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Hyro Elevated Its Event Networking Capabilities and Streamlined Lead Generation Efforts

Mukesh Kumar
• April 16, 2024
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Software Development
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Headquartered in New York, USA, Hyro is a leading adaptive communications company that empowers enterprises to enrich their relationships with end users through adaptive, AI-driven communications. Trusted by prominent enterprises such as Baptist Health, Mercy Health, and, Hyro offers adaptable conversational experiences that are streamlined, rapid, and easily scalable.

ROI / Benefits for the customer (numbers):

  • Overall 5-star event rating
  • Over 50% turnout rate

Challenges with their previous events platform

The team at Hyro initially utilized Wistia Live to host events. However, they found that the platform lacked essential engagement and networking features. Despite a few available features, they fell short of meeting Hyro’s expectations and didn’t seem adequate for hosting highly engaging webinars and virtual events.

Expectations and Requirements from Airmeet

Expectations and Requirements from Airmeet

The team at Hyro was looking for a platform that could support a variety of virtual events, including webinars, summits, and more. Their preference was a platform with a sleek, high-tech aesthetic to enhance the appeal and engagement of their events. 

After carefully evaluating various virtual event platforms, Hyro chose Airmeet. 

Their expectations from Airmeet include:

  • A competitive pricing strategy to match their requirements and usage
  • A robust platform capable of hosting webinars and virtual events 
  • Scalability to accommodate diverse events, including thought leadership gatherings and virtual summits
  • Customization options and seamless integration with HubSpot for streamlined workflows
  • Lead generation support and ability to engage attendees to foster meaningful interactions

Solutions Offered by Airmeet:

Solutions Offered by Airmeet

The team at Airmeet ensured that the pricing structure met Hyro’s budget, specific event needs, and requirements. The virtual event platform offered a set of features and functionalities to ensure the success of Hyro’s events, such as:

  • The versatile event hosting capabilities of the platform enabled the Hyro team to effortlessly host a diverse array of virtual events, including webinars, conferences, summits, and thought leadership gatherings
  • Airmeet’s modern and distinctive platform design provided both Hyro and its event attendees with an immersive event experience
  • The platform’s branding and customization features empowered the Hyro team to personalize event aesthetics and tailor their events to reflect their brand identity
  • Features such as live announcements, live chats, polling, Q&A sessions, breakout rooms, and networking tables ensured high levels of attendee engagement and participation throughout the events
  • Airmeet facilitated seamless integration with HubSpot, enabling Hyro to exchange data effortlessly between the two platforms
  • The platform’s real-time booking capabilities for demos or meetings with attendees streamlined Hyro’s lead generation efforts, simplifying the process for both potential attendees and the Hyro team
  • With 24/7 customer support and technical assistance, Airmeet ensured prompt assistance for Hyro’s team whenever and wherever needed
  • Airmeet also offered a comprehensive training program that equipped Hyro with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate the platform seamlessly, guaranteeing a smooth event hosting experience

Positive ROI Impact:

Most-loved Features of Airmeet

User-friendly Interface:

Hyro found Airmeet’s backend interface to be user-friendly, with easy navigation and intuitive design, making it simple to understand and operate.

Lead Generation Support:

Lead Generation Support

Hyro appreciated Airmeet’s lead generation capabilities, like its ability to incorporate event data and real-time demo or meeting booking with attendees.

Custom Registration Form:

Airmeet’s custom registration form feature enabled Hyro to tailor registration forms to their specific attendee information needs, ensuring accurate and relevant data collection.

Branding & Customization:

Hyro utilized Airmeet’s branding and customization feature to personalize every aspect of their events, including the event landing page, stage backdrop, networking lounge image, registration form, emails, and more.

Custom Email Templates:

Custom Email Templates

Custom email templates enabled Hyro’s team to tailor email templates based on different individuals and categories, starting from an event invitation to a session bookmark, offering a personalized experience to attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and more.

Comprehensive Analytics:

Comprehensive Analytics

Airmeet equipped Hyro with valuable event data. Comprehensive event analytics offered real-time event data and insights to Hyro, including overall event performance, session engagement, attendee engagement, interest, and behavior. 

Round-the-clock Assistance:

Round-the-clock Assistance

The team at Hyro expressed their satisfaction with Airmeet’s customer support services, such as 24/7 lounge support, technical assistance, and consistent CSM support.


From a competitive pricing strategy tailored to Hyro’s budget to lead gen support to a robust platform capable of hosting various virtual events, Airmeet met Hyro’s requirements successfully and offered consistent support and assistance in every step of Hyro’s event endeavors. 

Airmeet empowered Hyro to deliver engaging, personalized, and highly successful virtual events while enhancing their brand awareness and driving attendee engagement.

The comprehensive solutions offered by Airmeet, including versatile event hosting capabilities, modern platform design, seamless integration properties, and real-time booking functionalities, have played a pivotal role in Hyro’s success. 

Achieving a remarkable 5-star event rating and an impressive turnout rate, Hyro was able to overcome their previous event challenges and reach unprecedented levels of success in their virtual endeavors, thanks to Airmeet.

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