Chargebee hosts highly interactive events in various formats, with Airmeet

• September 11, 2020
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Round Tables, Conferences and Webinars
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Recurring Billing Platform

Executive summary

Chargebee is a recurring billing platform for subscription-based SaaS and eCommerce businesses. It integrates with prominent payment gateways across the globe to let clients automate recurring payment collections and allied activities. With clients like Freshworks, Fujitsu, Linux Academy, to name a few, Chargebee is a leading provider of operational sophistication.

Chargebee had been attending and sponsoring trade shows and organising various field events including satellite events for the Chargebee brand, as well as a few digital summits, before the COVID pandemic. Hit by the pandemic they had to pivot entirely to online events. Events had been a significant source of branding and lead generation for Chargebee. 

Learn how Airmeet was able to help Chargebee transition seamlessly to hosting all their events online.

Challenges (and solutions)

“In the COVID era, there was a major shift that happened. We used to do about 20-30 events per year. These used to generate a lot of leads and buzz for Chargebee. Once the pandemic hit, we needed to figure out what to do next, and we started talking about digital events,” said Nazrin Huzzain, Event Marketer, Chargebee.

Challenge 1: Finding a platform that was easy to use and provided excellent support for users

“Since this was our maiden digital event, I needed some hand-holding and Airmeet offered us that. For a bunch of other platforms we evaluated, I wasn’t even able to get in touch with the sales team. It was always pre-recorded sessions being shown about how to use the platform. That did not really work out for me,” says Nazrin Huzzain.


Airmeet is an all-in-one platform that lets you create and host virtual events effortlessly. Add to that the excellent hands-on team that supports clients from start to finish and you have a winning recipe for virtual events. We are very proud to say that all our clients rave about our support team.

  • User-friendly interface: Our platform lets you create an event in a matter of minutes. You can use a single interface to create and host your event as well as drive registrations easily.

  • Hands-on team with 24/7 support: Airmeet’s onboarding process guides you every step of the way. Our team strives to ensure that you have complete confidence in using the platform so that your event can be executed flawlessly.

    Our FAQs section, video tutorials, demos and multiple dry-runs help you get comfortable with the platform. The support team is also available throughout your live event to tackle any issues that may arise.

Nazrin expressed that, “ A lot of field marketers have no experience with digital events. They are struggling right now to move to digital events. Airmeet’s support team was right there for us throughout.”

Airmeet Speaker Stage

Challenge 2: Solving for engagement

Chargebee had been organising a variety of events for brand-building, lead generation, meeting customers face-to-face and inviting them to their future events. 

Nazrin says, “We wanted our event to have the same end experience of an offline event. We were trying to figure out how to create that engagement with virtual events. Events are a place where you can have an organic conversation with a person. We were missing that when all the tradeshows and conferences got cancelled. We needed to figure out how we can get that back.”


One of Airmeet’s strongest value propositions is the set of engagement features on offer. These, along with the networking features available, create a one of a kind, immersive experience.

  • Social Lounge: Nazrin says, “ In an in-person event, you can have a conversation with someone by simply walking over to the booth next door or while waiting in line for coffee. It should be as simple as that. In most of the platforms we evaluated, they had a break where you had to request to meet the person and then the conversation would happen based on whether they accepted to meet or not.

    With Airmeet, people were able to grab a chair and sit on the virtual table and have a conversation simply. That was something incredible, and that was what brought us to Airmeet. I like the whole idea of the networking lounge, and I think that’s the closest you can come to a physical event.”

    Airmeet’s “Social Lounge” feature allows for quick, interactive and unforced connections with co-attendees. 

  • Polls: Polls work very well to keep attendees engaged during a live session. Nazrin mentioned that they even had some attendees request for a poll. Not only do polls help keep the audience’s attention, but they also act as a source of first-hand user information and data. It can be very valuable for sponsors as well.

    As Nazrin articulated, “You can get the pulse of the attendees by talking to them and having a personal conversation rather than just sending out an email saying, hey, did you like the webinar?”


