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Revenue Partner Program

Are you a thought leader in your community? Are you empowering professionals and businesses with information on tools and frameworks to reach their goals? Then let our ‘Revenue Partner Program’ help you scale your efforts! With this, you can add value to your audience by showcasing all the benefits of using Airmeet and earn an additional revenue stream. If that isn’t win-win, then what is?

Co-Marketing Program

Do you like creating content that inspires, motivates and acts as a catalyst in the journey of your audience? We love partnering up with like-minded people and organizations to create content and host events that share knowledge and actionable insights. We also have some amazing event properties, check out The Remote Valley.

A startup support program

Giants of Tomorrow

An exclusive program curated by Airmeet tailor-made for Accelerators, VC’s and Startup Founders at any stage of their entrepreneurial journey. The program offers free tools and resources to get you started on Airmeet swiftly. 

Partners affiliated with the Giants of Tomorrow will get exclusive access to Airmeet Credits for the duration of 6 months.

Accelerators & Incubators

Partners eligible for the program will be able to accelerate their growth and can stand to achieve higher customer acquisition rates. If you are an Accelerator, Incubator, an Angel Network, or a  Venture Capital firm interested in becoming partners apply here.


Startups associated with an acceleration program or an active VC portfolio are eligible for the startup support program. If you are a startup keen on using Airmeet platform, apply here

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Co-Marketing Program

Drop by your details and we will reach out to you shortly

Revenue Partner Program

Drop by your details and we will reach out to you shortly