insights further enabled them to make informed decisions for their future events, and incorporate these insights into demand generation initiatives.

Interactive Features:

By utilizing Airmeet’s interactive features, such as polls, Q&A sessions, chats, emojis, and the raise-hand function, Keka effectively maintained attendee engagement throughout the event. 

With 180,000+ emoji reactions, over 30 published polls, and more than 30% interaction via chat feeds, the Keka team engaged with attendees at various stages of the event, ensuring continuous interaction and involvement.

Networking Features:

The team at Keka leveraged networking features like Airmeet’s social lounge, speed networking, and fluid sessions to foster meaningful connections and collaborations among attendees. 

This provided Keka’s event attendees with various networking channels for both formal and informal discussions, facilitating valuable interactions and opportunities for engagement.


With a unified platform at their disposal, Keka has been capitalizing on Airmeet’s features and functionalities to host webinars and events tailored to meet their sales, marketing, and combined business objectives.

From seamless system integrations to impactful branding and heightened engagement, Airmeet has empowered the team at Keka to streamline event processes, amplify attendee participation, and elevate brand visibility.

The Keka team continues to refine their strategies by utilizing Airmeet and its event hosting capabilities to drive pipeline generation, foster customer engagement, and facilitate internal communication. 

These strategic approaches have proven successful, leading them to potential prospects, gaining an enhanced conversion rate, and sustaining business growth through the effective utilization of the virtual event platform.

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