  • Invite to Stage: The host of an Airmeet event can invite any attendee to share the stage. Nazrin observed, “ One functionality that worked for us was the invite to stage feature. In one instance, a speaker was not able to join in a panel discussion due to network issues. We were trying to figure out how to solve this. Meanwhile, someone from her team was fielding the questions. We decided to invite him on stage to see if he could give the answers. That worked out very well.”


  • Raise Hand: This feature lets the attendee share the stage via live feed and have an interactive experience with the speakers easily. Rather than just posting questions in the chat box, an attendee can choose to make it more lively by coming up on the stage.
Omar Nawaz Chargebee

 “We were very skeptical about doing a live event. We wanted to make sure that the flow of the event is smooth, and there is engagement with the attendees. The attendees should feel like they are sitting together in a conference, watching an event and engaging with each other. That was the main criterion that we had,” Nazrin discussed. Airmeet indeed solved that criterion and more.

Challenge 3: Hosting various event formats while maximising ROI

Chargebee hosts events in multiple formats, including round tables, conferences, webinars along with a lot of other marketing activities. They needed a virtual events platform that could easily host multiple event types without causing a considerable dent in their budget. 

“We did not want the event to be like any other webinar with just one person talking to hundreds of attendees. For our events, we had a fireside chat, a panel discussion, a rapid-fire with three different speakers coming in, presenting their slides and then talking to each other about the topic.”


  • Multiple formats: Airmeet’s features let you host any type of virtual event with ease, including Fireside chats, Panel Discussions, Webinars, Conferences, Career fairs or more. Versatility with scalability is a great combination at Airmeet, as it enables you to host tens of thousands of attendees and up to sixteen speakers concurrently. No matter what the format or scale it never fails to provide superior HD-quality and lag-free viewing experience.


  • Hybrid event: Airmeet also empowers you to host a hybrid format event. You can have a prerecorded video play first, and then the speaker comes live for 15-20 minutes to address any questions the attendees might have.


  • Built-in session recording: Airmeet offers unlimited session recording. You can create value, extend the life of your content and recycle it to maximise returns.


  • Economical: Airmeet is currently free for all users. It provides you with a highly secure and profitable platform for your event. A lot of platforms do not have the bandwidth to support large numbers of attendees. Many might have expensive plans to provide this. With Airmeet you can host any event hassle-free.


Nazrin explained, “When we sponsor trade shows there is always a sponsorship cost associated with it. We do these tradeshows and conferences globally. We would have to fly in a team of at least five people for this. When everything shifted to digital, that was something we were able to save on, and in terms of ROI, it worked out better for us.”

"One of Airmeet’s strongest value propositions is the set of engagement features on offer. These, along with the networking features available, create a one of a kind, immersive experience."

– Nazrin Huzzain, Event Marketer, Chargebee

“One of Airmeet’s strongest value propositions is the set of engagement features on offer. These, along with the networking features available, create a one of a kind, immersive experience.”

Nazrin Huzzain, Event Marketer, Chargebee Tweet

Way forward

Nazrin told us, “We already had our entire events calendar planned out until December 2020. But by March, we had to slash and rework our entire year’s event calendar.” Chargebee is now planning a bunch of round tables with Airmeet for the next quarter. 

Nazrin also said, “We cater to a lot of different personas at our events- CEOs, CFOs, CROs – when they sit at a table we want to make sure that the conversations that happen are relevant and useful for each person sitting there. If we are trying to take the whole conference experience to an online format, Airmeet would definitely work. The engagement is awesome. The speakers can log in effortlessly, and it is seamless.” 

Regarding exploring a different type of format, she mentioned, “We are looking at having a live session along with a pre-recorded session to deal with time constraint issues.

The experience is elevated with Airmeet, so definitely for any conference, and even webinars, there is an added plus of getting great engagement out of people. Airmeet is an all in one events platform. You can do a bunch of things with it.” 

Book a demo and try it for yourself today!

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