Airmeet Fuels DataCamp’s 10K+ Sign-Ups & Stellar Ratings 

Mukesh Kumar
• October 6, 2023
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Event series, Annual event

Use Case

Conducting conferences aimed at empowering both businesses and individuals with cutting-edge insights and best practices for achieving data-driven success.

About DataCamp

DataCamp has established itself as a leader in the data science education space, even amidst industry heavyweights like Udemy, edX, and Coursera. With a community of over 12 million individual subscribers and partnerships with 3,000 businesses, DataCamp’s success is rooted in its unwavering commitment to its community.

ROI/Benefits for DataCamp

  • Achieved 10K+ registrations for multiple events
  • Scored an impressive 4.5+ rating in two major events
  • Drew in 2K+ mobile web attendees
  • About 20% of attendees engaged with session replays

The Challenges

DataCamp encountered two main challenges:

  1. Mobile web connectivity problems leading to high drop-offs and reduced attendance.
  2. Lack of an effective session replay feature, impacting attendee experience.

The Solution

Airmeet addressed these challenges effectively:

  1. Improved mobile web experience, significantly reducing drop-offs.
  2. Implemented a session replay feature, adding flexibility for attendees.

Features Used and Their Impact

Custom Registration:

DataCamp used Airmeet’s custom registration forms to create a simplified and efficient registration flow. This streamlined process helped in increasing the number of attendees.

Mobile Web Accessibility:

Airmeet’s mobile web feature effectively tackled DataCamp’s issue of high drop-offs, allowing 2,000+ attendees to seamlessly join the events. This directly contributed to an increase in attendance rates and attendee satisfaction.

Chat Feed:

Airmeet’s Chat Feed led to a surge in attendee interaction, with over 20–25% of attendees actively participating in live chats during sessions. This heightened level of engagement enriched the overall event experience.

Session Replay:

With Airmeet’s session replay feature, about 20% of attendees returned to watch sessions they missed or wanted to revisit, enhancing their overall satisfaction and increasing post-event engagement.

Custom Branding:

Datacamp implemented personalized branding, including customized landing pages, receptions, and the prominent use of their logo and banners on the main stage, to enhance the attendee experience.

Custom Email Outreach:

By using Airmeet’s custom email option, event organizers effectively dispatched thousands of emails containing session details and invitations to attendees. This streamlined communication approach significantly facilitated attendees’ participation in the event, making it more convenient for them to attend.

Show on Stage:

The organizers also utilized the “show on stage” feature to direct attendees’ attention to specific content, such as questions, polls, and chats.

Powerful CRM Integration:

Datacamp even integrated its CRM system to facilitate the seamless flow of attendee data.

Interactive Polls:

They published polls to gather attendees’ opinions on specific topics or to gather more information about their understanding of various subjects.

The Result:

Implementing Airmeet’s features brought about a transformative change for DataCamp’s event metrics. The custom registration feature alone simplified the attendee onboarding process, resulting in a higher number of registrations. The mobile web improvements not only stabilized attendance but drastically reduced drop-offs, contributing to a more satisfying attendee experience.

Moreover, the Chat Feed and Session Replay features went beyond problem-solving; they added layers of engagement and flexibility that DataCamp’s events previously lacked. Attendees were now more interactive during the events, and a significant portion even returned to watch session replays. All of these enhancements collectively led to a marked improvement in DataCamp’s ROI


DataCamp faced challenges in event attendance and user satisfaction, primarily due to mobile web issues and the absence of a session replay feature. Airmeet’s platform effectively addressed these issues, leading to increased attendance, higher user ratings, and enhanced engagement. The result was a noticeable improvement in DataCamp’s ROI and overall event success. As virtual events continue to be a mainstay, platforms like Airmeet serve as essential tools for delivering quality experiences.

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